President Ebola: The Pandemic Administration?

News is now spreading faster than the disease: A patient has been diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, Texas.  In a recent speech on the Ebola crisis in Africa, President Obama urged Americans not to panic.  If we should have learned anything from nearly six years of presidential malfeasance, it is that whatever he says, the opposite is likely true.  Where was our Commander-in-Chief when people were flying from Ebola-stricken African nations either directly or more often indirectly into ours?  How does that open border look now?  It’s not only Ebola, but also Tuberculosis, among others, about which Americans must now begin to worry.  President Ebola is an irresponsible political hack, pursuing his political agenda at the expense of live of the American people.  Where is the opposition party?  Seemingly, they are in hiding, trying to run out the clock hoping to take over in the US Senate.  They have responsibility in this matter, too.  Where are the committee hearings to place a spotlight on the ineptitude or malfeasance of President Ebola?  If Americans begin to die due to an outbreak of Ebola on this continent, to which this virus is a stranger, the blood will be on Obama’s hands, but also on the hands of all the open-borders advocates in both parties who carry his water on this issue. This is despicable.

The United States has the capability to shut down its borders, its airports, and its seaports at will.  All of this nonsense about not being able to control our borders is insufferable bilge.  With this sort of threat brewing in Africa, the President could have instituted a virtual quarantine preventing persons traveling from those countries to this, and if US citizens and legal residents, quarantined them at any of our numerous offshore bases and facilities, to be sure they weren’t bringing home anything more lethal than a sun-tan. Instead, this farce of an “administration” took no substantial steps, although the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) today issued guidelines to mortuaries and funeral homes on the handling of the remains of those who die of Ebola. Yes, we just had our first domestic diagnosis, but the CDC is getting out in front on this issue.

If Barack Obama had wanted a legacy to call his own, it appears he will have it.  Not only is the US economy in shambles, but it may be that we have a brewing pandemic on our hands.  At the time of this story, it is unknown how many others may already be infected, or how many people with whom the infected individual in Dallas may have had contact, but it is certain that the infected individual arrived state-side less than one week ago.  Had people arriving from Africa been quarantined pending a negative diagnosis, none of this would be an issue, except for the fact that our Southern border remains wide open and we’re reliant on the Mexican government to close down traffic from Africa.

This may seem a bit shrill in tone, but frankly, it bears consideration: The United States really only sees the worst communicable diseases these days by importation.  Tuberculosis was all but eradicated in this nation until successive Presidents and Congresses failed to do anything substantive to secure our borders.  National security is more than guns and bombers.  It’s about protecting the nation at large from a wide variety of threats.  It’s the rational basis for the existence of the Centers for Disease Control.   This president is a walking calamity, and his presidency has been a slow-motion train-wreck from which it seems only the well-connected can escape.  President Ebola and the Ebola Administration: The true plague upon America.

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  1. the unit says:

    Glad you’re finally out of quarantine. :)
    BTW. I a “like” above, but so many tears fallen on keyboard some keys are sluggish. Misspelled my e-mail because of that, but I here. I try to watch, but gets by me sometimes. Maybe this “not my fault”, “read it in the news” is contagious. :)

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Glad to see your post Mark………interesting…that you are the first I’ve seen who has raised the question I’ve already stated – why is it that we are not stopping all who try to enter our country (especially via ship or airplane) from Africa not quarantined until they have been carefully checked. Not only would it have saved lots of money versus all the CDC folks coming to Texas now, but it would have helped eliminate the chance for ebola to get into the middle of our country. I’ve not seen this question asked anywhere on the major news………..BRAVO…….glad to have you back my friend…

    • the unit says:

      And good to see you again. I miss that. Also hope to see John in Florida and Meloney again. I know Meloney still around as I see her at other sites, just never hit on sites with you fellows. And hoping responses grow from others.

      • Reb in Texas says:

        I know what you mean UNIT……..besides liking your comments, always liked the name you took….and what it meant…..I share your tears….over so many issues and what is being done to our beloved country…

        • the unit says:

          I am really a unit now, well like all really but I durn sure got there age wise. Couple more and Zeke will be making a house call. Burns my you know what a little shetsky like him who looks older than me, and Wiki says he only like 57, can declare when I gotta go. Well, except for my morning constitution, according to Momma. lol

        • Mark America says:

          Reb, glad as always to see you around. What is being done to our country, and what has been done is nothing short of a crime, a treason, against the constitution, but also against all of us.

  3. indemind says:

    Bravo Mark…. The White House …. “A Work Place Disaster”…

  4. the unit says:

    I went back and resubmitted my “like” email. Well it’s my new avatar I chose recently as was Momma’s favorite flower, hydrangea. Been told by a Aussie commenter that with proper agricultural technique they can be grown in many colors, like Gods children. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Works for blooms too, how raised and cared for.
    Heck, avatar at like still don’t show. Oh well. :)
    Later it did show.

  5. stlouisix says:

    The enclosed news headlines show that this column hits the nail squarely on the head

    Just another day’s headlines living in a country under an OPEN BORDERS America hating tyrant who needs to be prosecuted for treason.



    Told hospital on first visit was from LIBERIA — then SENT HOME!


    Up to 18 Exposed…

    Airlines scramble to track down HUNDREDS who came in contact…

    US Visas Held By 13,500 People In Three Ebola Countries…

    WH: No Ebola travel restrictions…

    TOP DOC: More will be infected……more-will-be-infected-by-dallas-ebola-case/article/2554213


    Linked to 4 deaths?

    Immigration agent says authorities ignoring health warning over illegals’ relocations…

    First Maine child tests positive for mystery virus…

    • Mark America says:

      Stlouisix, thats quite the laundry-list of ugliness, and I suspect that the thugs who are running this show will go unpunished.

      • Reb in Texas says:

        Sadly, I agree……though IF I ever get the chance – they will all be punished…