Donald Trump’s “Nuclear Option”

trump_nuke_gop_ftI would warn the stupid, vile Republican Party establishment to be careful about fooling around with the convention in Cleveland this Summer as the means by which to substitute one of their own for Donald Trump, should he remain the front-runner, and should he fail to obtain 1237 delegates or the eight-state majority-delegate needed to win the nomination.  I cannot deny that whatever else I may think about this race or Mr. Trump’s candidacy, I am enjoying the fact that the Republican establishment is now trotting-out, in full-on panic mode, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the desperate hope that they can derail Mr. Trump.  The GOP establishment ought to take care in trying to rig a “contested convention” that includes tricks and deceit that will not only wreck the GOP’s presidential aspirations, but also will leave Donald Trump in the motivated position to deploy his nuclear option.

What could Trump do?  I urge Republicans on Capitol Hill to be wary of playing games with the nomination process. All four-hundred-thirty-five House seats are up for re-election in November, as are one-third of the one-hundred Senate seats.  While Trump certainly couldn’t possibly deploy a field of opponents for all the Republicans, particularly at that late date, there is something he could easily accomplishment that would rapidly wreck the GOP establishment’s day.

Mr. Trump’s supporters are very loyal, and while they may not be quite large enough to gain him all 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination outright, they are more than large enough to swing Congressional elections by fifteen or twenty percent.  His supporters are angry, and they are right to be, as are all who have become disgusted by the feckless GOP.  If the GOP establishment tampers or tinkers with this nomination process, his coalition of independents, conservative blue-collar Democrats, and not a few fed-up conservative-to-moderate Republicans may make a complete wreckage of the Fall’s Congressional elections, and will easily help defeat the Republican’s Presidential nominee.

The Republican Party would deserve  it.  Trump is playing by the rules, at least to date, and those elected/former officials in the GOP who have said they won’t support Trump if he’s nominated have already provoked that response.  If they try to manipulate the nomination process in Cleveland, dismissing a Trump nomination if he obtains more delegates than any other candidate, but not the whole 1237 needed, his supporters may rage against the GOP machine, but if Trump joined the campaign trail against the GOP in September, October, and November, the GOP stands a strong chance of losing both Houses of Congress along with the White House and the Supreme Court.

This is Trump’s “nuclear option.” If the party tries to cheat him, I think he might rightly attempt to blow the party to tiny pieces, and at that point, I must admit that my sense of justice would convince me to help him.  One way or another, the GOP establishment needs to die.  If they arm Trump with the righteous sword of a vengeful  justice, they will have earned it.

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4 Responses to Donald Trump’s “Nuclear Option”

  1. Sue Lynn says:

    Great article Mark!

  2. heavenlysunlightyes says:

    There is no end to the stupidity of the GOP establishment. The idea of bringing in Romney is so stupid, I have to believe they want Trump. Let Cruz and Trump fight it out. In the end we will get the government we deserve. Because of his loyalty to Planned Parenthood, I can never with a clean conscience support Trump. I used to like his humor. That was months ago, before he started praising PP..

    • LaineeTheCat ✔Trump says:

      I don’t think you need to worry about it. Right now he is making a deal. He is floating things out there that will attract a wide swathe of voters. You need to listen to him very carefully. He is vehemently against abortion. So, how do you draw in voters who are for it? Say that PP does some good work for WOMEN! Who is he drawing in? Women and those who only hear the words “Planned Parenthood.” How do you draw in voters who are against it? Say you would defund those parts of PP that do abortions.
      There is something very, very clever that is going on here. He must get the nomination & the presidency to shed light on PP which is a funding mechanism for the Democrat Party. He can’t expose that just yet. This is also tied in with 501C-3 organizations which are not supposed to be vocal in elections. PP is vocal, yet churches are not allowed to be which are also 501C-3 organizations. Trump has mentioned this in the past. He has also mentioned that, if churches would unite, their community is so large it would be the loudest voice of all. Trump sends signals to people that tell them what he real direction is. Once he gets in office, he may mobilize the united churches against PP. He would need that loud, majority voice to reverse direction on a lot things including PP.