Confronting Our Worst Fears About the GOP

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It should come as no surprise to conservatives that we’re being shafted on virtually every issue by some gang-of-eight or other assembly of Republicans who simply will not stand up to the Democrats.  Normally, I don’t spend much time guessing at their motives, instead tending to examine the results of their positions. I don’t necessarily assume that our GOP establishment opponents are evil, but merely misguided.  This view has been changing, because the more closely I examine their positions, the more baffled I become by any logical standard of measurement.  The problem is that discovering their motive has become increasingly important to the prospect of defeating them.  If we understood what it is that they’re after, we might find it somewhat easier to beat them or make them irrelevant. Sadly, I have begun to conclude that my worst fears may be true.  The GOP’s establishment wing clearly runs the show, leading us to perpetual defeat. It is time to ask ourselves why by considering the issues on which they’ve abandoned conservatism.

My first question must go to folks like Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan(R-WI) on the issue of immigration reform: “Are you stupid?” I know this will seem a bit blunt to some people, but it’s a sincere question.  The Senate Gang-of-Tr8ors bill offers to create between twelve and thirty million new citizens over the coming decade.  We already know that the overwhelming majority of them will be Latinos of Mexican origin, and that their tendency is to vote for the Democrats by a seven-to-two ratio or worse, once they become eligible.  What sort of complete and utter moron must one be to believe this could in any way redound to the benefit of the Republican party, conservatism, or even our nation’s future?  Given the stance of Ryan and his cohorts, we are left to conclude that there can be only two things driving their position.  Either they are among the most pathetically irrational and moronic persons, or they must know what will happen and wish to gain that result.  There are no alternatives.

On the issue of the budget, the establishment Republicans insist that we must support Paul Ryan’s pathetic, tinkering attempt at reform, even though it establishes no concrete foundation of reform, instead promising to reduce the rate of growth of the deficit, but not arresting it entirely, never mind addressing the mounting debt.  More, when you call members of the House or Senate to demand an explanation as to how the official National Debt count has been stuck for two months running, despite the fact that the government is taking on more debt, none of the Republican members seem all too interested in finding an explanation.  Once again, we are confronted with the question: Are these people simply oblivious?  Why aren’t they screaming at the top of their lungs? Here you have an administration that is exceeding the statutory debt limit by billions of dollars, and in order to disguise it, they’ve stopped the debt clock. Other than the frozen clock, they’ve continued business as usual.  What good is a sequestration of funds?  What good is a debt limit fight if the guys who must engage have already surrendered?  Do you believe for one moment that Paul Ryan or the rest of the RINO phalanx in Washington DC is unaware?  Do you believe they are so incompetent as to miss the significance of these Treasury Department actions?  It is either true that they are so incompetent that we must for the good of the nation replace them, or they are willing to let Obama do what he’s doing, in which case we must be rid of them for the same reason.

I have said many times that it doesn’t really matter whether they’re simply foolish or guilty of collusion, but I’ve come to change my view on this.  One can’t forgive negligence born of incompetence, but one must punish willful misdeeds more harshly as a warning to other would-be scoff-laws.  It’s a matter of intent.  Are the establishment Republicans in Washington DC, under the “leadership” of John Boehner(R-OH,) Mitch McConnell(R-OH,) and all the other big-government Republicans simply guilty of foolishness and incompetence, or is their behavior evidence of malice?  This is the ugly question we must ask ourselves, because we may choose one or the other alternative postulate, but never both.

It’s now clear to me that the Republican party as expressed by its “leaders” in Washington DC is in open collusion with the Democrats and President Obama.  There is no other way to explain their willingness to go along, knowing what the results will be.  On Benghazi, they help the Democrats obfuscate, and on the IRS scandal, they gum up the works, but on legislative matters of significance, they are lending an assist to Democrats: On immigration, the budget and debt ceiling, the funding of Obama-care, and a range of somewhat less significant issues at the moment, they are not merely capitulating, but assisting the Democrats.  They must be either the largest collection of stupid people in any government on the planet, or they intend the results their efforts are obtaining.  It cannot be both.

