Note to Subscribers

There’s going to be a good deal of site maintenance this week as my schedule permits.  I will attempt to keep the site functional as much as possible, but there will be times when it will be unavoidable that I take it down. Mostly, there are going to be updates to some of the functions behind the scenes, and maybe a few new features. I may be somewhat quiet in terms of postings, but I will endeavor to get some info posted as the House comes back and they begin debating immigration reform, which as I will remind you, I am opposed to in any form because I believe any bill will simply become a vehicle for a conference bill that will look like the Senate Gang-of-Tr8ors bill in its entirety.

Those of you who sent me info or suggestions on the Freedom Faction can expect a response some time Monday.  Thank you all. We’ll see what we can make of it.  It may just be pretty good.

Thanks to all!


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  1. Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery says:

    Woo! I’m excited to see the new layout!