The #ChinaWuhanCoronaVirus Panic Is Unnecessary and Contrived(Updated)

China Originated Viral Infectious Disease #19(COVID-19 a.k.a. #WuFlu)

Ladies and gentlemen, I occasionally write from what must seem to be a purely contrarian point of view.  I realize that my approach to some topics makes me the natural target for those who demand conformity in all matters.  On so-called “Anthropogenic Climate Change,” I’ve long maintained that the evidence in-hand in no way supports the will conclusions and claims of so-called “Climate Activists,” and that instead, simple logic exposes the foolishness of their claims to an extent that their motive is not revealed to be the result of simple ignorance, but instead one of intentional disinformation for political purposes.  You can agree or disagree with my arguments on that topic, but in the past, as I’ve made my arguments, I’ve not heard any retorts to the logic.  In this case of the Wuhan Coronavirus known formally as COVID-19(COronaVIrus Disease2019[*],) but herein called #WuFlu for shorthand, I believe we are being intentionally mis-informed and driven into an entirely unnecessary, unwarranted panic while simultaneously surrendering liberties to governmental demands in answer to the non-existent emergency that has aroused this ridiculous panic.  That’s quite an allegation on my part, but as ever, I stand prepared to defend my assertion.

Don’t misunderstand: There IS a COVID-19.  What there ISN’T is any evidence that:

  • #WuFlu is actually killing anybody
  • #WuFlu is lethal in and of itself
  • #WuFlu is any more lethal than ordinary influenza

If you have irrefutable evidence of ANY of these, please provide it in the comments below. To date, no government authority or medical institution in the private sector has yet to provide any.  Let’s start by playing a logic game.  Let’s imagine you’re a healthcare provider.  Let’s further stipulate that a patient coming to you for care presents with the following list of symptoms:

  • Persistent Fever
  • Cough
  • Body Aches

That sounds just like #WuFlu!  So the healthcare provider uses a test to determine that yes, indeed, you have #COVID-19, and from that moment on, if you die, it’s going to be assumed that COVID-19 killed you.  But did it?  Did they test you for other infectious agents?  No! They’re not going to test you to see if you also have influenza, or some other disease.  Once you’re tagged with “COVID-19,” you will be counted as having expired due to COVID-19 even if it was actually your lung cancer that killed you.

In the 2017-18 influenza season, the CDC reports an estimated 61,000 people died from influenza.  First, note that this is an “estimate,” and second, that the death rate was roughly 1 in 1000.  Roughly one person of every one-thousand who was infected with influenza purportedly died of it.  I remember this particular influenza season quite well, because my father very nearly succumbed to pneumonia thought to be secondary to the respiratory influenza that ultimately killed so many people in that season. I knew a number of elderly people, primarily men in their late 70s or 80s, who either died or nearly died in that season. Most of them had other health issues(my father a diabetic, for instance,) and others with various forms of COPD or smoking, or heart issues.  This should sound quite familiar to you, because it’s the same exact class of people allegedly dying by COVID-19.

In fact, every flu season, it is almost always this same class of people who die in large numbers from this crud.  I know it. You know it.  The numbers bear it out each year.

That said, let me ask you a question I’d like you to consider: If you’re tested positive for #WuFlu, what information do you have that excludes the possibility that if you’re exhibiting some or all of the symptoms above, that it’s the result of COVID-19 and not something else?  This is one of those basic syllogisms with which you’re going to need to wrestle.

Of course, I’m not a physician, or a medical professional of any sort, and my studies in my profession have nothing to do with epidemiology, or any related field. What my field does heavily rely upon is logic.  In all respects.

Here is a German doctor explaining the matter.  If you’re not a German-speaker, you’ll need to rely upon the subtitles, but after consulting with my wife(a German by birth,) the subtitles are faithful to the good doctor’s intent:

Mark Twain(Samuel Clemens) is purported to have said:

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Whether he wrote these precise words may be in doubt, but he certainly wrote:

How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and hard it is to undo that work again!

It seems to me they mean the same, so let’s credit him with the sentiment if not the precise words. As Dr. Wodarg alleges, this Emperor seems to be naked.

Still doubting? That’s understandable, since I’m just a guy on the Internet with a keyboard and an opinion, and virtually everybody has at least one of those.  Some of you will be familiar with Candace Owens, and I commend to you her work.  She’s trying very hard to demolish the stranglehold she alleges that the #DemocratMediaComplex has on the black community. She posted this on Twitter(@RealCandaceO):

It’s from the CDC. What it represents is the sharp drop-off in Influenza Positive tests since the emergence of COVID19. In other words, what’s really happening is that if you test positive for COVID19, they’re not testing for anything else in most cases.  They’re blaming everything on COVID19! Influenza has become an invisible killer for which we’re not testing.  More, when people self-quarantine because they have the symptoms above, it’s being assumed in many cases that they have/had COVID19.  There’s no verification in many cases.

