President Obama’s Absurd Distraction

Pay Attention to ME!

On Friday, President Obama provided an outlandish distraction intended to restart the media circus over the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.  It was contrived, planned, and perfectly concocted to capture the nation’s attention.  Obama plays the narcissist when he needs controversy, so it’s not particularly surprising to see him step into this role, don the virtual hoodie, and proclaim that he is Trayvon, or that Trayvon is him, or whatever crass proclamation he was attempting to make.  It succeeded to the extent that from the moment he made this infantile, ludicrous statement, few in media have talked about anything else.  The Zimmerman trial story had been losing ground as the lead story all week, so that the nation had begun to return its attention to more pressing matters like the IRS scandal, and immigration, all of which had begun to resurface as the furor over Zimmerman was subsiding.  With this fatuous remark, Obama again succeeded.  It was Friday.  By now, it’s well-known that this administration always puts out any bad news on Friday.  Which bad news was this constructed to hide?  Which government action was this intended to conceal? When Obama pulls a stunt like this, we should be reading  the back pages and sections of our newspapers, or scanning deep down the columns on Drudge, because this was purely a stunt, and so far, it’s working.

Like most of you, I am a busy person.  This week has seen me work an insane number of hours, so that any thoughts about blogging died in exhaustion as my head finally met the pillow at the ends of my days.  That is the nature of my work, and the chief reason for my absences from this blog.  In that environment, I have occasions to hear news while I work, but not watch it, or read it, so that it comes in snatches as snatch can.  At the top and bottom of each hour, there is a small segment of news on radio, so that when I hear that the President’s remark is consuming almost all the available time but for a traffic report, I know he’s succeeding in grabbing all the attention of the nation.  In this sense, since most conservatives work, and since that means that most of them listen to the radio for some portion of their news, what Obama accomplished on Friday was to squeeze out all the room for any other news.  He “sucked out all the oxygen,” as some would prefer to say.  Let me now take the time to offer you a little more, now that you have breathing room to discover a sample of what the President may be hiding with this distraction.

Consider the embarrassing spectacle the President doesn’t want you to consider, as the city of Detroit files bankruptcy only 8 months after he took campaign trail credit for having saved it.  It’s gotten so bad in the Detroit area that suburbs are now talking about building a wall to keep people from the crime-ridden city from easily invading their own communities.   State officials in Michigan are now arguing over whether it is even constitutional for the city to file for bankruptcy protection.  While this may not be enough by itself to justify the President’s unseemly distraction circus, it certainly adds to the picture.  There are worse things he seeks to hide.

Maybe Obama wants to give a little cover to his golfing partner, John Boehner, who is now pushing the House version of the bill to include the “Dream Act” so as to legalize the children of illegal immigrants who brought their whole family into the US “in the shadows.”  After all, that’s the apparent purpose of Beohner and establishment Republicans in Congress: To act as a fifth column for the Democrats.  While we’re watching Obama make an ass of himself on television, they’re still trying to figure out how to shove immigration reform down our throat.  “Watch this hand…ignore the other…”  Also in the House, the Republicans are fighting among themselves about the Agriculture bill and therefore, the food-stamps budget. Once again, establishment Republicans don’t want to cut very deeply, while conservatives want to make substantial cuts to the overgrown program.

It is also possible that Obama wanted to draw your attention away from the colossal disaster that is Obama-care.  On Friday, lost in the coverage of his remarks is the injunction issued by a federal court against the enforcement of the contraception mandate against Hobby Lobby.

On immigration, it’s clear that Republican members of the Gang-of-Tr8ors didn’t know that their bill permits people to forge up to two passports without legal jeopardy.  First Rubio.  Then Juan McRino. These two RINO hacks should be embarrassed, but they’re not.  After all, the whole nation’s attention has shifted to the foolish remarks of a carnival barker of a President.

Of course, maybe the President wants you to ignore this story of an embarrassing voter registration in Washington DC, not because it is his, but because it’s a valid voter registration in the District of Columbia, using the name with which he registered for school in Indonesia as a child, with the address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the registrant’s address. It’s not so much that this registration has all that much to do with the President himself, but that it’s one further indication of why we need voter ID.  It exposes the degree to which vote fraud is prevalent in our major cities, and throughout the country.  Being the beneficiary of such fraud in most cases, I doubt he wants to talk about this.

