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Defiance: President Trump on his way to his continuing persecution

I’ve been wandering around on this rock for a long while now.  I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’ve seen communism up close, and I thought as a young man that I had helped put an end to it.  Thirty-five years of watching the slow and purposeful destruction of this, once the greatest country on Earth, has been an education in my former hubris, and the sickeningly over-optimistic appraisal born of youthful inexperience.  In the last thirty months, we have watched the completion of a communist take-over.  The federal government, along with a growing number of states, has been methodically hollow-out of any patriotic influence.  In the vacuum was placed a cadre of agents whose mission is to carry out the destruction of the very republic to which they swore an oath.  They never believed in the oath.  They never believed in the constitution or the republic it had formed.  Foolishly, I had assumed that my exertions and the exertions of my comrades-in-arms had paved the way to protect our way of life, but when I returned home from a half-decade overseas stint, something was off.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, not precisely, but even in my relatively short absence, the country had changed in ways that did not comport with the America I had known, and that had sent me and my brethren so far afield in its defense.  Watching the media circus of today’s arrest and arraignment of President Donald J. Trump, I have but one message for my countrymen:  This is my President.  Until he has been re-elected and served-out another term, there can be no other.

I needn’t restate the facts for conservatives, but for those who’ve been oblivious to the world around them these past thirty months: This has been a coup d’etat, begun on the 3rd of November 2020.  They achieved the peak of their activities in securing and consolidating the coup on January 6th, 2021.  The object was to control the executive authority of the United States, and with it, to undermine and complete its destruction.  Now, they are in the last phase of that operation, which includes most notably the suppression of any counter-coup.  The chief method by which to suppress it is to incapacitate its leader.  This and any subsequent legal attacks on Donald Trump or anybody associated with him will be aimed at stopping the counter-coup.  When they become desperate, they will resort to more… kinetic means.

These people are traitors, operating in the open, using the language of a civilized, just, American republic to disguise their anti-American agenda.  When they speak of “our democracy,” you must know that they speak these words with guile as their intention.  “Our democracy” is code for their communistic mafioso-style dictatorship.  It has nothing whatever to do with the broader idea of “democratic institutions.”  The only such institution for which they have any concern is the Democrat party, but only because it has become their fence with which to contain and move their herd.

President Trump is the only serious opponent now able to stand in opposition to them.  We know it, but they know it too.  Their laser-like focus on the person of Donald Trump is the only thing you need to know to understand that there can be no substitute.  There can be no other person, at present, who is able to bear our standard into battle.  Make no mistake: This is a war, and you ought to begin to conduct yourselves as such, even while we are not yet direct combatants.  Do not offer aid or comfort to this enemy.  Mock them.  Publicly berate them.  Deprive them of your wealth, by withholding your commerce with them.  We must, to the degree possible, begin the awful but powerful chore of bringing these demons to heel, lest we invite even greater tyranny against us.

Joseph R. Biden is an illegitimate president.  I will treat him as such.  I owe him no loyalty, as I owe his government no loyalty.  While it remains under his control, and therefore the control of the elements directing him, I will remain disobedient.  I will not obey.  There is a distinction here, and I want you to understand it, lest I lead you unintentionally astray.  The US Constitution is still the supreme law of the land, but in largest measure, it is no longer operative in its traditional role.  This is distinct from the United States Government, which is now in open insurrection against the American people in contravention of that constitution.

You owe no allegiance to such a government.

Your allegiance is owed only to the constitution under the name of which this fraudulent government now operates, and which this illegitimate government has subverted.

Sundance likes to count off the days of the resistance, and I endorse this habit.  You must now view your role, if you are a patriot, who willingly gives his allegiance to the constitution, to conduct yourselves accordingly.  These are enemies, and we must defeat and repel them.  We must remove them from power, and we must use our constitution as the basis by which we do it.  Donald J. Trump is my president.  He earned the right to return for a second term on 3 November 2020, but had that stolen from him.  Until we restore him to the presidency, the United States of America, as we have known it, is well and truly dead.

Newsflash: I have just heard this moment (via Steve Gruber on that President Trump is not schedule to return to court until DECEMBER. The trial is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

Who thinks this isn’t political?  Who?

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