Are you starting to see a trend? This should be getting your eyebrows raised, at least a bit. If not, you may be succumbing to the impetus of the herd.

I’m not going to tell you that there’s no danger from #WuFlu.  You must make your own judgments, but make sure they’re your own judgments, and that you’re not being driven to them.  What I notice is that Americans are increasingly frustrated and even more often, furious, as it becomes clear that we’re laying waste to the best economy on Earth in order to pursue an alleged public health crisis that may be even more false and more hyped than so-called “Anthropogenic Climate Change.”

While I’m on that topic, I’d like to bring a related matter to your consideration, also on the matter of COVID19, but also the possibility that local/regional environmental concerns might be contributing to the death toll being seen in various hot-spots around the globe.  Tony Heller is a first-rate guy, and his website is first-rate. I’ve been reading his site for a long time, and I follow him on Twitter (@Tony_Heller). This video, also featuring a German doctor, is definitely worth the watch, albeit for somewhat different but related reasons:

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to look out for your health, and I want you to look out especially for the health of those who are what might be termed “medically fragile,” inasmuch as they may be elderly, or have significant pre-existing conditions that would make them a target for any communicable respiratory pathogen.   Wash your hands, mind your social distance, and begin to demand of the media and your political leaders: Where is the evidence?

We’re killing our economy, which will in turn surely kill MANY MORE PEOPLE than this disease will have done, and we have no evidence that COVID19 has actually killed ANYBODY. None. Nada.

Think about that.

We can go into motives another day. For the moment, ignore the question of motives, and focus instead on the situation. I don’t know exactly why, as of now, but it seems fairly clear to me that we’re being played.  The panic is a scam.  We need to demand our leaders explain why. Now.


Editor’s note [*] When this article originally published, it was stated that COVID-19 stands for “ChinaOriginatedViralInfectiousDisease#19” That was false, and while it had come from what seemed a reputable site, that site has also changed their annotation, so I have corrected mine. The fact remains that the virus originated, with the best information at hand, in the Wuhan Province of China in 2019.

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4 Responses to The #ChinaWuhanCoronaVirus Panic Is Unnecessary and Contrived(Updated)

  1. SEDeuce says:

    From what I’ve read and heard, the testing for the Chinavirus so far has been pretty useless in that it only determines if the person being tested CURRENTLY has the virus. Since they are only testing symptomatic people, unless the symptoms are severe a person testing positive is told to go home and self-isolate, no different from someone who has the flu. The number of symptomatic patients who test positive for Chinavirus is running about 10%, about in line – maybe a bit on the high side – with the German doctor’s numbers for the % of corona virus in the population of those who are symptomatic. The current test will only be useful when it is used on people who are asymptomatic so that those testing positive can be isolated which is what most of us are supposed to be doing anyway. The test that will prove to be most useful is for Chinavirus antibodies, because it will determine whether the person has EVER been infected, even if they aren’t currently symptomatic.

    It appears that the Chinavirus is about 3 times more contagious than the flu, although about the same mortality level – roughly .1%. As to whether the Chinavirus is what is killing people, as opposed to the regular flu or some other underlying medical condition, it is very true that all deaths that involve Chinavirus are counted as Chinavirus deaths.

    It is clear that most of the “crisis” is a ginned up panic created by groups with an agenda, primarily those opposed to President Trump and the MAGA agenda. This includes China, who has been suffering economically from the new trade policies and resulting tariffs, and the Leftist/Progressive/Globalist/Deep State/Marxist establishment that is having its entire world turned inside out by the policies that are putting America, and primarily the American middle class, first. Given the tsunami of hyped up “opinion” that he’s been dealing with, I don’t see that President Trump had much choice but to take the steps that he’s been taking. The benefit is the general public observing first hand a President in charge, willing to do whatever it takes, dragging the anti-American establishment out from under the rock where its been hiding, finally waking up to the existential threat posed by China, and basically taking a huge step in the Great Awakening. The risk, of course, is to the greatest economy in world history.

    This too shall pass as we come ever closer to a historic election this November.

    • Mark America says:

      I think you’re right pretty much right down the line here. What you’ve laid out agrees pretty closely with what I’ve found. The ginned-up nature of this panic is the most disturbing part, and I’m pretty certain they’re going to screw this country with it every way they can. The question remains: Will Trump figure out a way to break us out of this economic quarantine? Time will tell.

  2. Walt Rines says:

    Great article, Mark.
    My own perspective:

    1. The virus is real. You know this. But agree w you, we have had viruses all along, and deaths from them. Interestingly, the most vulnerable (to die) populations remain very similar amongst all the FLIs (flu-like illnesses). So who cares what this particular one is named? Or where it originated, or how? Irrelevant. All that matters is that it IS real, people ARE contracting it, it IS contagious, and SOME people do DIE from it. Are the fatality figures ascribed to it misleading in that they are (intentionally) inflated to include patients who had other underlying issues? Yes, without a doubt. BUT, that doesnt change the fact that some people who wouldnt have died at that time DO and ARE dying once they get CV. So the public health issue is very real, not contrived. My wife works in a hospital, and confirms everything I just said.

