Heartfelt Note to Fellow Texans

Betraying Texans

I’ve lived in Texas almost precisely one-half of my life.  In that time, I think I’ve done a fair job of becoming a Texan, instead of trying to turn Texas into that which I had escaped.  I’d like to thank Texans for their hospitality and patience as I’ve tried my best to assimilate.  I like to say that I am an American by birth, and a Texan by choice, but the truth is that I couldn’t have become a Texan without the forbearance of natives. I’ve noticed a tendency over my years here in Texas among many immigrants to the state to immediately set about turning it into the sort of liberal bastions from which they had fled, making them little different from Mark Levin’s description: Locusts.  Worse than the rank-and-file locusts are the carpetbaggers who come to Texas telling us how it ought to be more like their native states.  What I’ve learned along the way to becoming a Texan(or the most reasonable facsimile a non-native can be) is that Texans don’t like to be poked and prodded with a good deal of politically-correct claptrap.  “Say what’s on your mind, and move along, son.”  That’s an important lesson, but I’d like to tell Texans about another class of people who may not hold their best interests at heart. These are the expatriated Texans who go to Washington DC forgetting what Texas is or what Texans hold dear.  Today, I want to address one of these, who has spent a decade in Washington DC, and who is no longer a Texan, having been absorbed into the elitists’ ranks.  Once upon a time, John Cornyn may have been a decent politician, but now it is clear that he isn’t really a Texan any longer, however he may have begun.

On Friday, he joined with Harry Reid,Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats as well as several Republican sell-outs in voting for cloture(the procedure by which debate is ended in the Senate and a vote is held) on the continuing resolution to fund government while blocking Obama-care.  John Cornyn, after enabling the vote, then made a phony, impassioned speech against stripping the language from the bill that would have de-funded Obama-care. His vote for cloture enabled Harry Reid to carry out the modifications to the bill.  So you see, John Cornyn will now tell Texans truthfully that he voted against funding Obamacare, but it’s only a half-truth. While being able to claim this with a straight face, the fact is that Obama-care could not have been funded had he merely remained resolute and stood with our “junior” senator Ted Cruz in opposing cloture on the bill.  Whatever John Cornyn tells you from this day forward, you must know that on any and all issues, he will try to play both sides of the street, being for something before he’s against it, or being against something before he was for it.  If I’ve learned anything about Texans in my twenty-four years here, it is that this is not the temperament or practice of a real Texan.

Real Texans stand for what they believe.  Real Texans do not try to occupy both sides of a serious argument.  Real Texans do not try to carry out a complete and utter fraud against the people in whose service they are sworn, or otherwise sully the oaths they have taken.  John Cornyn has abandoned any claim to being a Texan, and since he is up for re-election in 2014, I am asking my fellow Texans, in just recognition of John Cornyn’s betrayals on this and other issues, to seek out an select an opponent worthy of replacing Mr. Cornyn as one of our two US Senators.  While Ted Cruz has been busy doing us proud, John Cornyn has been busy undermining him.  While Ted Cruz was fighting to defeat and defund Obama-care, John Cornyn has been back-stabbing and whipping other Republicans into supporting an affirmative vote on cloture.

This is a shameful situation.  As our nation’s economy hobbles along, its latest burden in the form of Obama-care’s mandate is going to destroy what remains of the healthier segments of the economy.  It is going to reduce the standard and availability of care for all Americans.  It is going to result in the denial of care, not as a “bug” but as a “feature” of the program.  It’s going to increase our national debt to knew heights.  It’s already causing employers to cut hours for workers, and while many think that they’re somehow immune, it’s clear that many of these will soon learn otherwise.  This law is so bad that they’ve exempted themselves.  It’s so bad that the unions who supported it, like the Teamsters, are now in favor of repealing it, saying that they can “remain silent no longer.”  All of this, John Cornyn and the other Republican sell-outs in the Senate have enabled.  When you lose your health insurance or your job; your hours are cut or your treatment (or the treatment of a loved-one) is denied by Obama-care, you can blame John Cornyn as one of the conspirators in your undoing. You should know this. You must not let him get away with his duplicity.

