McCain Busts a Spring on Senate Floor

This morning, Senator John McCain(RINO-AZ) made an impassioned speech on behalf of the Amnesty bill.  Senator McCain is catching Hell as you continue to hammer him and his “gang-of-eight” cohorts.  He still wants this bill in the worst way, but this clip is evidence of the effect you’re having:

Sorry Johnny, we want our country.  There won’t be any amnesty for you, either…



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7 Responses to McCain Busts a Spring on Senate Floor

  1. Kristen Peterson says:

    burn up those phones patriots! if only to anger the old man! hahaha

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Yep – Kristen – I’m doing just that – thanks to Mark and everyone else in this fight – incl Mr L…………and C4Pers and and Sen Cruz – gosh am I glad We The People helped get him elected. Thanks again Mark.

  3. the unit says:

    What did he say…something like he won’t go into detail about whose responsible for failure on immigration reform?

    Far be it from me to condemn him. But you’re doing a lot of finger pointing McCain by saying you won’t mention. Huh?

    “Now, if the US Navy wants to give John a pass on this, it is all right with me,
    but that free Pass negated John’s pointing fingers at others, or at least it
    should have. Just ask Robert Garwood, or anyone else who crosses him, if he is a finger
    pointer. He is the worst.”
    Of course I got lots to learn yet. I ain’t quite , not quite, as old. :)

  4. CJ Grisham says:

    Why is McCain so concerned about foreigners illegally in our country and less concerned about Americans threatened by their presence, economically, socially, and criminally?

    • JohnInFlorida says:

      Talk about a good question, CJ … and one I guarantee McCain has no interest in answering.

    • Mark America says:

      CJ, there’s no chance that McCain is anything but part of a fifth column for the statist legions. This guy is and has been a disaster. “Maverick” my ass. “Traitor” is the right word for this jerk.