The Truth About SARS-CoV2

Dr. Richard Fleming

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a medical doctor. I can’t tell you anything that would constitute medical advice, and I won’t offer any here. On the other hand, I’m fairly good at evaluating raw information presented by competent people in a suitable manner. Over the last fifteen months, the narrative about the origin of SARS-CoV2 has changed repeatedly. Now, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this virus was released or escaped from the laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology(hereafter, WIV,) in Wuhan, China.  It is likewise obvious why the Communist Chinese government was in a hurry to throw us off the trail, and to pay media shills to misdirect our attention to a wet-market that is less than one kilometer from the WIV. It has also become increasingly apparent that this is not a naturally occurring virus. As Dr. Li-Meng Yan has discovered through her work, this virus was manufactured. Now, it seems we have evidence of who created it. We also know who funded it. You did, at least in part. More specifically, the US Department of Defense appears to have funded it, in part. Worse, early preventatives and therapeutics were denied due to a now infamously-falsified Lancet paper that was subsequently withdrawn. All of this is quite frightening, particularly if we are to take Dr. Richard Fleming seriously. Worst of all, he seems to have the evidence of his thesis in hand.  I am still trying to process what this means to us. Who? All of us. This is a long video, and understandably, you may want to take it in pieces. You may want to take breaks. Do as you must, but you really should watch all of this. There is a great deal of information in this video, and again, I would be remiss if I did not urge you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions, but the critical thing is that you should have and know this information. Here’s the video, originally posted on youtube, but since moved to, since the #YoutubeNazis have taken it down. Please watch this video. The most critical information is all through the video, but some of the most astonishing and frightening information is presented between the 45 minute and 1:05:00 mark. I’m telling you: WATCH THIS VIDEO. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the online Nazis will throttle or ban it. After you watch this, ask yourself: “Why?

One of the parties involved in the Gain-of-Function research with Coronavirus is Peter Daszak, who is the head of the EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak led the WHO(World Health Organization) Team to Wuhan to investigate their lab after the fact to investigate if the virus was leaked from there. Daszak, without revealing his involvement, (and thus a serious conflict of interest,) but naturally, Daszak’s team found no evidence it came from the lab. In truth, they never got full access to the lab, and in the end, took the word of the Chinese, who assured them it came from the so-called wet-market and a bat from one-thousand miles away.

He was interviewed here, and this video is referenced by Dr. Fleming in the presentation above, after being reported here:

Let’s put a timeline together.

We now know that in 2014, Dr. Fauci wanted to fund these Gain of Function experiments through his office, at least in part, but the Obama administration stopped it because it was seen as far too dangerous.

We also know that in 2017, Fauci managed to sneak this back in through his office at NIH. That’s right, Saint Fauci helped start this ball rolling.

Some time in late 2019, perhaps as early as early October, the virus was either released or escaped from the WIV.

The Lancet published a now discredited paper smearing Hydroxychloroquine that was later withdrawn.

Last year, Dr. Li-Meng Yan was able to demonstrate that the virus is not a natural mutation. It was created.

Let’s think about all of this carefully. We have powerful people in the medical establishment in two(and now three) successive administrations, or in the orbit of those administrations and associated NGOs trying to carry out, and eventually carrying out Gain of Function experiments at the WIV. The virus was released/escaped from the lab. The full health consequences of the virus are not yet known. With the evidence that this virus can create BSE-like consequences, we may be at just the start of the pandemic, and it may be much more deadly than we suspect. Before this is all over, the current death-toll could turn out to be just a drop in the eventual bucket.

Now we’re distributing and injecting vaccines that are of questionable efficacy. About that issue, watch this:

The more I study all of this, the more diabolical it looks. Could it all be human ineptitude and hubris that has led us to this? Possibly. Still, what explains the fraudulent paper submitted to suppress the use of Hydroxychloroquine? What was that effort about? Was it simply a desire to deny a treatment in order to drive disease death counts for political purposes, or if SARS-CoV2 turns out to have more serious consequences over the long run, as is now suspected, was it done with even more insidious motives? Whatever the case, this information needs to be widely shared and widely understood. SARS-CoV2 could turn out to be much worse than any of us had imagined. We know there exist maniacs who want to kill off most of humanity. Let us hope and pray they have not succeeded. Up until now, I had thought Andrew Cuomo to be the biggest mass-murderer of 2020. As it turns out, he may be only a bit player in this story.

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  1. the unit says:

    Mark, still being in my age group I took the Moderna, ’cause my wife did. If it killed her, might as well me to.
    As for the doctor’s message, expect it will get along as far as Ron Paul’s as to what he thought was wrong with whatever back then he thought was wrong.