A conservative must now ask with pointed clarity: Does it matter if John Boehner or some lunatic Democrat wins his seat in 2014?  Does it matter in the least if Lamar Alexander or some Tennessee Democrat wins that Senate seat in 2014?  The answer is yes:  The prospective Democrat in either case is at least being honest about his or her  intentions, in the main, at least to the degree that by running as Democrats, we voters may make an accurate guess about what sort of legislation will result.  This cannot be said of the RINOs in the GOP.  By running as Republicans, there has been at least the implicit idea that such candidates will oppose statism, but that simply hasn’t been the case. If ever there had been a time in American history when the willingness of voters to be true to themselves was the most critical aspect of their political activism and engagement, now must be that time.  We must admit in the open what we have long suspected: The establishment wing of the GOP consists of traitors to every value and ideal we hold sacred, because they are in open collusion with those who are actively seeking the destruction of our country.

Make no mistake about it: They want the destruction too.



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17 Responses to Confronting Our Worst Fears About the GOP

  1. Guest says:

    And that is why our only recourse to remake the party that Reagan built is a total Bush Mafia purge in 2014 and 2016. In the primary vote for the true conservative. If the statist wins vote for the Democrat in the general. Let there be 425 Democrats in the “District of Corruption” fighting against true conservatives. The Republicans will get the picture that they have to vote conservative to retain their seat and the gopE also won’t be the elites any longer. The gopE is “Bought and Paid For.” It’s the corruption, stupid!

    The corrupt Age of Bush is O.V.E.R.

    • Mark America says:

      I can’t disagree with any of that. Honestly, drastic times call for drastic measures. We cannot accept “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” from the GOP any longer.

      • JohnInFlorida says:

        I cannot even begin to describe the disgust that boils up within me by a mental picture of me voting for a Democrat. BUT I’m at the point where I, like you, cannot disagree with the actions outlined above.

        In my mind there is no longer ANY difference between voting for Statist (D) or StatistLite (most of those displaying R).

        We must vote for the individual who is a Constitutionalist at heart or vote AGAINST the Statist, whatever his/her “declared party disguise”.

  2. the unit says:

    Well….their plans are not working out so well. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met years go to plan the end of war, that was for World Government. Seems they forgot a few factions,… well…. like Islam. And even among planners not everybody gets along and somebody wants to be on top. (And that was each sides purpose).
    It could not work out in no way democratic as there was no way to allow a vote of the world’s population. not even a republican form of government. Too big a job, have to clamp down and to do as the World Government dictator says.
    Democrats are part of it and GOP are just hanger oners for what it’s worth for each of them in their short run. And that’s about over.
    There is no America First anymore from any leadership. We is all we got.
    I’m shot. Hope y’all got more Keep it up if you do.

    • Mark America says:

      Keep hanging in there,Unit, Too many battles to quit yet…

    • CC says:

      I’m with ya Unit, i’m not gonna be around much longer myself with this liver disease either and i’m only 52, so I hope I make it till 2016 at least to see O out, but who will replace him?Probably another Statist, unless we can have our say for the folks who will live past us. Maybe the Good Lord will keep us around to see this thing through for the betterment of the country.God Bless.

