The Freedom Party? Hell Yes! (Video and Poll)

Freedom Party?

As readers of this blog know well, many conservatives are fuming over the GOP’s sell-out on immigration, but the truth is that the betrayals have been far more numerous than this single issue.  Since taking back the House in 2011, mostly powered by Tea Party vigor, the Republican Party has been unresponsive to the concerns and legislative priorities of conservatives generally.  There’s no need to recite the litany of betrayals here, but with immigration and the budget as well as debt ceiling surrenders, the GOP hasn’t been carrying out its mandate to obstruct Barack Obama’s agenda to fundamentally transform the United States.  On FoxNews, near the close of a segment on America’s News Headquarters, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin answered a Twitter question from Josh Painter about the possibility of breaking away from the Republican Party along with Mark Levin to form something he called provisionally the “Freedom Party:”

As a matter of full disclosure, while I haven’t met fellow Texan Josh Painter, he is indeed a friend of this blog and many of you will be familiar with his web site.  His question was not surprising, because his tweets over time indicate his own heightened disgust with the GOP establishment and the betrayals they have heaped upon the conservative base.  Governor Palin answered the question, making plain her own dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Republican Party has been ignoring the will of common sense conservatives.  Here is that response(H/T Daily Caller):

It’s clear from her response that she too is feeling betrayed by the GOP in Washington DC, and in truth, Gov. Palin has had to fight against corruption in the Republican Party through much of her political career.  It’s no coincidence that she finds favor among the conservative base that so dutifully supports the GOP often times for a lack of better options.  Should the moment arrive that conservatives finally decide to abandon the GOP, I suspect Gov. Palin would be among the first to break ranks simply because like so many of us, she does possess that independent, slightly libertarian streak that courses through most real conservatives.  A party named for its primary object makes sense to me, and apparently, to Gov. Palin too.  Whether a break-away party materializes, we must be prepared to move to support it because quite bluntly, the GOP has been unwilling to move in our direction despite the fact that when conservatives run as conservatives, they win.  Combining the intransigence of the Republican Party with its long string of abuses and betrayals of its conservative base, abandoning it may be the only rational choice conservatives may now make.

Painter’s idea of a “Freedom Party” is right up my own alley.  I have discussed this sort of thing, and the idea of a political party seeking to re-establish liberty in America is more than a little attractive to me.  For too long, we have suffered at the hands of two political parties that seem too often to be extensions of one another rather than actual opponents on an ideological or cultural field of battle.  As is clear from the title of this posting, you know my feelings on the matter, but I’d like to gauge yours with a brief poll:

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11 thoughts on “The Freedom Party? Hell Yes! (Video and Poll)”

  1. It’s time. I’m going to get a bumper sticker that says….”Member, FREEDOM PARTY”. I suggest we all have one.

  2. Not sure how to say this. I should think like Bart Simpson. Couldn’t post for quite some time today as Disqus registrant. Multiple times typing email and password, always saying couldn’t sign me in,… choice was to use google, facebook and one other which I can’t remember.

    That tells me something, just me I think of course.

    I do know how to end the sentence. Disqus, you now conjoined with others associated with information giving, no hope of separation.

    Well no privacy on Al’s creation. So be it.

    For your information, when I signed on to google account, automatically was signed on to Disqus. Huh? Maybe always conjoined, only the Shadow & NSA knows. :)

  3. As I most mistakenly said prior to election 2012, begged MA to help elect Romney as lesser of evils, to give us more time. Mickey Mouse could beat Obama. And anybody is better. Well the mouse lost and we were slipped a “Mickey” by the repubs/demos/cross dresser Rinos. Got to start some where so why not 2014, need all primary challenged. Keep any of them in office, you got more of the same. So Freedom Party is it. So hamburger meat will still need to be cooked well and I’ll have to decide if I want to take meds from India, what’s the difference now?

    I sinned, now repent, don’t deserve forgiveness, but through God’s grace hope to help save the America we once had. Please…Just no more deviants like Perot and now Rubio. I’ve mentioned before what a card up the sleeve Perot was. “They” will keep doing that time after time.

    You don’t even have to be watchful to see it. Now your phone records your finger print. You convicted, no innocent til proven guilty, or guilty til proven innocent, just held without charge by repub/demo law.

    1. Unit,

      Don’t beat yourself up about it. Romney was a flawed candidate for whom I voted when it came right down to it, because…what choice? We need better choices, and if a “Freedom Party” or something like it is the way to get them, I’m all in.

  4. Hat tip to Josh for asking the question – giving Sarah the opportunity to respond – and “give it to em” with both barrels. I have no doubt Sarah feels as most all of We The People feel – and I pray we are moving closer to the moment when the Freedom Party becomes the reality for all US. Thanks Mark – right on!!

  5. We have RINOS which are politicians who talk like Conservative Republicans, but act like Dems. We have Demacoms which is a new word I made up for Democrats of the Obama ilk meaning Communists/Socialists who call themselves Democrats but agree with Stalin and Lenin. Then there is the new Freedom Party. When it catches on, it will become the most powerful party that this United States has ever seen. Based on the Founding Fathers’ Constitution and Bill Of Rights, it will become, in a very short time, the party to beat. I suggest that if Sarah Palin runs for the White House, in 2016 as a Freedom Party candidate, she will win. Most people don’t like to be left standing on the train platform as the train takes off. To coin a phrase, if we build the Freedom Party, the people will come.

  6. fracture
    the liberty movement again and its democratic wins across the board.
    The primaries are winnable. Libertarians and constitutionalists should
    run in the GOP primaries….where the active voters are ready for a
    change. This is the same problem with the libertarian party. They have
    many great candidates, but dont have the numbers to pull a win
    anywhere……….I have NO love for the current GOP, but the outcome is
    sadly the state of low information voters….

  7. please. not the freedom party. we want liberty. how about the liberty party? how about we create the liberty party to win control of the republican party? next we rename the republican party as the liberty party and we become the party of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. then we take over the democrat party and run the statists out of office. now that’s an agenda i will support.

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