The Present Death of the Republican Party

The Dagger of Brutus Comes Out

They couldn’t wait to withdraw their objections.  In the Senate, they fell over one another to find microphones to declare their separation from President Trump and his supporters.  They claimed to be doing so in the name of the Republican Party, but the truth, yet to be fully revealed, is likely to be something quite different.  One by one, they came forward to stick knives in the President’s back, and it started with Vice President Pence.  From there, the opportunity presented by the chaos in the Capitol became their excuse.  It provided a convenient escape-chute for the bulk of Republican senators, and a number of lackluster Republicans in the House.  Most disgustingly, Kelly Loeffler(R-GA) who lost re-election only the morning before, and who had pledged her objection to Georgia voters only the weekend before, stood in the well of the Senate to say that she could not pursue her objection despite all that had been done in her own state to corrupt this election, including her own.  The idea that the brief outbreak of violence by unidentified instigators at the Capitol justifies the withdrawal of the objection is preposterous: One had nothing to do with the other, and to create such linkage reveals more about the dubious motives of the Senators and Representatives who did so. The truth lies not so much in the fact that they betrayed Donald Trump, but that they betrayed us. This act of cowardice among Republicans is evidence that rather than fight, the majority of Republicans decided to commit political murder-suicide, and with extreme prejudice, dealing a death-blow to the Republican Party in early morning hours of January 7th, 2021.

Here’s Loeffler knifing Georgians, Donald Trump, and indeed, all Americans in the back:

Naturally, Lindsey Graham(R-SC) couldn’t wait for his moment to swoop in from circling the carcass:

Most of us have known that the Senate, particularly, is full of RINOs.  The House too, is polluted with them. They never wanted Trump to be president, and they were only too happy to toss him overboard at the first rolling wave. Over the past four years, or even five, the Republican Party has done its best to placate its grass roots with tepid, halting support of Donald Trump. Only a relative few in the party have ever embraced the president chosen by the “deplorables,” a characterization of Trump supporters first offered by Hillary Clinton, but also expressed in the equivalent words and attitudes of such Republican turncoats as John McCain(deceased) and Mitt Romney(R-UT.)  Overnight, Kelly Loeffler spoke of her good conscience. This from a woman who promised the electorate of Georgia literally hours before that she would object, and who, with a classified briefing last year about the exploding pandemic, engaged in clear insider trading on that information to the tune of millions of dollars. What conscience has she demonstrated? This is the sort of Republican Mitch McConnell and his ilk have given us, and she’s exactly the sort of Republican who has killed the party.

I don’t know whether the remedy can any longer be to attempt to take over the GOP. I say this because the Tea Party attempted that, and while there had been some early success, particularly in 2010, the truth is that they came under harsh attack from the Republicans in the Senate, who conspired with Obama to undermine them, abuse them, and otherwise subvert their cause.  I think the Republican Party is so thoroughly filled with these DC insiders that we cannot rely upon them in any measure any longer.  I think the better alternative may finally be to form a new party, make its platform known, and carefully select and vet its candidates. This will not be easy, but none of the option we face are easy, but for surrender and subjugation. Demoralized though I may be, I have no interest in simply throwing-up my hands in submission to this monstrosity. To the degree these RINOs have committed electoral suicide, I assert that we must walk away from them with fervent resolve. There is no future in a Republican Party that treats its voters in this fashion, or abandons its toughest political fighters when the going gets tough. I am no longer willing to spend even one thin dime to support these people, and I think it’s important that we make a stand by abandoning them.

Vice President Mike “Pontius” Pence was the most cowardly and despicable of all.  He actually contended that he was being asked to set aside electoral votes, but that is not what he had been asked to do.  Instead, he was asked to send the matter back to the six or seven state legislatures in question, and indeed, a number of those legislatures had asked that he do so.  This is not so extreme a proposition as he pretended, but more, I believe he never had Donald Trump’s back.  From my perspective, I think in the eyes of many, he may have been the real “insurance policy” Strzok and Page discussed in their chain of treasonous texts. It’s been clear for a long while that Pence was never really fully aboard the Trump train, and his connections in Washington DC are all of the BushCo/RINO strain.

Now, at this late hour, Chuck Schumer(D-NY) is calling for the use of the 25th amendment to remove President Trump, and impeachment if that effort fails.

These people are despicable. They no longer wish to simply see him out of office, but to destroy him forever more.

We must get beyond these people, and I no longer believe the Republican Party can serve as the conduit for our dissatisfaction. In point of fact, they’ve too often obstructed the will of the people. I don’t know how to build a new political party and movement, but I’m willing to begin. I’d enjoy reading comments from readers who might offer suggestions. In some form or fashion, this must be an America First party, and it’s clear that the Republican party cannot serve as its home.


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2 Responses to The Present Death of the Republican Party

  1. stevethird says:

    Hi Mark. Long time… I am of exactly the same opinion as you regarding a new Party. I think we would need some Marquis names. The name Palin comes to mind off the top of my head, and just this week she said she’s ready for a Party#3. ( and I think/hope she wants to run Indie against Murky in 2022) I don’t know diddle about the paper work, but I feel if She and Trump and a few other like minded marquis people were to put the word out publicly gravity would work it’s magic. It would be imperative that we NOT be too wedded to a hard line conservative orthdoxy. We need to attract people according to what they are fed up with which will vary. For example, Tulsi Gabbard resigned and is looking for a political home. She had serious crossover support here in NH in early 2020. very compelling candidate, But she has some Bernie in her, and is “evolving” on the abortion issue. But clearly to me at least she is a very decent measured and principled person. I would vote for her depending on the situationm why? because IMV shehas a lot of Sarah in her too. But I think if we weren’t too fussy about growing the size of our tent we could draw heavily from Reagan Dems, Libertarians (Casual ones not Wonks), Paulbots
    (maybe?) Tea Party (bigtime) Blue Dogs (if there are any left.), Independents and any and all disaffected MAGAs. That would be the dilemma and the crux.. We can’t be too exclusive on platform planks. Sarah would be good at that. In an endeavor of that sort I keep envisioning her and DJT collaborating, It would not surprise me if they had already discussed it. But with just those 2 we would have Deplorables AND evangelicals ( recall that her endorsement in 2/16 put him over the top by bringing them in), and that’s a lot of people. Sarah’s decency offsets his carnival barker qualites nicely. I’ve asked a few people already if they would be willing to jump and they were like ” Yeah where do I sign!!” There are many MILLIONS of voters wondering OMG what are we gonna do. The Market is there. It would be encumbent on the Party create itself based more on the needs and desires of that market and less on Specifoc planks. The reason for the party in the 1st place would be to free us from corporate globalist clutches, so bogging down in details would be counter productive. Compromise would be essential to get to a 30-35% base which would make us competitive. Focusing on commonality of purpose in the big picture. We would need to get there quickly so as not to give the Ds carte Blanche for more than the current cycle . We don’t need another orthodoxy bound 2% fringe Party. We neede to incorporate the ones that already exist….all of ’em. These are just thoughts that have been rattlingaround my noggin’ since August 2008. Trump, Palin, Tea Party, Maga, BIG picture approach……we need to hit the ground runnin tho’ cause it will finish off the R party….right at THIS moment in history SO many are ready to bolt. The R Party is unfixable. Now’s the time. Be well…..