Obama-care’s Death Sentence to Become Slavery for Living

Government Health-care

Let’s be blunt about this: Obama-care is a failure, if you’re measuring it by how it is affecting the health-care market, or how it is impacting the lives of millions of Americans who are losing their insurance, their jobs, and the hours they work.  It’s going to throttle the economy, and signs already exist that this is happening now, as on average, rather than seeing the promised $2500 saving on premiums per family, many people are seeing doubling, trebling, or far more on their insurance premiums bill.  It’s killing off the individual market, and one year from now, as the exemptions for large employers expire, it’s going to decimate that segment too.  Estimates are as high as one-hundred million Americans will ultimately lose their insurance due to Obama-care.  Of course, if you’re Barack Obama, this is all going according to plan, because this law was never about providing health-care to the uninsured, but instead a scheme by which to punish prosperous Americans and tax them into poverty.  They knew that would be the result, and yet they went forward anyway.  This law is going to kill millions of Americans prematurely.  It’s going to drive tens of millions  into poverty. It’s going to do far worse things than Americans might have imagined, and among them, we now find that Democrats are already advocating the literal enslavement of doctors.  It was inevitable.

Have you ever visited a Veterans hospital?  Have you ever seen the sort of doctors they have?  Certainly, there are some good doctors, but on average, I wouldn’t put them on par with privately-owned hospitals.  Care is sub-par, doctors are over-booked, and there is generally little to recommend.  As Obama-care sinks its teeth into America, this will be the fate of all Americans except the very rich who will use some form of concierge care, almost certainly off-shore, if Democrats have their way.  Medicare and Medicaid patients have been noticing that fewer and fewer doctors accept Medicaid or Medicare, because reimbursements are insufficient to pay for the services provided.  These programs expect physicians to operate at a loss, apparently in perpetuity.  Democrats, ever ready to pass a new bit of tyranny into law, are now suggesting that the way around this shortage of doctors is to force them.

Have you ever worked with a gun to your head? This is the Democrat proposal for meeting the growing crisis.  You will hear it expressed ultimately as a civil right.  Having enslaved one portion of the populace to redistribute an increasing portion of its wealth to government, prepare to see what happens when government demands that doctors must treat Medicaid and Medicare patients as a matter of anti-discrimination.  Soon, our physicians will be told that they must take all comers, irrespective of the reimbursement schedule’s pitfalls.  If Democrats have their way, this will be the future of American medicine: Practitioners held at gunpoint to treat anybody who demands it, with the glaring oversight of bureaucrats making sure they treat all their patients just the same,

If I were a doctor forced to work under those circumstances, I would relinquish my medical license.  All decent, competent doctors will do just that.  In such an environment, only the incompetent and the malevolent will flourish.  Yet this is the proposal of Democrats, and it has secretly been part of their agenda from the outset.  If you think Democrats are anything but communists, you have not been paying attention.  Their egalitarian impulse is coming to its lethal conclusion: They will compel people at the point of a gun to serve others.  This is the ultimate end of the road in any system of tyranny.  We are becoming a police state every bit as oppressive as the Soviet Union had been, and slowly but surely, any ability of any person to make any choice of any description is being removed.  When doctors lose the ability to decide under which circumstances they will accept clientele, there will be a corresponding loss of ability for you to choose your doctor.  “If you like your doctors, you can enslave them” will be the new meaning of the President’s broken promise, so long as Democrats are permitted to exercise power.

Did it ever bother you that the President complained that we spend too much of our Gross Domestic Product on health-care?  I objected simply because that notion collectivizes our our choices, and our expenditures in a grotesquely communistic manner.  Why is it any of the President’s business how much the American people spend on health-care?  If a person wished to spend every penny of his or her disposable income on health-care, what would be the harm?  For all his protestations, you will now pay much, much more, and he will stand as the middle man between you and your doctors, nurses, radiologists, and other professionals in the medical field.  He will skim a mighty share of it, forwarding only a pittance to the providers, using the remainder to fund the health-care of those whose votes he has purchased.

