Mr. L Sums Up Barack Obama in One Word

On Tuesday, Mr. L had more than a few choice words for Barack “Mugabe” Obama. The nation is becoming understandably angry with Obama, and he’s more than tired  of the dirt-bag politicians who are interested in compromising with Obama and the rest of the statist left.  There’s no point to offering compromise only to be rebuffed by Obama and his henchmen.  Frankly, Rand Paul should know better.  Mr. L gets it right: No more compromise. Another excellent presentation from Mr. L:


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6 Responses to Mr. L Sums Up Barack Obama in One Word

  1. CC says:

    Ever since I was introduced to Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate Kentucky race,there was something not right about him,like he was hiding something.You can always tell by facial expressions and the eyes that they’re not being honest about their true intentions.I don’t trust any of the Paul’s,with their statements and their deeds.This video from Mr.L justifies my concerns.I trust Sarah because I see it in her words and her deeds.She and a few others are the only true statespersons left in this country.

    • the unit says:

      Hey Camarocowboy, not a lot of traffic here these days, chevys or fords. Well at least yore liver won’t get run over. :)

      • CC says:

        unit,my liver looks like it’s been run over!lol

        • the unit says:

          Yes sir. Read some of your tweets a while back. Wish you well.

          • CC says:

            Thank you sir.Wishing you and your family well also.

            • the unit says:

              Just btw…the unit on twitter ain’t “the unit”. Never thought to check on that ’til I mentioned I read some of your tweets. I really haven’t gotten into tweeting much. Never realized I could read tweeters without being signed on. But found yours while searching for CC when things were super slow here.
              Jonny the Unit couldn’t fill my shoes, bare butt signature with magic marker notwithstanding, and if he put them on he nor NSA could follow in my footsteps. lol