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Note to Subscribers

Monday, July 8th, 2013

There’s going to be a good deal of site maintenance this week as my schedule permits.  I will attempt to keep the site functional as much as possible, but there will be times when it will be unavoidable that I take it down. Mostly, there are going to be updates to some of the functions behind the scenes, and maybe a few new features. I may be somewhat quiet in terms of postings, but I will endeavor to get some info posted as the House comes back and they begin debating immigration reform, which as I will remind you, I am opposed to in any form because I believe any bill will simply become a vehicle for a conference bill that will look like the Senate Gang-of-Tr8ors bill in its entirety.

Those of you who sent me info or suggestions on the Freedom Faction can expect a response some time Monday.  Thank you all. We’ll see what we can make of it.  It may just be pretty good.

Thanks to all!


Many Thanks to My Readers!

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

I want to thank you for sticking with me through some tough times.  As you know, the blog is a part-time operation that necessarily follows my family, my farm, and my job in that order of priorities.  It’s been a rough ten months or so, and while things aren’t perfect, I’m forging ahead, and I hope that in the coming year, we’ll together find ways to stave off the leftist hordes that now beset our republic, backed up as they are by legions of “Low Information Voters.”

I’ve been told by some readers that the server seems slower than ever, and while there’s no particular reason that should be the case, I’m going to be working with the web host to see if there’s something that can be done to improve performance.  I’ve also been told the speed started suffering particularly after the big outage in December, during which this site was down for nearly three days.  To their credit, they did compensate me with one month’s worth of service, so I suppose I ought not complain too loudly, but you should know that I’m also looking at other ways to improve the site’s performance.

I’m also looking to build a new section of the site, in which we can discuss not merely my articles, but all the news of the day.  I’ve already asked long-time subscriber and commenter “The Unit” to help with the moderation, but I’d like to reach out to all of my subscribers for a little bit of information about what sort of things you would like to see.  If there’s a particular field of interest to which you’d like to see some space devoted, let me know.  Also, when I kick off new features, I’d like you to tell me about problems, and things you’d like to see changed, or perhaps formatted differently.

Again, thank you for reading my site, and supporting my efforts to wake the “Low Information Voters” from their blissful slumber.  As you know, I don’t put advertising on this site, because it’s annoying to you and to me, and therefore the readership grows only through your recommendations to others.  For that, I humbly thank you!

Now let’s figure out together how to defeat the GOP establishment, turn Obama’s agenda to confetti, and begin the process of restoring our Republic!


St. Lucie Florida Area(UPDATED) Help Has Arrived!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Allen West is in the fight of his life.  St. Lucie County Florida’s Election Supervisor seems to be playing shenanigans with the counting of ballots, and at around midnight Eastern time on Friday night, she finally decided that it was time to count the military ballots. Shocker. Delayed until the middle of the night, when it would be hard to have sufficient observers on hand.  At this late hour, if you can get there, you are needed. The address is:

7865 Central Industrial Dr. Riviera Beach

You can still help if you’re close and can get there quickly(and safely.) The reported turnout in that district so far is 141% of the eligible population. I want you to think about what kind of vote rigging that implies.  They’re attempting to flank Col. West with this sneak attack.

Somebody asked the question about what can be done if the Democrat machine succeeds in ousting Col. West from Congress so that he still has a role. I won’t get into details now since time is of the essence, but there damned-well is something we can do.  The Speaker of the House need not be an elected member.  We need to replace Boehner anyway.  We could hound our Republican representatives into making him the new speaker whether he is ultimately re-elected or not.

Now, back to the matter at hand, because the idea posited above is a long-shot, and we know what kind of fraud he’s up against. If you can get there in a timely fashion and do so safely, please lend a hand to a patriot in need. If you’re a Facebook member, you can get additional updates and information by joining the group located here:

Allen West Republic

UPDATE 0200 Eastern

The vote shows a slight lead for Allen West at this hour. The long knives are out. People ARE showing up even at this late hour to help with the observation of the counting.  The people already there are undoubtedly exhausted but soldiering on. Good news is that Breitbart is carrying the story now. That will help.


