Is the Country Doomed? (Video)

Subscriber and long-time commenter on this site “The Unit” posted a link to the following video in comments yesterday as an example of the kind of problems we conservatives face in trying to rescue this nation.  It’s from Mark Dice, and it’s a man-on-the-street style interview.  Dice doesn’t bother even beginning with fact-based question, and it’s stunning to see what sort of responses he receives. I can only hope that he was rigging this by providing only the very worst answers.  Nevertheless, public education is broken.  It’s sad, and it’s pathetic, and it explains too well why our nation is imperiled.

May we be delivered from stupidity.  I wonder how many taxpayer dollars were spent on education on behalf of these respondents?


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3 Responses to Is the Country Doomed? (Video)

  1. MannaDelight says:

    Frightening! I heard this on the Chris Plante Show yesterday. Our country has gone “down the tubes”. Can a “plunger” bring it it?

  2. the unit says:

    Dear MannaDelight…I get it. Typos happen. Know, I think, you meant “Can a “plunger” bring it in?” Vote them all out and somehow bring in term limits. You know that SCOTUS has ruled states can’t limit terms on federally elected ones, reps and senators? They make their own rules.

    Here’s the way I see it. “Plunger” with big P (for Progressivism) is what has stopped it all up or down line, liberty and freedom which they tried to flush . Gonna take “small r”….small r roto… small r rooter…roto rooter… to flush the big P (Pissant Progressives), big S (Socialists), and big M’s (the whole Mess of Maxists) through the line to cleanse it now. If you ever had the blockage at home and finally opened the line…then you know the feeling… “Feedom Rings!”

  3. Reb in Texas says:

    Nice to know what our Fed dept of ‘educktation’ and the union of teachers has done to our country………….Maybe we ought to have tests on our founding, constitution, and more in order to be able to vote. What first came to mind is – God help US….and I do pray that He does…..