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ROTC to Permit Wearing of Hijab

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Already In Afghanistan

Our Department of Defense has lost its mind under the leadership of Barack Obama and his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.  They are systematically wrecking the United States military, and there’s really only one possible reason for that.  Now, due to the complaint of a 14yo Muslim student who wanted to be able to wear her Hijab while parading in uniform, the Defense Department is modifying its policies to permit the wearing of the religious headgear.  This is an absurd finding by the DoD, and it threatens the entire purpose of the concept of “uniforms.” Of course, the truth is that the DOD has been encouraging this in Afghanistan, making our female soldiers cover up in accordance with Islamic tradition.

For now, this applies only to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Course(JROTC) cadets, but it’s clear where this is headed.  It will not be long before we see US service members permitted to wear the hijab also, and this will be the beginning of the end of the United States military as an effective fighting force.

The whole point of a military uniform is to standardize the clothing of service members. The reason for the standardization is not only for utilitarian purposes,  but also for the same reason players on a sports team wear the same uniform: Simple recognition. What do you suppose would cause greater confusion for soldiers on a battlefield in, for instance, Afghanistan, than to permit some to wear the hijab?  The other function of a uniform is to have a single standard to which the wearers can repair.  Think of it as a dress code taken to the ultimate extreme, by which individuality is forbidden except where it serves a purely military purpose, such as insignia of rank.

With such an allowance made for JROTC cadets, it is only a matter of time before this moves into ROTC, the service academies, and ultimately, our war-fighting forces.  There can be no way to preserve military discipline and permit this social engineering to continue.  In logic, one cancels out the other, so that if this is to be permitted, there will be no way to effectively preserve military discipline over the long run.

When I served in uniform, it was said that the uniform changes the wearer into one more part of the whole, but by permitting the wearing of the hijab, what is effectively accomplished is to destroy the whole. I strongly condemn this action on the part of the DoD, and I will write my representative about it.  This nonsensical approach to military uniform regulations must be stopped.  When you sign up, you agree to be bound by regulations, and whether you’re a commissioned officer, an enlistee, or a cadet, that’s simply part of the deal.  After all, you’re not there to serve your own purposes and agenda, and you’re not there for your own comfort or the spread of your own ideas.

The Obama administration has long been favorable to the destruction of the US military as a fighting organization able to carry out its duties in defense of this nation.  This ruling by the DoD merely extends the question: “Why?” I now believe the answer is simple enough to understand: Reduce the US military to a social experiment until none will enlist or apply at its academies, and make of us a neutered nation, unable to defend itself and its interests around the globe.

In my view, that’s precisely what Obama wants, and nothing else will do.