Sarah Palin’s Obama Smackdown No Pin-Prick

Monday evening, on Sean Hannity’s show, Governor Sarah Palin took on the issue of the government shutdown, explained that the partial shutdown of the government is a necessary result of our broken budgetary process, but that it’s certainly no Armageddon.  She had a special aside just for Barack Obama(video courtesy SarahNet):


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One Response to Sarah Palin’s Obama Smackdown No Pin-Prick

  1. the unit says:

    Sorry if this repeats. Vets barreled over barricades in D.C. shutdown today. Kinda like in Normandy.
    Article says a Republican (terrorist you know) distracted guards while aids removed barricades.
    One vet there is Alex Lou Pitalo, is on twitter, not to active, but I tweeted him thanks for his previous and continued service.
    They should have gone on to tour the White House.