If we were a sane and proud people, we would revolt.  We would rally in Washington DC and remain there until the tyrants fled our capital in fear.  Sadly, neither are we a rational people sufficient in numbers to raise such objections, nor are we proud enough to stand on the principles that had built the prosperity we had until recently enjoyed.  The truth is that the union could be salvaged yet by a resolute people, but there is no evidence that such people now exist in sufficient numbers to accomplish such a thing.  We would need a crowd of five millions or more, descended upon DC with rage in their eyes at what has been done to their country, all demanding in unison that this abomination be repealed. We would need tens of thousands more at every congressional district office demanding a repeal unrelentingly. Instead, the sound of surrender prevails as Americans consider how they will now live under the new slavery they have accepted, preparing to meet the fate their cowardice has all but guaranteed.

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9 Responses to Obama-care’s Death Sentence to Become Slavery for Living

  1. Jeffrey Prokopowicz says:

    Beautifully said Mark, and every bit of it true. God bless you Sir.

  2. CJ Grisham says:

    Mark, the only part with which I will disagree is the statement about “becoming a police state.” I have unfortunately come to the realization that are NOW living in a police state. When the police can arrest for an overdue library book, selling lemonade on a neighborhood corner, or walking down the wrong side of a road, it stands to reason that the overreaching and unconstitutional authority of peace officers and other police forces is indicative of living in a police state currently. And with Obamacare, God save anyone that both refuses to report their health care to the federal government an refuse to pay the “tax” for failing to maintain some form of arbitrary” government minimum standard of health insurance.

    When the federal government can mandate the ethenol in the car, the lightbulb in your closet, the toilet in your bathroom, the kind of self defense weapon you carry, and what your kids eat at school then one can only conclude that America has devolved into a communist society with government fascism an acceptable fact of life.

  3. the unit says:

    It’s November. Two years now reading here and commenting at least once a week.

    Ole Sinatra had a song about the changing seasons…

    We coming on December…

    Tear down this wall of lies and deception Mr. Obama. Of course you won’t till it crumbles on its own like those before it. And the millions must suffer as before, always death involved. That’s what Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the principal architects of the Affordable Care Act prescribed…

    According to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, in 2008:

    “We need a single payer healthcare system. But, Americans won’t want to give up their options and their choices. So, we’ll appeal to their compassion. We’ll tell them we’ll be able to provide healthcare for everyone. And, since Americans are good and decent people, they’ll go along with it. We’ll tell them, we can pay for it by eliminating waste, fraud, abuse and duplication. But, anyone who knows math, knows that’s a lie. The population base is getting older. Its getting larger. And, there are always new medical advances, and drugs, which are expensive. There’s no way we can provide healthcare for everyone. So, we’ll need a way to contain costs. That’s where my plan comes in, ‘The Complete Lives System.’ Rather than the antiquated system of triaging (treating the sickest first), since doctors will lie about how sick their patients are, we’ll use my system. Age will be the determining factor. You can’t lie with an electronic record about how old you are. We know that people between the ages of 15 and 40 are the most productive to society, and therefore they should get the most amount of healthcare. People under the age of 15 and over the age of 40 are less productive to society and therefore should get less healthcare and maybe none at all. And that may sound cold and harsh to some of you. But, the biggest hurdle we’re going to have is the Hippocratic oath. We need to get physicians to ignore what’s good for their patients and do what’s good for society at large. What’s good for the collective.”

    Kiss your Grandma goodnight, and Momma, then…your A$$.

    Who is Dr. Emanuel?” He is President Obama’s advisor on healthcare, one of the architects of the Obamacare law, and he sits on the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board).

  4. the unit says:

    Too bad Groucho couldn’t vet all pols including O.

    Unit’s wife was sipping on her glass of wine while sitting out on the patio with her husband, the unit.
    She says “I love you so much, I don’t know how I could have made it without you.”
    Unit asks “Is that you talking or the wine?”
    She says “It’s me talking… to the wine.”

  5. the unit says:

    We coming down to the nitty gritty. I haven’t gotten a cancellation yet, but taking no chances. Told doctor I wanted tested. He said he needed a specimen. Said I would have to pass it before we could see what was in it.

  6. the unit says:

    Nobody is going to let it be over yet.

  7. the unit says:

    I found what to me is an interesting website. Look up any city or zip code as to election results for 2012 Presidential vote.
    My town 60% Romney/39% I and Me
    Temple, TX ? It’s there.
    Philadelphia we know was 115% I and Me…so doubt site is anything more than a fluke. 115% not what site shows.
    But it may be fun to check out your town.
    Got to scroll down between one half and two thirds of screen to see Presidential results. Have fun. :)