The Media Biden Bait-and-Switch

Democrat-Media Complex Circling the Wagon Around Joe Biden

It has already begun. Since it has become increasingly apparent that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ choice for 2020, the so-called mainstream media has begun to circle their wagons in a protective screen around him.  Editing videos to exclude his most ridiculous, madcap, and explosive remarks, they’re doing their level best to hide from you how far Joe Biden has run off his rails. It’s not just that they’re a little deceitful, or that they’re using slick editing and packaging, but that they’re on a wholesale propaganda campaign by which they’re going to completely re-write not only Joe Biden’s more ancient history, but also his entire present.  They’re going to hide from the world how truly bad Biden’s condition is, at least until they can get him elected and sworn-in. Then, and only then, will they let the truth out: Joe Biden is about three minutes away from drooling down his chin.  That’s when the replacement will happen.  The Democrats are going to pull a bait-and-switch built on lies.

“Here’s good, solid, moderate Lunch-Bucket Joe. You can trust him.” If they can manage to get him through to the oval office, it will become “Poor, poor Joe. He needs to be removed for his own good and the good of the country.”

This is all they’re up to, but to carry it off, they’re going to need to get a significant number of Americans to believe it. The party faithful will vote for him because he’s their guy. No other qualification is necessary.  The bulk of the Democrat Party is Yellow-Dog these days, but the people they need to convince are the independents. This group of voters are frequently what I call “Windsocks.”  They’ll go whichever way the political and/or cultural winds are blowing.

If you want to defeat Joe Biden’s running mate(because that’s what will be at stake,) you’ll need to make that case to the Windsocks.

It’s going to astonish you.  You will come to see that the Democrat-Media Complex[DMC] is more capable than you had feared.  They’re going to whitewash Creepy Joe Biden until the casual observer(most Americans) will come to believe he’s “not so bad.” That’s the aim.  That’s the purpose for which all of these DMC cretins are now assembling, and it’s against this narrative which we must fight.

The truth is that Joe Biden has been a creepy, corrupt politician for years.  The fact is that he’s gotten away with it by being a loyal part of the DC Uni-Party.  In the end, however, the Democrats are going to pitch him over the side when it comes time.  In the mean time, they have a tall order: They need to draw the American people into electing this pig in a poke, While the #WuFlu is an opportunist’s goldmine for the Democrats, it’s just part of their arsenal. They’re going to keep this going all year long. Finally, for the sake of normalcy, they’re hoping the Windsocks will vote their way, overlooking all of Biden’s shortcomings.

That’s the game.

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5 Responses to The Media Biden Bait-and-Switch

  1. SEDeuce says:

    The other aspect of this whole Marxist Dem hoax is cutting Crazy Bernie off at the knees. His Communist policies are not all that different from Plugs’, he’s just more blatant in voicing them. Of course, the whole “Fidel wasn’t so bad” didn’t help his cause, even though Barry obviously felt the same way. The thing is that if Bernie had been allowed to win the nomination, it was sure destruction of the Marxist Dems all the way down ballot, because which Marxist Dem, other than The Squad, would ever want to associate their candidacies with an avowed Communist? I’m not sure that The Marxist Dem Club really thinks that Plugs has a chance in an actual election in which case they’re just trying to limit the collateral damage. I don’t think that it will work.

    • Mark America says:

      No, I think they’re trying to steal the election. I think they’re gambling that if they get Plugs in there, they can then recommence operation CoverUp. On the other hand, I think it’s undeniable that they used Bernie largely to position Plugs as more “Moderate” which is a joke. Plugs is every bit the radical the rest of his party’s leadership has been for three decades. They’re just using positioning to make Biden appear more “moderate.”


      • SEDeuce says:

        I agree that the Marxist Dems are trying to steal the election, but they are not dumb, just evil. Also agree with their strategy on Bernie. Hell, with his history he may have been a part of it. With all that they’ve tried and failed at with their 3 years of soft coup attempts, they can’t actually believe that trying to pull a “Breakfast at Plug’s” is going to work. It’s a long shot but what have they got left, other than hope that the Chinavirus will take down Our President, like the good Marxist Dem Traitors that they are.