Governor Palin: “Stop Electing Republicans who Act Like Democrats”

We must break up the GOP establishment

Governor Palin is right, and I’m inclined to act on the principle that there is nothing to be gained by compromise with the GOP establishment.  I am to the point where I’d rather have an open leftist elected to office than to see one more of these despicable, snake-in-the-grass RINOs who act like Democrats when they get to Washington DC anyway.  Here’s Governor Palin from Hannity on FNC last night:

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3 Responses to Governor Palin: “Stop Electing Republicans who Act Like Democrats”

  1. the unit says:

    Well as one comment I read today said…that would narrow down our enemy to one anti-conservative faction. Why continue to reward RINOs for a double cross?

  2. the unit says:

    M.A. I’ve read several blogs and several hundred comments over the last three days. Many say hold to principles, don’t vote for lesser evil. Others say and it rings in my ears… if senate remains democrat then Obama appointment to SCOTUS will be assured should it become open.

    I gotta hang in there through the next election and see if change in senate majority makes a difference. If it happens. Individual selfish interests of congress persons might be a thorn in the side of this administration.

    Yeah, I said basically the same thing in 2012, and how did that work out for me? Well duh!
    Still I hope for change.