How Much Did Establishment Republicans Know About IRS Targeting?

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Given their clear penchant for betraying conservatives, and given the half-fast approach they have taken to the investigation into the IRS Tea Party-targeting scandal, and also considering the apparent reluctance of some House Republicans to seek a special prosecutor on this and related matters, I have begun to wonder if perhaps our Republicans in Washington DC are “un-indicted co-conspirators” in this IRS scandal too.  We already know that Republicans have been aware since early 2012, and perhaps a good deal sooner, but one must wonder how much they knew.  They have happily trotted-out a number of requests sent to the IRS by Democrats asking for audits of Tea Party groups, but I wonder what would be revealed if IRS correspondence with Republican members is scrutinized at some future date.  Would we find that Republicans, particularly of the Tea Party-averse establishment stripe would suddenly materialize before us?  Back in July 2011, I may have been more right than I had dared to suspect when I wrote about the bi-partisan war against the Tea Party.

It became fairly clear in the aftermath of the 2010 mid-term elections that something wasn’t quite right.  In the Spring and Summer of 2011, Tea Parties began to raise Hell even with wavering Republican members over the debt ceiling issue.  It was at this time that the split between the conservative base of the party and the establishment intelligentsia began to widen.  This is purely speculative, but I wonder if we shouldn’t insist on finding out who on the Republican side might have had a hand in the effort to quell the Tea Party.  After all, among Washington DC and establishment Republicans, there is no feeling of unity with the Tea Party, in purpose or motive, and in many cases, it would be fair to say there is some substantial enmity.   Why didn’t Darrell Issa(R-CA) throw up some sort of red flag in 2012 when the Treasury Department informed him of the problem in 2012?  More, as it turns out, Issa specifically requested that the audit be limited to IRS groups, even though there were others acknowledged to be on the so-called BOLO(Be On Look-Out) lists.  Why narrow it?  Could it be that there was far more targeting going on, perhaps directed from both sides of the aisle?

Again, while I have no direct evidence to support such an allegation, we do know with certainty that the initial foray by the House into the matter of Tea Party-targeting by the IRS was tepid, and slow in coming.  We also know there exists scant love for Tea Partiers on Capitol Hill.  Could it be that these same treacherous Republicans who have conspired to destroy the country by amnesty for illegal immigrants might also have taken part in this effort at targeting the Tea Party?  Time will tell, but if you assume the GOP establishment in Washington DC wouldn’t resort to such tactics, you may be in for a shock.  I surely hope that a special prosecutor is brought on, despite the fact that I have my doubts about any willingness on the part of the Obama administration or the Holder Justice Department to diligently investigate anything, but because I know that is and has been impossible to trust Beltway Republicans, I’d just as soon learn the truth if they had a hand in it.  Some may complain that I don’t have anything like a bullet-proof case, but the problem is that we conservatives can no longer trust the GOP in Washington, so we mustn’t take anything for granted.

7 thoughts on “How Much Did Establishment Republicans Know About IRS Targeting?”

  1. We can ask them. But as Bart Simpson said…

    “I’m not calling you a liar but….I can’t think of a way to finish that sentence.”

  2. Todays major political parties are two sides of the same coin. Or, better said, they are two trains heading in the same direction. However, one is a bullet train and the other isn’t as fast. They are both taking us over the cliff.

    The only thing that changes with these scandals is the party in power at the time.

  3. I’m calling every Republican senator who voted to pass that horrendous immigration bill an enemy of the Tea Party. Now let’s see which Republicans in the House cave in too.

  4. I have felt disowned more and more by the repubs for the last several years, with few rare exceptions – Sen Cruz and a few other brave souls. I’ve long distrusted rubio and most of the others who voted ‘yea’ this week. I saw how the primaries and the repub convention was handled – and that removed all doubts in my mind.

    It’s easy to understand why the dems, the lsm, and the elite repubs all worked jointly to destroy Sarah from every angle – for in her they saw someone who just might be able to lead ‘the masses’ so we can take back our country and restore it to that so wisely founded. They realized the Tea Party groups would help Sarah and others in this fight – so………any doubts – none here.

    1. The primary process has been corrupted to give us RINO after RINO. I know that come Hell or high water, Mr. Cornyn, who voted to bring the amnesty bill to the Senate floor, won’t get my vote in the primaries.

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