Cruz or Lose: What’s Really at Stake if Our Leaders Won’t Fight

Just Once, Use It!

The truth of the matter is actually rather simple: Obama-care could be de-funded any time John Boehner decided to find his…voice…and do something concrete that is entirely within his power.  The House, led by Speaker Boehner, could initiate the process of sending individual appropriation bills to the Senate, one after the next, for all the essential programs and budget items that would fall under the ordinary budgetary process.  Send a defense spending bill.  Send a Social Security spending bill, and up the ante by giving a 4% raise in the cost of living adjustment, one time, “to account for the effects of inflation not considered in the CPI”(Consumer Price Index.)  Do the same with other big spending programs, but simply withhold one on Obamacare.  Dare Harry Reid to hold up the bills, or the President to veto them should they pass the Senate.  Go on television and explain why all spending measures must begin in the House, and the House has passed each and every one of these individual things, and throw down the list on the table.  Tell seniors: Harry Reid is holding up your Social Security check.  Tell soldiers that the President, their commander-in-chief, is preventing them from being paid.   Just tell the truth: Because the President and his party are more interested in buying votes than in funding the essential functions of government, the President is willing to see Grandma eating dog-food and soldiers in the field being denied beans and bullets.

I predict that with his increasingly tenuous grasp on the support of the American people, Obama would cave.  Tie each bill to the debt ceiling.  Make it impossible for government to spend more than its receipts.  This can all be accomplished if the House of Representatives merely exercises its prevailing constitutional authority over the purse.  You might want to know that Obama is probably a good deal more nervous about this than you might guess.  This is because government has been illegally borrowing money in excess of the current debt ceiling since early summer.  To me, this is an unconscionable circumstance, and part of the reason Boehner is going along is because the President has succeeded in buying his silence through Boehner’s complicity.  The US government is already in a sort of insurrection against its own laws.  Why do you suppose the debt clock has remained frozen these months, just shy of the legal borrowing limit?  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is still lending money into existence to somebody.  Any rational person can guess the real answer here, and if there isn’t a continuing resolution and a corresponding increase in the debt ceiling soon, Obama and all those assisting him will be in deep…water.

There is a conspiracy of silence in Washington DC, and the American people are its first and foremost victim.  The truth is that at the current rate of government borrowing, no program is sustainable.  It’s now so bad that they’re suspending investments and re-investments of Federal Employee retirement funds.  That’s how bad it really is, and it’s the reason that John Boehner isn’t saying a word.   It’s the reason nobody really wants to push on de-funding Obama-care, and it’s the reason Washington DC is hoping they’ll pass a continuing resolution to fund the government and this will all just quietly go away… for now.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should know that there is no chance whatever that we will succeed in slowing this runaway government unless we lean very heavily on our elected representatives.  There’s no chance that as long as stooges like John Cornyn(R-TX) are willing to betray us that we can expect any change in direction.  We mustn’t let these rotten liars continue.  Yes, it’s as bad as that, and everybody should know it.  How many conservatives are aware of what’s been going on with our debt?  How many conservatives realize the implications?  When and if they re-start that debt clock, you will watch it wind up more quickly than ever, at blinding speed as it lurches to catch up with all the debt the government has illegally accrued in the last several months.  There is treason in Washington DC, and if you want to know why Speaker Boehner will do nothing about it, it’s because he’s in on it too.

On Friday will come the vote for cloture on the bill now pending before the Senate.  Reid must not succeed, which means you must turn up the volume on all Senators beginning first thing in the morning.  If you can fax them, do so. Their fax numbers are listed on the Senate’s website.  Just select your state in the upper right-hand corner, and if your own senators are pretty solid, check in with some of the others, including the Minority leader’s(Mitch McConnell of Kentucky) and the Minority Whip’s(John Cornyn of Texas).  Also hammer some of the red-state Senators who are up for re-election in 2014.  There’s some evidence Senator Manchin of West Virginia is beginning to crack under the pressure.  It’s time for maximum effort and maximum exertion from this moment until we win or lose.  This will almost certainly move back to the House, in which case we’ll need to get after Boehner and the establishment phalanx there.  Let us not squander the momentum and the good start Senators Ted Cruz(R-TX) and Mike Lee(R-UT) have provided.  We’re in for one hell of a fight, and our country’s future is at stake.  This is no time for hesitation or waffling, and we must demand our elected leaders show the character and fortitude we expect.  The country is in real danger now, much worse than the DC class will tell you, and it’s time we let them know that we see what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what we intend to do about it.

Editors note: You will notice on the Senate homepage that there is an article celebrating 100 years of direct election of the Senate, complete with a propagandist puff-piece about the passage of the 17th Amendment.  Mark Levin’s book must really be getting to them, since he proposed repealing the 17th.  Coincidental? You decide.

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5 Responses to Cruz or Lose: What’s Really at Stake if Our Leaders Won’t Fight

  1. iizthatiiz says:

    It’s doable Mark. It’s been doable since January 2011. They are just cowards who are so afraid to present themselves as conservatives that they’ve lost all identity. The only thing they do is cling to some party identity, which has lost all its meaning. They have become placeholders.

  2. exodus2012 says:

    Excellent Mark- thanks for explaining this illegal activity concerning the National Debt – I wondered why the Debt Clock was not ticking over ….

    LTC West compares this DEFUND Obamacare fight to that ancient Battle of Thermopylae:

    Allen West explains how fighting to defund Obamacare is like the battle of Thermopylae

  3. the unit says:

    This is a busy day of calling, emailing, faxing but still is a good time to post this because it’s a good way to get one’s vitamin fix.
    I’ve been a Marksist since 2011, got used to up to 90+ articles a month. Then depression after Nov. 6, 2012 was furthered along because of diminished posts here. I do understand though as the collateral damage of the election was wide spread.
    During a particularly long period with no Vitamin M, I remembered what an old friend and Vietnam helicopter pilot told me years ago, ” there is no problem in the history of the world that someone before you hasn’t experienced.” With that knowledge I’ve use the internet to fix plumbing problems, even repair a broken door handle. Now you can’t click yet to do the repair, but a 3-D printing repairman/woman may be in the future.
    So I went on line to C4P and inquired, was answered by John_Frank. Learned MA does Twitter. Found I can read his tweets and even click on the conversation. I thought I had to be a member for that. (To respond I would have to join, reading is enough for me.)
    I post this because “in the history of the world” there must be others that know as little as I do about Al Gore’s invention.
    Just google Mark America on Twitter. His interplay with some of the most twits in the world are as interesting as his articles, and takes less time to follow. :)
    Got my Vit M for today.

    • Mark America says:

      Thanks Unit, but why don’t you take up Tweeting? I think you’d make an excellent twitterererer… Seriously, I imagine you’re as apt as any to condense a worthwhile sentiment, thought, or idea into 140 characters as any one.