Jobs or Jabs: A Word for Healthcare Providers, Doctors, and Nurses

Nurses at Houston Methodist Hospital Who Lost Jobs Over Jabs

I won’t pretend to understand what it is like to be in your shoes at this moment. I can only speak to what it’s like to be in my own. I wanted to take this moment to address healthcare workers of every description, who are being coerced and extorted into taking a vaccine they don’t wish to take.  For that extraordinarily brave individuals who will leave their jobs rather than be compelled to take a “vaccine” in which they have little or no confidence, either in its efficacy or its safety, I want to say a sincere “Thank you.” I have a number of medical issues that are chronic, and more or less baked into the cake of the remainder of my life.  I can’t escape them, but can mitigate them with medicines and other measures. That’s how it is for many people who reach middle age, but it’s not much comfort in knowing I have many fellow-travelers. What I can say is that over the years, I’ve been served by a number of medical professionals who are skilled, talented, and some of them simply brilliant.  I find this attack on their personal sovereignty over their own bodies to be a tyrannical abomination that demolishes the long-standing medical ethos of the West. I’ve already addressed those doctors and others in the field who have taken their thirty pieces of silver, selling out their patients and all humanity.  It’s time to credit those who will abandon this broken, corrupt system of politicized medicine in the face of that corruption.  It takes courage, and I want to urge readers to seek out care from those who have actually put it on the line for your benefit. Support doctors and nurses who decide to walk, despite all the coercion and extortion aimed at them.  It’s not an easy decision.  A large segment of society will turn against them. It’s our job to support them. More doctors than you may guess are against taking these vaccines, despite the propaganda.

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5 Responses to Jobs or Jabs: A Word for Healthcare Providers, Doctors, and Nurses

  1. the unit says:

    IDK. I’ve read all posts here since 11/2011.
    Best I remember you’re past middle age now. Probably about 55 or so. lol
    You know being about your Dad’s age I took the double jab.
    You wished me the best a couple of (weeks) months ago via email. Thank you.

    • Mark America says:

      Unit, you’re always welcome here, and I know you’ve had the jab. I understand that, and I understand also that at your age, the risks of COVID itself are roughly as bad as those of the jab, so it’s one of those thing. For people substantially younger, it’s a much different calculus. You’re pretty much bang-on with my age, but in my age group and younger, that calculus looks very different. The risks of the jab don’t look so promising, and what’s rather more interesting, taken as a sliding scale, is how the younger you are, the less attractive the jab should be because your probable outcomes from the virus are much better, and your prospects from the jab look much worse. As an example, children (without other complicating factors like leukemia, etc) have a statistical zero chance of death or long term negative effect from the disease, but something approaching a 1 in 10 chance of negative outcome from the jab. At your end of the age scale, that may be reversed, though we don’t have long term data on that, obviously. Because of the heightened risks with the jab to children, and because they should expect to live decades longer, they ought not take this jab under any circumstances, but at the far end of things, it may be that any long term effects of the jab would be negated by, shall we say, morbidity of natural aging? Does that make sense? My point is, if you’re at or beyond normal life expectancy, you probably don’t have as much to lose, probability-wise, from taking the jab, but the younger you may be, the more the risks of the vaccine look increasingly unattractive, given the unknowns and some of the knowns about the vax.

      As alway, I’m happy when you drop by and holler at me here. Thank you, and be careful out there. You’re not just a “unit” to me.