      • the unit says:

        Camaro like MA said you shoulda boughta a Ford! Just kidding now!!!
        So sorry to hear of that problem. Why it happens, I don’t know. Like MA says to me…hang in there…isn’t there transplant possibility? Dear friend and work mate lost hubby a few short years ago with the same problem at about same age, mismanaged situation from git go. Of course this case in Florida.
        But take care Cam.
        the unit

        • CC says:

          Thank you sir, please call me CC, that’s what all my blog fam calls me.Sorry, but I’ve had 4 fords and ALL of them were as the nicknamed said Found on the Road Dead,Fix Or Repair Daily and the reverse Driver Returning On Foot, I’ve just had NO luck with Fords,I respect the late Carroll Shelby but I Love Chevys and GMC pickups. I know why ya’ll hate Gubment Motors,BUT, people forget that Chrysler took the money too and that the president of Ford said that he was glad that the government bailed them both out and it was not like Ford didn’t have UAW workers in their plants and we know that it was the UAW that wouldn’t budge on their position.I HATE that GM took the money, but if Ford would have taken the money and GM would have NOT done so,would you hate on Ford? I love Chevys and specifically Camaros b/c they are different from Mustangs.If all we had to have for muscle cars were
          fox body Mustangs with no competition, then there would be no competition to make American muscle cars the best in the world!As far as a new liver, i’m not to the point yet where I can get on a list, but thank you sir for thinking about me.Sorry Mustang Mark, but i’m a drag racing fan and guess what, b/c Camaros have became very popular, the Mustang GT500 are kicking our ass now b/c of the competition,and that wouldn’t have happened w/o the bailout or bankruptcy.That doesn’t mean that I advocate government bailouts.I am just torn on the subject because i like GM products. How can i be a Conservative and still like Chevys?I don’t know, why am I accepting SS Disability?I guess I’m not a true Conservative,I vote conservative and agree totally with Conservative principles! But back to GM,I don’t know if there would be a beautiful new Camaro if GM would have went through Bankruptcy.They were wrong though in asking for the money and they need to completely pay us back.If I’m part of bailing out GM, I want them to build a car to compete with the mighty Found On The Road Dead Rustang!I’m sorry,Unit, for rambling on about Gubment Motors, but we as supposed Conservatives need to have a serious discussion as to what’s okay and what’s not okay with our dealings with the Government.
          This post has been HEAVILY edited. Let’s talk!

  3. CC says:

    Mark,there isn’t a lot of hope left for the Republican Party.They showed their ass at the GOP convention by cutting out all the grassroots republicans saying”Thanks for your vote but we don’t want you here.” I know it’s a fantasy to hope a 3rd party will work. We’ll be outspent and shut out of every debate known in the next election.This is going to take a long time to bulid a true grassroots organization where we can find one person to represent a new Conservative Party. Unless the GOP wises up(which I sincerely doubt)Hillary Clinton will be our next president for the next eight years after Obama.Oooooh,just had a chill run down my neck with the thought of that.I just hope that Romney doesn’t try and run again, b/c, if so SHE WILL WIN! If a Gingrich/Palin ticket runs, you better believe i’ll vote for them, but the Statists will never let that happen.

    • Mark America says:

      CC, I think you’re right to believe that the GOP is beyond rescue. If it’s possible, it will take a tremendously motivated core of folk committed to making a dramatic change. Know anybody like that?

      • CC says:

        I don’t know about the motivated core, but I know who can motivate a core, that little lady from Alaska!

        • Section 9 says:

          The lady from Alaska has to be motivated to rescue the conservative movement herself and not think that the Ted Cruz’s of the world and the Rand Pauls’ will be able to do it. I have my doubts.
          It takes a Reagan to do the Reagan thing, and nobody else measures up.

          • CC says:

            I’m not sure I understand your statement, but Sarah has a proven track record on helping get the Conservative base excited and that’s not to take anything against Paul and Cruz, but SP is still a young woman and is still a fighter. I think she will be a major player for years to come in exciting the Conservative base.

  4. pete4palin says:

    History is repeating itself. The Republican party is going the way of the Whig party. It is in a death spiral. The end can not come soon enough. But it will bring with it a new day… a new hope… a new party to be replaced by.

    • Mark America says:

      Pete, Sadly, I think you’re right, but we’re in a bit of a race at the moment: Which will collapse first? The GOP or the USA?

      • Section 9 says:

        The GOP, of course. The old phrase is always true: “Economies don’t collapse, governments do.”