Tucker’s Unforgivable Transgression

Truth he was forbidden to tell

Can a man be reformed, truly?  I do not know.  Tucker Carlson is an interesting figure, and I believe he would be the first to admit that he had never been an innocent.  His world has ever been that place so many now call the Swamp, but I think it deserves another name.  Washington DC is a literal Hell on Earth if you know how to look at it.  What gives it this character is much less its physical form, but more overwhelmingly, the dominating mindset of those who oversee its operations.  Bongino and others have remarked that Carlson could not have known what was coming as his last show went to tape on Friday, but I wonder.  Did he not have an inkling?  As he enjoyed pizza in the studio, was he sending a Friday message even as he signed off to his viewers, telling them he’d be back Monday?  The speech he gave at the Heritage Foundation hinted at it too, and as if to confirm it, he spoke at length about his admiration for those who speak the truth even while belittling his own efforts as those of a talkshow host. I watched the video of his remarks to Heritage, on Saturday when it was posted by Sundance over at TheConservativeTreeHouse, and it struck me odd even before news of his ouster spread like wildfire at lunchtime, Monday. Tucker said many things worthy of note in his speech, and in the brief Q&A afterward, but there was one important take-away that sounded like a reflection of my own thoughts about the direction of our country.  I think Tucker did know what was coming, even if he didn’t know the precise date, but more, I think he understands what’s coming for us all, and it’s time that we wrestle with the truth of it.

The important thing Tucker discussed is that which I have been telling readers in somewhat less direct form for many months now, really since the election of 2020: This is no longer a matter of a debate between equals in a political fight about how things ought best be done.  As Tucker asserted flatly in his speech, this is no longer a political debate between people or parties or competing ideologies about the best way to obtain an agreed-upon goal.  The truth is that I’ve not believed that for quite a long time now, as my longer-term readers will surely recognize.  In the time of my youth, I would hear Republicans defending their policy prescriptions by explaining that they have the same essential goals as the Democrats, but merely different means for arriving at them.  In such a seemingly affable state, surely an argument over specific policy implementations could not possibly be too Earth-shattering.  By the time I’d become a young adult, however, I began to doubt the sincerity or truth of this assertion.  The intended objectives of policy seemed too broadly divergent to ever obtain even approximately similar results.

It was then that I began to question the actual intentions of politicians and bureaucrats.  Their policy prescriptions and the laws they proposed seemed impossibly at variance with the alleged and oft-stated goals upon which they would campaign.  For instance, one of the things I noted fairly early on had been the fact that wherever there was greater gun control, there was greater violence, but wherever there was more broad-based legal gun ownership, there was markedly less violence.  In light of this clear evidence, facts now unassailably true for more than two generations, I could not understand how people could at once claim to be concerned with the lives and safety of their constituents while advancing policies that demonstrably made them less safe.  At a certain point, the notion of arguing policy distinctions with such people began to lose merit in my eyes, particularly when it became clear that no matter the amount of evidence that accumulated, they stubbornly rejected such facts and tried to spin their meaning or reinterpret statistics in the most ham-handed, obviously biased way.  More, the media seemed not only unconcerned with the facts, but they went out of their way to help the gun control advocates spin their statistics, misrepresenting the truth to their audiences.

All of this began to concern me when I realized that this had begun to happen with every issue, from abortion to zoning laws. This is the point at which you realize that this isn’t an argument among friends any longer, if it ever was, and that what had once been a friendly debate is now one group shouting dicta at another, at first cursing them for disobedience, but later resorting to coercion, and finally violence.  When you realize that the policies being pursued can never have anything but a terrible result, it suddenly dawns on you that the people driving toward those ends are not in fact pursuing the same goals you had chased in earnest exertions.  Instead, you realize that these are evil people, and that they are pursuing the most evil outcomes possible.  This realization by Carlson may have been his moment of true reformation, or at least, it may have spurred him to it.  Tucker Carlson realized that the cabal, or the DC Mafia, or the UniParty, or whatever you wish to label them, are not a political operation but instead a theological one.  Their religion is one that, as Carlson listed, pursues as its ends: “violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth.”  This is evil.

In describing some of the evils, Carlson referenced “child sacrifice” twice, and “human sacrifice.” He was not kidding, and neither am I.  The people arrayed against us, using power and politics as their means, are inflicting direct evil, all the while attempting to indoctrinate you and your children to join them in the despicable orgy of it all.  Once upon a time, you might have assumed, as did I in my youth, that evil is not a thing with which you need be concerned if you are stubbornly good.  By now, all of us over thirty should have learned that this is not so.  Just because you are not at war does not mean your enemy, even one unknown to you, hadn’t been at war with you.  We’ve seen this phenomenon too many times to count, from ancient times to modern.  The vapid 9/11 Commission, ever two days late and ten dollars short, managed even in its final report to acknowledge that fact: We had not acknowledged a war with al-Qaida, but that didn’t prohibit them from making war against us.

I have repeatedly counselled in these pages that we are being governed by an occupying enemy parading around as our legitimate government.  You have seen it, and whether Carlson indeed knew that the hammer’s blow would soon fall upon him, he recognized that the enemy is real, and it is evil, and it is making war upon us. He identified one of its many overt evils, human sacrifice, even as he described one particular form of it, but what you are watching now is the sacrifice of a whole nation to the idols they worship, whatever their names.  These vile people are not motivated by any human good, even while they posture as its champions.  Openly now, their demented resident tells you that even your children are not yours, but are theirs.

For decades, generations really, you have listened to their assurances that their intentions are good, such that you should forgive them their occasional excesses, excesses they claim that are born only of their zealous concern for your welfare.  All these years, you’ve listened to their lousy spokespersons in the so-called ‘media’ pretend that they had ever been guided with a desire to care for the poor, the disaffected, the down-trodden, and the disenfranchised, never telling you that it is they who are making you poor, disaffecting you from one another, grinding you under foot, while disenfranchising you at every conceivable turn. They have divided women from men; black from white from red from yellow from brown. They have divided the young and the old; rich and poor; brother and sister; husband and wife; parent and child. All the while, they have never relinquished their objectives or their demands.

What Tucker Carlson said in his speech at Heritage was unforgivable.  He told you the truth: You are beset by evil, and that evil isn’t interested in any debates, discussions, or deliberations.  They are going to issue dicta, and you are damned-well going to comply, even as they destroy you. Don’t ask “who are the human sacrifices?”

You are.

Here is Carlson’s complete speech at the Heritage Foundation:

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