JEB Suggests Trump-Clinton Conspiracy; Did Trump Give Clinton a Medal?

Aid and Comfort, JEB?

Aid and Comfort, JEB?

On Wednesday, NewsMax reported that JEB Bush tweeted about an alleged conspiracy between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While I’m certainly no Trump fan, and I wouldn’t doubt any conspiracy involving Hillary Clinton, I have a question for Mr. Bush: If past entanglements and relationships between Clinton and Trump are the basis for this argument, ought I not consider JEB’s own entanglements and relationship with Clinton as the basis for a possible Bush-Clinton conspiracy?  Readers might wonder what I’m talking about.  I could point to the great and fast friends George HW Bush appeared to become with the Clintons after his defeat in 1992, but no, I needn’t reach that far back in time, or even go to Bush relatives.  Instead, we need only ask the following: While serving as the Chairman of the Board of the dubiously named “National Constitution Center,” JEB stood forth on a public stage to hand out the Center’s Liberty Medal.  It just so happens that on the 10th of September, 2013, almost exactly one year after the Benghazi terror attack that killed our Ambassador, the woman who asked “…what difference does it make?” in congressional testimony on the matter stood forth on the stage with none other than JEB to receive the Center’s Liberty Medal.  Hillary received the Liberty Medal from JEB!

Per Mr. Bush:

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,”


“These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

Now it’s all well and good if Mr. Bush wants to assert, along with his lapdogs in the media(Bill Kristol et al) that there is a deep, dark conspiracy between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and considering the characters involved, I would not doubt it, but I wonder whether JEB understands just how foolish the facts make him look. After all, Donald Trump never stood on a stage on behalf of an organization named “The National Constitution Center,” handing out a medal to Mrs. Clinton.  Frankly, at the time, I thought it an unforgivable, disqualifying misadventure on JEB’s part, but in light of his suggestion of a Hillary-Trump cabal, it now seems all the more ludicrous.  Conspiring with the enemy, JEB? That’s what he’s implying Trump is doing. How about giving aid and comfort, JEB? Isn’t that to which hanging a medal on Mrs. Clinton amounts? (The so-called “Liberty Medal,” of all things!!!)

While I trust Donald and Hillary roughly as far as I can throw their combined weight, I don’t trust JEB either.

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10 Responses to JEB Suggests Trump-Clinton Conspiracy; Did Trump Give Clinton a Medal?

  1. the unit says:

    Well…welcome back. I knew later or sooner, unless you now like J.D, Alan, and Grumpy. Looking ahead (hate word forward now) to reading again. No particular comment now, just tuned in, took a chew, and got to digest things a bit.

    • Mark America says:

      Unit! Good to see you posting! I am trying to get back into this after a very trying 18-24 months.

      • the unit says:

        I’ve been in and around here over 4 yrs now. Know a little of the trying conditions you’ve been through. Anyway…

        • the unit says:

          Well maybe me either not trust and throw too far, either of them or Jeb. But isn’t Trump well vetted and flip flops well known. Could he have seen the light and be born again to the Constitution and smaller government?
          And this… if wins…inaugurated on Jan. 20 and could be impeached in house and convicted in Senate by Jan. 30 by his enemies in house and senate, no racism surely. Heck, not even get a vacation or golf game in before. Maybe a White Privilege Vanilla Shake at Dairy Queen, maybe without spit included :)
          Will be reading here to learn more of it all.

        • Mark America says:


          Thanks for that. That video made me feel old….LOL

          • the unit says:

            You know I got 20 maybe + years on Mark. You said couple of years ago the unit still be posting when Mark’s dealings done. I was afraid we was at that point over the last months. I very happy to see you back. Enough lovey dovey, get to work!!! I don’t want AI to take over site. Readers will be coming along.

  2. the unit says:

    And keep writing. I’ve lost track of John in Fla, Reb in Tx, Meloney1,2,3 (black conservative lady in the states from S. Africa.) I’ve forgotten other names, but they will find you again.
    I could clue in Camaro Cowboy, but he has had his problems, so I’ll let well enough alone and let him find you again on his own. lol

    • Mark America says:

      I know how to contact Reb, actually FB messaged with him back and forth yesterday. I wonder ;bout Mel and John, and CC too. Hopefully, they’ll find their ways back

  3. the unit says:

    I do hope you’ll post substantive objections to Trump. I take warnings of terrorist death cells seriously for unsuspecting innocents, although Palin’s warning of Death Panels more likely to get me first. I at the margin of what Zeke Emanuel called one whose lived long enough.
    Also whoever you like better…better luck this time. For all of us. :)
    P. S. Melony was on another site under the name “Sarafina” until it closed down. She was catching heck from friends for participating on conservative sites, including C4P and the one that closed. Haven’t seen her since.
    Too bad there is no NSA “White pages” to help locate old friends. That would be a privilege too far I guess. lol