    2. HOWEVER, I agree with your take on the scale of the issue and the media/government responses. As for the media, all you have to do is look at how they treated Obama in 2009 w H1N1 – total softball of the issue, downplayed it, encouraged the public, praised Obama and his administration. We had no panics, no market crashes, even though we had 12k US deaths. Most people dont even REMEMBER that! So the media intentionally has been doom and gloom reporting from the start, fanning panic flames to the Nth degree. Why? Politics. They KNOW that if EITHER Trumps admin sees massive deaths in the hundreds of thousands OR we are in a great depression with no signs of recovery, he is VERY UNLIKELY to be reelected in Nov. In essence, they are intentionally seizing on a very real emergency and using it as a political attack weapon. Vile. But thats the unhinged globalist left. Note that the panic, CAUSED by media flame-fanning (death tickers, wildly overstated death potential estimates from “models”, market crash alerts constantly, the whole bit) then forces state governors to react when their citizens stampede in this panic. The leftist and stupid ones react more harshly and quickly (notice the virtual martial laws being enacted everywhere), and its like dominos, when one state does it, its neighbors feel pressure to do it (the lockdowns), and so on. These lockdowns serve a dual purpose for leftists: they FORCE the greatest economy the world has every seen to self-immolate as business are forcibly shut down for extended periods, and the resulting great depression FORCES the public to be dependent on the state – remember, leftists love this, they achieve their socialist/communist aims without having to win elections to do it. Just look at all the FDR-style programs rolling out already, with many more to come. At the same time, the hated (by them) Trump’s only real achilles heel is the economy – his hallmark – going south. So for the globalist left, the mouthpiece of which is the media, this panic they CAUSED does double duty. That is destroys America and most importantly the middle class means nothing to them, the leftist leadership are always from academia, media, entertainment, and the political class anyway – they will continue to live off public sector fat salaries, benefits, and live in mansions. For the middle class they have always wanted to destroy, their motto is basically “let them eat cake”.

    3. One final point : Trump and his administration were trapped here from the start. They were trapped for one very simple underlying issue : the reason this particular FLI is such a threat is its contagion. It is INCREDIBLY contagious, though not any more lethal than the other FLIs we live with every year. THIS CONTAGION IS THE KEY ISSUE. The trap is because the Obama administration never restocked the supply of PPEs after using them for Ebola in 2014. The Trump administration KNEW this 2 months ago and knew that because of that, we were in deep doo doo. Look at the CV response in other countries like Taiwan. CV is very much under control and not any worse for their society than anything else. The difference in these countries? The public is REQUIRED to wear N95 masks and other smart-mitigation measures are taken too like wand thermometers before entering school, etc etc. But again, for the USA, our govt knew not only that we dont have ANY PPEs for the public, we dont even have enough for our health care workers! And so a MASSIVE retooling has begun, but it cant be done on a dime. You can BET the Mike Lindells (and US manufacturers with ability like him) were contacted WEEKS ago and told they were going to have to switch to mask & ventilator production at light speed. And we ARE getting and WILL get stockpiles of testing equipment, ventilators, and masks up and running – but to do that from retooling to manufacture to distribution still literally takes months. In the meantime, the administration couldnt TELL the public this sobering reality becuase it would have caused an even WORSE panic than we already see. So we were basically given “busy work” with this “social distancing” nonsense and were forced to do mass lockdowns and quarantines. These lockdowns were seen as a “next best thing” to do to mitigate spread, since we literally didnt/dont HAVE what we really need – MASKS. So thats the REALITY of the lockdowns and events of the last 2 months. You watch, as production of masks ramps up so that the govt can distribute N95s to all citizens, wearing of masks in public will be MANDATED before things are opened up again.

    Of course, as always, the govt actions have massive unintended consequences, and this “kill a fly with a shotgun” approach of massive lockdowns of the citizenry including forced shutdowns of many businesses is already having the side effect of bringing on a GREATER depression. In the end, I understand that the Trump administration made a real Sophies choice, and chose to go ahead and kill the economy, thinking it can be revived again with enough public funds jumpstarting. They chose that over the certain mass chaos that would have ensued if they had just admitted from day 1 that we NEED PPEs and dont have them. THAT admission may have fostered a panic wave so severe that the civil unrest and crime would have required a HARD martial law as opposed to what we have (a soft one). And businesses may have gone under even worse in that scenario.

    So its good to at least clearly see what has happened and what is happening, and why.
    My .02.

    • Mark America says:

      Walt, thanks for your remarks! I appreciate, and I’m sure other readers will appreciate your thoughtful remarks. Can’t disagree with much you’ve said. If you catch today’s article, I’ll be curious to see what you think of some of the materials presented there.