I wanted my fellow Texans to know this, so that when in 2014, any opponent rises to challenge John Cornyn, I will get behind that candidate, and if he survives the primary process, I will vote for a Democrat.  It is my long-considered conclusion that we are better off with lying Democrats who we know will be hard-core leftists than with lying Republicans who we cannot trust to abstain from betraying us.  John Cornyn will hereafter be known on this site as the Un-Texan, because his behavior and maneuvering in this [and other] issues has earned him the highest contempt real Texans can muster.  He will claim that it had been about a difference of opinion over tactics, but the truth is that he’s been following the lead and the advice of the DC consultancy, and he is doing now the bidding of political elements who care not for Texas or Texans.  He is beyond redemption.  This had been his last chance.  God may forgive him, but I, for one, will not.  Others may forget his betrayal, but I will not.  John Cornyn must go, and I will not be satisfied until he no longer sits in high office defrauding the people of the Great State of Texas.

I am now actively seeking a prospective challenger or challengers to Mr. Cornyn, because the simple fact remains that we Texans cannot tolerate – we must not tolerate –  this sort of duplicity from those who would claim to represent us.  John Cornyn betrayed Texas and Texans on Friday, and then sought to cover that up with a wholly symbolic gesture.  We Texans must remain people who will not prefer symbolism over substance, and we must not reward those who do.  It’s time we bring John Cornyn home, so that he might re-learn what it is to be a Texan, but I fear that if we unseat him, he will remain in Washington DC in perpetuity, working for or establishing his own lobbying firm.  More, I want him to live under Obama-care if the rest of us must.  The fight is not over, and it’s moving to the House of Representatives, but John Cornyn has just made our fight so much harder.  To Hell with John Cornyn.  I will fight for Texas with real Texans!



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10 Responses to Heartfelt Note to Fellow Texans

  1. iizthatiiz says:

    when I saw Cornyn feigning confusion over the solid tactics Cruz employed .. basically openly mocking him on the Senate floor, I resolved I’ll do everything I can to kick Cornyn’s teeth down the back of his throat

  2. the unit says:

    We have experienced a few days of the usual congressional “foreplay.” The purposeful end result preordained as to what they planned we get. And not consensual without the date rape drugs of freebies. For individuals use of date rape drugs are criminal, for the government its all lawful.
    According to this government site…
    “You cannot ‘ask for it’ or cause it to happen.”
    Oh yeah, try that excuse on your representative or government official when they’ve given you the shaft.

  3. WellNowDear says:

    John Cornyn wouldn’t even have someone answer the phone. It is obvious he doesn’t care about the people of Texas. I have voted for him in the past but, never again. I will campaign against him tirelessly. I would never vote for a Democrat so will just leave that box blank. Everyone, myself included urged him to get together with Cruz on things. Because of his petty jealousy he has betrayed Texas. He can stay in Washington for the rest of his term. We don’t want him here anymore.

    • Mark America says:

      I think it’s more than petty jealousy. I think he’s part of the crowd that has figured out how to get rich(er) through Obamacare. Watch and see. Even when we give him the boot, he’ll wind up a K Street lobbyist right there in DC that is clearly his natural home.

  4. Jeff Hardy says:

    All Cornyn can do is send out stupid petitions wanting me to sign that says I object to Obamacare. Why does he need a petition for the obvious? He’s finished.

  5. Aliel The Heretic says:

    John Cornyn also voted for the NDAA indefinite indention clause section 1032 which gave President Obama the authority to send conservatives to Gitmo merely for speaking out against the government.

    When I called his office, his secretary told me he was voting AGAINST the NDAA.

    Then, after he voted FOR the NDAA, I wrote him a letter asking him why he betrayed our constitution.

    He sent me back some mass produced piece of garbage that said it was “for Al Qaeda” and that it would not effect Americans.

    How sick is it that I can read a document that CLEARLY allows for indefinite detention of American citizens, and then Cornyn LIES to my FACE about it as if I am just another ignorant mindless GOP voter?!

  6. Reb in Texas says:

    Like you, Mark, I am a transplant. Fortunately, I somehow gained much of the ‘Texas Spirit’ and straight talk along my road here….so, in so many ways, have felt right at home. And, I’ve more recently come to the FULL realization that so many of those We The People have sent to DC to represent US have ONLY gone there for themselves. cornyn is one of many……….and one whom has fully earned my disdain. I, too, will join in every way possible to see that he is NOT re-elected.

  7. cyTexRed says:

    Look at this man. He seems to be the real deal and the fact he knows what Bastiat says goes a long way. I’ve not fully vetted him, but from the little I’ve seen I like him.