Lindsey Graham Gets the Just Recognition He Deserves (Video)

One More DC Dirt-Bag

I never advocate violence on this site, even when these scumbags in DC really anger me. Given the way the Republican Party has treated Donald Trump over the last four years, misrepresenting us, betraying us, and otherwise sabotaging the President we elected, they should never be permitted to walk down the streets without being shamed for the dirtbags they are. None of them. All of these dirtbag insiders now abandoning the President and otherwise continuing this coup against Donald Trump that’s never stopped over the course of four years, and has always had the nodding support of the Republican establishment must find themselves dealt with by us in a non-violent but aggressively loud manner wherever they go. This goes back to McCain calling the Tea Party “Hobbits” and all the other contempt the McConnell crowd offered to citizens rising up to complain. This includes the consultancy and think-tank class with their bottomless pit of haughty, smarmy, dripping revulsion at we “Deplorables.”

This isn’t about Donald Trump. I have some things to say about him that I will get to in due course, but not now. I’m not going to abandon the man on the field while all of these closet corrupto-crats go scurrying off the ship, damning him as they go. No sir. Instead, from here on out, I’m going to give them the just recognition they deserve, to the extent they deserve it.

That’s almost every Republican in the US Senate, most of the Republican Governors(with just a few noteworthy exception already well-known to you,) and a goodly proportion of the Republicans in the House. There are also all the members of the Federal judiciary who failed to uphold the constitution, many of whom we fought to see seated, who must be similarly treated. This must never end, so long as they remain in office/power. Here is this despicable weasel, Lindsey Graham(R-SC,) escorted by a squad of police for whom WE PAY while mostly blissfully ignoring the protests blooming around him(Explicit Language):

Can anybody tell me why Twitter feels obliged to slap these stupid, dishonest warnings on tweets? At this point, it’s like a CLICK MAGNET.

Of course, this says nothing of our overt enemies. Their time to face our contempt and derision is nigh, too.

It also includes all the media bastards, all of the various local officials, and from this day forward, none of these people need to be able to walk down the street without scorn and derision loudly heaped upon them.

These people think we’ll back down. That’s NOT happening.

To buttress that point, Mr. L(Explicit Language):


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3 Responses to Lindsey Graham Gets the Just Recognition He Deserves (Video)

  1. Nick Dyson says:

    I wonder how it feels to be one of the most hated men in America? The lefties hate all repubs anyway and now we hate most of them. Theyre all rich though so im guessing they could care less.

    • Mark America says:

      Lindsey Graham deserves all the derision and scorn we can heap upon him. There were a large number of complete RINOs who were re-elected in 2020 we should have sent packing in the primaries:
      Mitch McConnell
      Lindsey Graham
      Susan Collins
      John Cornyn
      Ben Sasse

      I’m sure there are others, but these thorns in our sides should have been primaried out of office. Now we’re stuck with them for six years.

  2. lilbear68 says:

    poor lindsey has to do 2 jobs at once, appear to be trumps friend and stab him in the back at the same time