Coup d’etat Underway in White House

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There it is: Another inflammatory headline from an Internet blogger.  You’ve see hundreds, or even thousands of those.  All of them scream for your attention, and yet most of them offer only meaningless diatribes, or scant details of vague conspiracies about the impending destruction of your nation, or the world.  It’s a normal tactic that the news business has employed throughout history, so not too many people even raise an eyebrow until they see the mushroom clouds any longer.  If that’s your view, and who could blame you, you’ll probably shrug-off this one too.  Before you click through, however, on your way to the next blaring headline, I’d like you to know the facts behind my screeching claim: Barack Obama is threatening to effectively dissolve your US Constitution, and nobody in Washington DC seems inclined to do the first thing about it. The moment for the American people to engage is now, if they value their country. The President is preparing to overthrow the Constitution, and with it, the United States of America.

If you listened to Mark Levin on Tuesday evening, you might get some idea of the threat now posed against this republic.  Barack Obama is sending out his hoodlums in government and media to talk about a “default.”  Let me explain to readers the absolute facts about “default.” The United States government takes in approximately $200 billion in revenues every month.  It must make monthly payments on its debts, including principal and interest, in the amount of roughly $20 billion.  Therefore, it is mathematically impossible for the US government to default at its current level of debt and income because its actual income exceeds its factual, legally-binding obligations.  After the debt obligations are satisfied, the remainder, roughly $190 billion, can be taken and applied to government spending priorities.  Naturally, those priorities include funding the military, veterans, and Social Security.

The only way a default can happen under our current situation is that if the President illegally and unconstitutionally directs the Secretary of the Treasury to withhold payments of debt obligations.  If the President does this, he will be violating the law that binds him, he will be exceeding his constitutional authority, and he will be committing flagrantly an act of economic sabotage and terrorism against the American people.  There is no recourse but for the American people in such a case to oust the President, at first by legal means, and to oust likewise all of those who give him legal shelter.

As it stands, the Republicans in Congress are shaking in their boots.  It is time to face down the dictator, and most of them haven’t the guts.  That’s where your part in this battle for the constitution comes into play.  They must hold.  They must not fold.  They must bring articles of impeachment, or the would-be tyrant must relent.  These are the only viable answers to this dilemma.  Everything else will result in the death of the Republic, either in revolutionary strife or in permanent despotism.

For those of you who clicked into this blog thinking you would read another ludicrous claim, let me assure you that there is nothing remarkable here that the globe has not seen over human history, many hundreds or even thousands of times: We have devolved into a culture and a society that no longer respects the rule of law, and no longer demands its leaders comply with it.  We have arrived at this point because when we should have spoken up in the name of law and in the name of justice, we instead deferred the fight for some future date.  That day is now.  Any further deferment will merely accelerate the collapse.  We must not surrender, we must not give in, and we must make the Republicans fight while they are able, by every means at their disposal.

If they fail, or falter, and if Obama will not blink, there will be only us.  At present, Obama hides behind the trappings of his office and a semi-legitimate claim to authority.  If he exceeds his authority, all bets are off.  His claim to authority is at such a point completely bogus.  We must demand his removal.  We must demand the House draft articles of impeachment for his extra-constitutional actions.  We must demand the Senate try him for his treason.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to this story.  Our republic’s constitution stands on the verge of a coup d’etat, with a President intent upon destroying it, with only the weak-kneed Republicans and us to defend it.  Tonight, as Senators and Representatives dance to Obama’s tune, we must change the music.   We have no choice any longer, because if we lose the constitution, we will have lost everything indespensable on this Earth that was made by men.

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6 Responses to Coup d’etat Underway in White House

  1. Trumper47 says:

    We are “right” they are wrong…..but why do we always lose?

  2. woodworker13rn says:

    It is a mystery. But, I like how this guy thinks. I have spent long hours composing essays of my own which help to settle my thoughts. But, my essays are not nearly as effective as those penned by the founders – Jefferson, Paine, and Adams. But, I totally agree that we have to watch this “leader” and the administration, in general, closely. One of my favorite quotes – ‘A people, who’s leaders can convince them of absurdities, can be led to perform atrocities.’ We have to stop this before it gets out of hand.

  3. JohnInFlorida says:


    When I listened to Mark Levin interview Rep. Louis Gomert this evening I was shocked. Rep. Gomert was beside himself with the outright lawlessness of Obama’s brinksmanship. His voice was quivering … and whether it was rage, or shock, or “Oh my God, what do we do now?” was unclear, but it was obvious that he was at a total loss.

    I think that is the reaction of nearly all Conservatives in response to Obama’s “just try and stop me” tactics. But, stop him we must … communications to our Reps/Senators in support of their opposition (luckily MOST of “my” guys are opposed) at this point and if that fails, as you say “we must change the music” in whatever way possible.

    Again, I return to Thomas Paine’s “the times that try men’s souls” …

    The American Crisis

    Hang on tight … bumpy ride ahead!

  4. blueniner says:

    This is why I love Sarah Palin and a few others, she wont cower, she is bringing the heat and is on Obamas case like white on rice. Sarah has been sounding the Clarion horn for quite sometime.

  5. misterlogic0013 says:

    Answer, silent majority rising, words into action, Sarah, T/P, leading by example .. Doing what we can, which is coming together, gaining knowledge, fighting on all levels. OB, Harry, many others loosing ground to millions of us. Not Complicated .. Patience .. Perseverance. .

  6. susiepuma says:

    I think we have already lost…….. there are not enough of us left to fight this POS and his minions….I am afraid of our law enforcement and our military…..think about this for example….. I linked to an article on C4P – a government person talked about how slow moving, bureaucratic, and leviathan our government is….how do you suppose all those closed signs showed up so quickly…. all printed, painted, so pretty….. I’m sure they have not been in storage since memorials, etc. were never closed before….so spec is that this had to have been done 6-8 months ago….. what else don’t we know? and what else is coming?