With all the scandals over the IRS, Benghazi, and one-hundred lesser issues, and with the looming embarrassment of the crisis that will be Obama-care’s implementation, never mind the attempt by Obama and the Democrat’s fifth column in the Congress to put “immigration reform” over on the American people, there is little doubt that President Obama wants to talk about something… anything… else. One could look at market and economic news for more reasons to change the subject.  One analyst is predicting “Dow 5000,” and as frightening as that may seem, consider that the rate of jobs growth has continued to slow.

With all of this and more going on in domestic news, it’s clear that the President has ever reason to want to change the subject, or keep us focused on highly emotional, divisive topics.  It’s part of his governing philosophy to keep us running in circles while he pulls the virtual hoodie over his head.  It’s what he does, and all the scoundrels in government around the country, but particularly in Washington DC love it, because while we’re watching his circus act, we’re not looking at them.

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7 Responses to President Obama’s Absurd Distraction

  1. isabel matos says:

    Mark, Fox News doesn’t want to talk about Immigration Reform, either. That’s because Murdoch is for Amnesty, which cannot pass! The night it passed in the Senate I believe Sarah was supposed to appear on Hannity. She did the radio interview, but no one is talking about it thre. I know anti-amnesty is gaining momentum, but unless we get together and put it in the headlines, it’s kind of out there… lost in the atmosphere. Yes, the left has gobbled up the air in the room, but look at Eric Bolling, Todd Starnes, all the people I like but dont watch at Fox.. all they’re talking about IS ZIMMERMAN, it helps the race distraction. (I think he’s in danger, but should go to Peru until the fires quell.)

    I’m pissed! Amnesty needs our attention. How can we redirect the conversation?

  2. the unit says:

    You may have seen the signs on CNN…”The People Say Guilty.” And Obama’s remarks for politicians to stay out of the conversation he calls for. Might he settle the issue with a E.O. setting aside the verdict based on Florida offering “emotional counseling” to jurors. They too emotional to rationally decide. Would the third branch object ?
    No way I might say, couldn’t happen, the law is the law. What difference, at this point, does that make anymore? Sort of a Hillary comment.

  3. Bobby Wright says:

    Why would he stir up the fire like this?

    • the unit says:

      You’re asking the right questions. Smokey the bear he’s not. Throw a little kindling on the campfire before leaving the campsite… then there you go. And be able to say “I didn’t know about it.”

  4. the unit says:

    Was he ostracized being a black youth? The only doors he heard locked was in the choom van to keep others out. And maybe kept his purse close to swat off others not premitted to indulge.

  5. the unit says:

    Lenin quotes have been given here before. Happened on this one.

    “I am bound to accord you, in the name of free speech, the full right to shout, LIE and write to your heart’s content.” Caps on LIE either him or me. Either way that’s what we see today.

    I’ve forwarded the infiltrate message from Paul Weyrich before, Now we got communist winch infiltrator in Houston, “We’re racists and proud.”

    I offer the Weyrich quote from Wiki, Paul who died in hospital while there for tests @ 66…Breitbart Disease I guess.

    “I asked [Yegor] Gaidar why it was that he thought free-market efforts in the Soviet Union were being trashed by American media when the reality was far different from what I was seeing. He replied with a stinging answer, one I never will forget. He said, ‘Well, the Soviets spent millions of dollars infiltrating your media. Just because the Soviet Union went away doesn’t mean these people have gone away. They are still there.’ Of course, I knew this.”
    And GZ rolled that SUV and he and the other guy, his body guard saved the folks. Uh-huh.

  6. the unit says:

    I’ve heard of ulterior motives before.

    I’ve heard of Ulsterman before, maybe some story at Canada Free Press in the past with Ulsterman interviewing insiders revealing some bad things going on in our government. Never been to site before now.
    Some interesting comments there about this story. Maybe it’s not so much about integration as it is infiltration? Remember…”if you see something, say something.” We’re so divided now, move your division amongst the other division and when you learn something about your neighbor, say something.
    Now that is a chilling thought and purpose. Especially when the opposing division has been catagorized by DHS as veterans, white christians, patriots, constitutionalists, tea partiers, and non-RINO republicans. Oh and throw in conservative bloggers that NSA metadata has identified.
    Just a thought to sleep with tonight.