Obama to Hide Disaster of Obama-care Until After 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Imagine enacting a law that will be so devastating to the economy that you feel compelled to hide it through subsequent election cycles.  That’s precisely what the Obama administration is doing, as the Democrats scheme for some way to take back the House in 2014.  Worse, the Republicans are just stupid enough to help.  As has been widely reported since Tuesday evening, the Obama administration, citing widespread corporate concerns, is delaying the implementation of the employer mandate.  That’s right, they don’t want you to see how many people are going to lose their jobs, or how bad healthcare is going to become until after the mid-terms in 2014.  Worse, a former Congressional Budget Office Director is calling the move “deviously brilliant.”  Excuse me, but is there that sort of discretion in Obama-care?  Does the law permit the administration to simply delay implementation of these “features” in this way?  I don’t think we’ve yet determined if all of the waivers the administration has issued to various favored groups are legal, much less a wholesale roll-back of the law.  We are being clobbered, and in largest measure, it’s because we are a country governed by tyrants who wish to manage us like a herd.  Where are the Republicans on this? My apologies, I shouldn’t have asked because we all know John Boehner is busy figuring out how to shove amnesty down our throats.  Maybe he can concoct another symbolic repeal vote!

The simple fact of the matter is that our government is under the complete control of criminals and people who must be considered criminally incompetent.  Do you know what this really means?  This means that the Obama administration and their stooges on Capitol Hill have crunched the numbers, and what will come with Obama-care is massive unemployment and lost wages just in time for an election season.  If that were to occur, you would see massive anti-Democrat turnout, which while possibly helpful to the hapless Republicans, would threaten to take away John Boehner’s excuse that he’s only one-half of one-third of the government, as the Senate would come into reach.  What’s more frustrating than this is the fact that so many Americans are so disconnected that most will not know of this even with all of the hoopla.  Most of those who notice will go back to their reality television and their sports and forget all about it before the election.

At the current rate of alienation of their voting base, Republicans will manage to miss this opportunity as they continue their drive for amnesty, and the large corporations are getting it.  Surely, they can drive away far more conservatives than the number of independents who will notice or remember this story some sixteen months from now.  Don’t worry, because the individual mandate will go on as scheduled.

Now the real and unvarnished truth of Obama and Obama-care is revealed: It’s a job-killing, care-rationing act of tyranny from which corporate giants can find relief with the Obama administration, while individual citizens must pay fines, er, uh, “taxes,” according to some particularly treasonous Supreme Court justices.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no fixed law.  Law is whatever Herr Obama decides it will be from day to day, while Johnny, Mitch and the boys on Capitol Hill are content to leave it that way, with John Roberts giving his seal of approval.  Think what you will, because while what is being done by design and carefully plotted intention to this country might have landed the culprits on the gallows in years long bygone, nowadays there exist nobody who is going to do the first little thing about it.  Nobody.

Now, what’s on the tube?

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4 Responses to Obama to Hide Disaster of Obama-care Until After 2014 Mid-Term Elections

  1. JohnInFlorida says:

    Mark, you may be correct as to why the employer mandate is being delayed and the excerpt below may be “in addition to” rather than “instead of” … but I think it needs to be added to the mix we consider as we are pushed down the path to total federal domination and control.

    Since I believe that Obama and his minions are not incompetent but know exactly what they are doing, this reason makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    Author: Conn Carroll
    The Obamacare bait and switch
    The reality is that liberals always knew the employer mandate was terrible job-killing public policy, but they included it in the bill because it was essential to getting a good Congressional Budget Office score. Here is how Ezra Klein explained the role of the employer mandate back in 2009, ‘The overarching lesson of these CBO reports is simple: You can’t do health-care reform — at least not this kind of health-care reform — without an employer mandate.’

    But now that Obamacare is law, liberals no longer need to fool Americans into thinking we can expand health insurance to almost 40 million Americans without adding to the deficit. The employer mandate has outlived its usefulness, which is why that very same Ezra Klein is now calling for a repeal of the very same employer mandate that he once said was the key to Obamacare.”

    from: http://washingtonexaminer.com/morning-examiner-obamacare-train-wreck-undermines-amnesty-push/article/2532653

    • the unit says:

      We have crisis after crisis, scandal after scandal, coming so fast it’s hard to look both ways fast enough to cross the street. Is that in Alinsky’s playbook? Now walking and talking on a cellphone is dangerous.

      I read a great comment the other day. If a train traveling 70mph (don’t think we have super speed trains) on a track where ahead the railroad bridge is washed out, how does slowing down to 40 help? Don’t help much… unless as I did putting my dad’s ’56 Olds in reverse at 40 mph. Used to gearing down with standard transmission. Early days of automatics, D, D1, D2, D3, R, at least there wasn’t P Lesson learned. And there were consequenses. Forgot some of the details. :)

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    You’re right Mark – and JohninFL may have an additional point. What it comes down to is that I believe they know if they can either weaken the House more next year or win, the dems know it is all over…………Wish I felt more positive about all this, but I’m not sure we can recover from all this even now – esp with how the supreme court has chimed in. I sincerely pray Sarah and Mark Levin and others decide to ask for a meeting of US all – to better gauge the chances of a new party – Freedom Party as Josh suggested – anything………..and, as little as I can do, I am more than willing and ready…

  3. the unit says:

    Here we are at another 4th of July. We’ll have many more if we’re on Gods side. Thanks to all serving today in “our” military, particularlily in the hot spots around the world. That’s sons and daughters, sons in law and daughters in law of lots of the readers here, including someone we as reader and hollowers (that’s folks who comment) hold dear. God bless and hold them dear and safe.