From the group linked above, Gary Angelo Galiano posted:

Update: Please put the word out we have enough people now! Thank you everyone!!!
Thank you to every one who responded to this call.  They now expect to have a final tally within an hour or two, and they have plenty of people!!! Thank you Patriots!!!

Dan Riehl Fighting for Life – Update: Out of ICU!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is in the ICU at the Fairfax County Hospital. This is terribly sad news, as by now, most Internet-savvy conservatives are familiar with him via, his own Riehl World View, as well as Twitter, and frequent hat-tips to his blog by radio phenomenon Mark Levin.  Dan has had emergency pulmonary bypass surgery.  Gary P. Jackson has full coverage of the situation here.

Dan is a first-rate blogger, and most of my readers will be familiar with him.  Send prayers, love and support his way.  He’s always been a great fighter for conservatism.  Let us hope and pray Dan wins his personal fight.

UPDATE: Dan was moved out of ICU. Gary Jackson has the great news here.  Let’s hope there is a full and speedy recovery!

Maintenance Complete

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Putting it Together Again

I’ve had to do some maintenance on the server.  There were still a few remaining issues since the migration, and one of them turned out to be a plug-in that was causing problems for the new page theme.  I’ve since disabled that plug-in, and the new theme seems to behave properly now.  You will have noticed that the two visible headings on the main page were all but identical.  This was as a result of the rogue plug-in.  I’ve also customized the left-column, so you should see a definite difference there.  The problems were numerous, and some of them presented a significant challenge.  One of the problems was that the memory usage being generated even under modest loading was too great.  I had to spend some time diagnosing that issue as well, and not surprisingly, part of it was related to the same rogue plug-in.

Part of the problem owing to the migration was that some of the categories and tags and their corresponding records in the database didn’t come over correctly.  This too has been corrected, and that require roughly four days worth of work as time permitted, followed by some upload issues with the corrected files that led to some immodest language in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s been fixed now, and the cursing has abated.   I still have a few minor adjustments to make, but they aren’t functional issues.

I like the new theme, but I’d like some feedback from readers:  What do you like, and what do you hate?

Thank you for your patience!


My Turn to Apologize

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Apologies for What?

Dear Readers:

It has become fashionable to apologize when no apologies are due. As we have seen, the President of the United States has apologized for the accidental burning of some number of copies of the Qur’an, and Rush Limbaugh has apologized for using seemingly accurate language in assessing the behavior of various people.  In keeping with the zeitgeist, I have decided to apologize to all of you.  You see, while I haven’t burned the Qur’an, or anything else of an offensive nature, (unless you happened to be a guest at a my home for a barbecue some years ago when the ribs…well anyway, if you were there, you know, and I’ve already apologized for that profusely,) what I have done is nearly as bad.

My focus is  a little different, because like all of the others out there apologizing, I truly mean it, but when I say I mean it, I really do.  I do. It’s a lengthy list of offenses, so please let me begin without further delay, and offer you another apology, because it’s a bit lengthy:

I would like to apologize to all my readers for the ineptitude of the Republican party.  I don’t run the Republican party, but if I did, I’d do something to correct it.  For too long, its alleged leaders have hid with tails tucked behind their betters, usually conservatives in good standing, who have the temerity to actually do combat, real or verbal, with the leftists arrayed against them.  I apologize that as a conservative activist, I have done an insufficient job of castigating the poor leadership offered by the party establishment, who believes there is no principle too great to surrender and no truth so important that it cannot be ignored for the sake of some perceived political expedience.

