The Post-Shutdown Poll in Which You’ll Want to Participate

Ladies and gentlemen, I am conducting a survey of sorts. I intend to mail its results to the politicians in Washington DC.  Naturally, some of them will dismiss it as some “Internet Poll,” but I would really like as much participation as you can generate.  It consists of a few questions, some to get your background, and some to see if we can discern a pattern.

The survey is anonymous, and I am collecting no personal information, but you will only be able to take the survey once. You must click “Vote” after each question.

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6 Responses to The Post-Shutdown Poll in Which You’ll Want to Participate

  1. isabel matos says:

    Great questions.

  2. RomanBarbarian says:

    Lindsey Graham is the most detested!
    (Laura Del Pesce aka Roman Barbarian)

  3. Trumper47 says:

    John McCain…..the worst ever!

  4. the unit says:

    Well I voted. Got the “thank you for voting” just like the little sticker at election time. Since I really don’t regularly watch any tv news programs, I guess I fudged there a little since I voted anyway. I still had an opinion as to who I’d like to see if I did.
    Viewed Results.
    Dang, if only we could stuff the ballot boxes like the opposition!!!

  5. Reb in Texas says:

    Choices were too easy for me…..and seems like I voted with the majority on all……..cept that I’m a guy rather than a gal……glad to see both sexes standing up on this. Thanks Mark… this on Mr L’s fb or over at C4P – would be interesting……..

  6. the unit says:

    Y’all saw the conservative writers and bloggers who were called to the WH to meet with O?

    Well just remember….