Some Unsolicited Advice for @POTUS: No Deal!

Time to win!

I realize that much of the news I see in popular media is fakery and propaganda.  I don’t trust media outlets because it seems as though none of them can restrain their intense desire to shape events, policies, and the nation at large.  They all have an agenda. All of them.  Even me.  My agenda is a rather less ambitious thing.  I don’t want fame or money or prestige.  All I want is my country back.  I want what so many millions of others who voted for President Trump wanted when they donned their Make America Great Again caps: I can’t buy politicians, and even if I had the wherewithal to do so, I’m fairly certain I’d have instant buyer’s remorse.  Politicians are a shady lot, which is why so many Americans voted for Donald J. Trump: They expected something different.  They expected that for all of his imperfections, his personal foibles and so on, that he would stubbornly do what he promised to do.  If it were mine to do, I’d tell President Trump that I’m glad he’s kept the promises he has, but that I’ve also seen a few that were quietly broken.  I’m happy that he fights where others would surrender, but I’d also tell him that there are some fights he must still undertake on our behalf.  Lastly, I’d tell him to begin firing almost all of his staff, particularly all those who are fixtures in Washington DC.  He doesn’t need them, and he shouldn’t listen to them, because they aren’t serving him well, never mind the country at large.  Mr. President, the people in Washington DC didn’t vote for you in 2016, and there’s virtually no chance they will in 2020.  If you hope for re-election, you must stop listening to people who hate you, and decline their ridiculous ‘deal.’ Declare an emergency, build the wall, and shut down the government until Democrats and DC-beltway Republicans squeal.

I know it’s fashionable among politicians these days to remain in campaign mode on a perpetual basis, but I believe that’s a mistake in this instance.  President Trump is very good at campaign mode.  Still, I think he’s worked that angle well for the moment at hand: If the DC-insiders’ crowd attempt now to interfere and obstruct, both Democrats and Republicans, President Trump will have the golden opportunity to make plain to the whole country, most importantly that seventy-two percent(!) who agreed with his immigration prescription post-State of the Union. He can slay these DC dragons as a warrior.  As Mr. Trump can surely explain, sometimes the answer must be simply “No Deal!”  How often does a politician take the side of the American people?  How often do they sell us out?

Mr. President, on the slim possibility that some tiny bit of the sentiment herein contained can waft its way to you, I urge you: Ditch the deal.  If the DC Republicans won’t assist you, be prepared to ditch them too.  You can go on a tour of the country having rallies in the home states of the obstructionists in both parties.  Start with Kentucky.  Tell the whole truth. The Democrats are despicable and some of the Republicans are just as bad.  Tell the American people what goes on.  We’re adults.  We can handle a little sausage-making messiness.  We’re Americans!  Just hit us between the eyes with the truth, but whatever you do, don’t surrender to the rotten SOBs in Washington DC.  They’re like vultures, circling you, hoping you’ll fall to your knees.  Don’t do that for them.  Don’t do that to us!

Mr. President, I have heard you say that we will never surrender and never give in.  This is your first-term moment to make it or break it, and either take re-election in triumph or bow out in defeat.  You have them where you want them.  For once, we who have waited for this moment, the moment when victory is in sight, let us win.  Take up the standard and charge!  We’re with you!

It’s time to defeat them, Mr. President!  Their Russia hoax is drawing to a close.  Their lies to the American people cannot overwhelm the true message you gave to the people on the occasion of the State of the Union.  It’s time to close it down again if need be.   It’s time to shove this down their throats.  We’re with you, Mr. President.  We all know their offer is a farce.  It’s all intended to screw you and us.  They hate us equally, you know:  We for electing you, and you for not being one of them.

For once, we seem to have a courageous President who is with us for a change.  No crappy deals, Mr. President!  Not now.  We’ve fought too hard.  You’ve scrapped for every inch.  You’ve led us to the brink.  We’re not afraid.  They are.  We’re not quitting.  They are.  We’re not buckling.  They will.  It’s time to demolish them, Mr. President, and we’re here to help you. It’s time to win, Mr. President!

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5 Responses to Some Unsolicited Advice for @POTUS: No Deal!

  1. SEDeuce says:

    I just don’t see how Our President can declare war on an obviously disfunctional, if not traitorous, Congress and try to go it alone, Mark. We still have hundreds of administration nominees that need Senate approval. It looks very likely that we will have a 3rd SCOTUS seat to fill in the not too distant future. Signing this bill, assuming it is as it is made out to be so far, will be the first time in some 10 years that the Federal Government has completed the appropriations process and his last, major unfulfilled promise – a border wall – will be in full fledged construction for all the world to see just in time for next year’s election. Finally, I implicitly trust Our President. He has so much more information that we can even comprehend and has proven to be a master at ending up with the best outcome in these kinds of situations. He knows what’s coming with the Qanon Great Awakening and its impact on the Deep State and DC Swamp. We don’t. He knows a lot more about the impact on the Marxist Dems of their self-immolation relative to next year’s election than we do. I fully expect him to go on the attack against the GOPe globalists in next year’s primaries in order to continue if not complete the Congressional DC Swamp draining that was so successful last year. He will win his election in a monumental, McGovern/Mondale landslide and will go into his second term with the resulting huge mandate that will achieve the kinds of results that you are calling for now.

    • Patrick Cooper says:

      It’s all about the Art of the Deal, he will work his magic, and bring about what he wants one way or the other. He knows we the US. 72%, have his back on this. Time to get it done. MAGA…

      • SEDeuce says:

        Agree completely, Patrick. Look at all that he accomplished in his first year and he was learning how to operate in the DC Swamp! He’s got $8 billion lined up for the wall, more than $5 billion appropriated and out of Congress’ control, his signing EO refutes and rebukes the worst of the crap that Congress stuffed into the funding bill, and The Great Awakening is really starting to heat up. We live in interesting times…

    • Mark America says:

      Of course it’s a traitorous Congress, but that’s not new. It was treasonous before the most recent election, too. Ryan and his whole pack of fake Republicans can go straight to Hell. Or K street, or wherever the vermin hang out and laugh about us out here in flyover country.

      “He knows what’s coming with the Qanon Great Awakening…”

      What is this all about? This is the second time in a week somebody has brought the term “Qanon” into my midst. What gives?

      I’m not sure he can win re-election, in part because he lost the governors in too many of the “blue wall” states and the Dems will rig it six ways from Sunday.



      • SEDeuce says:

        Q is a group of military intelligence officers who have been directly supporting President Trump likely since before he announced for President. They function as an intelligence gathering source for him outside of the Deep State and as a communications channel to We The People. Using first 4chan and now 8chan for communications, a community of literally thousands of Patriots, known as Anons, has been formed to research clues, or “breadcrumbs”, that Q drops in order to not cross National Security laws. Q has been actively communicating with us since late 2017, providing strong hints at events to come and creating enough “proofs”, such as issuing drops within seconds of Trump tweets to leave no doubt that there is a direct connection. Some references that would be worth checking into include this video: There are several websites that publish the Q drops including and A list of Q proofs is at: In addition, a number of “Decoders” are interpreting the Q drops by doing research themselves and following the research that is published by the Anons. Several that I follow are at:,, and This whole effort is giving a lot of people a lot of hope that the White Hats are going to win out over the Black Hats, an effort that is picking up intensity by the day. I’d be interested in your thoughts on all of this.