I would also like to apologize to you for the state of the country.  While all this senseless apologizing goes on, we’ve watched the country decline disastrously.  I apologize for all of the apologies of those who needn’t have apologized since in most cases, they were apologizing for assessing reality in real terms.  Of course, I apologize for the apologies of our dear leader who should not have been elected, because I should have done more to support his opponent in 2008.  I should have yelled more loudly when the McCain campaign effectively ceded the state of Michigan, and went on to lose in places it could have won.  I apologize for not having had a blog in those days to warn you about McCain and Romney, but I allowed the former to placate me somewhat by nominating a real conservative to his ticket.  If Romney gets the nomination, you can count on this same procedure being repeated. I apologize for not screaming more loudly about it in 2008 when I should have done so.

I apologize to you for insisting that words have meaning, specifically, and that we ought to hold to those definitions if we hope to communicate.  I apologize for not recognizing that the modern art of communications is about creating impressions rather than conveying any definitive information.  I apologize for not realizing how thoroughly that when our leaders speak to us, it is in garbled, indefinite platitudes that have no concrete meaning, and with no intention of being followed with corresponding actions.  I wish to apologize for not being more vigorous in my coverage of these candidates so that I could better report to you when they say something that makes sense.

I apologize to you for not using more descriptive language at time, and for not being blunt enough in my assessments.  I should be more blunt than I am in telling you what I think of the sorry piece of leftist trash now occupying the highest office in the land, and I will endeavor to do so.  I apologize for not hammering the left harder than I do. They deserve every instance of castigation I can muster.  I apologize for not bringing more focus on the circus the GOP establishment has created of this presidential campaign, and I apologize for not making it more plain how they are stiffing you.

Having covered all of these, I’d like to add a few things for which I will not apologize:

  • I will not apologize for speaking my mind even when we disagree
  • I will not apologize if somebody is offended because I’ve used descriptively accurate language
  • I will not apologize I sniff out a story others are missing
  • I will not apologize if I don’t think the “big story” is the same as others are covering
  • I will not apologize to lefties or RINOs for having identified them as such

Lastly, for all of those who think think this cultural of senseless apologies is part of the reason our culture is decaying, I’d like to offer one last:  But for the instance in which I may get a story completely wrong, I will be offering no more apologies.  We have a country to save and all of this apologizing is getting on my last darned nerve.  From here on out, my apologies will be for only those things I control, and only those things in which I had been wrong. People can play the apology game if they like, but I’m now all apologized-out.  Patton didn’t apologize to Rommel.  General Washington didn’t apologize to the British.  Conservatives shouldn’t apologize when they fight for conservatism, either.

Thank you!  Tell a leftist to go to Hell. You’ll soon find you’re done apologizing.


Hammering out the Kinks: The Commenting System

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Sparks Still Flying

I’ve had to re-evaluate the whole IntenseDebate commenting system.  There were a number of problems with it.  It took me nearly 30 hours to import all the comments from the old site.  The import kept dying in mid-stream.  Users were reporting a problem with posting comments, and there was a discrepancy between the number of posts presented for moderation, and the posts actually awaiting moderation that were invisible to me.  In just a day or so, there were two dozen comments that had already been lost in the shuffle.  More, poster Kara let me know another site was having the same issue, and finally suspended use of the IntenseDebate system.  Realizing that this was no way to kick off a new home for the blog, I decided to shut down IntenseDebate.

This left me with another problem, and that is that the comment system inherent to the WordPress engine is a little skimpy, but then I remembered there is another comment system that I have encountered many times, including over on Conservatives4Palin, and I already have an account, and I imagine a number of you do also.  For this reason, I have decided to follow that model, and we will now use Disqus instead.  If you don’t have a Disqus account, you can get one here.

I began the export process, and in ten minutes, all of the comments had been shipped over to Disqus, and they may take a little time to fill them in, but just the fact that they so quickly imported them from the database here already seems promising.  This beats the process I went through with IntenseDebate, that I may now consider an IntenseClunker.

Live an learn, right?  The only problem with that thinking is that I sent you all off in pursuit of IntenseDebate accounts, and I thank you for so doing, but the only consolation is that you may run into a few sites that use it, and you will already have an account.  In case you missed Kara’s comment, the reason it seemed important to change now was this:

Hillbuzz is not an insignificant site, and the fact that IntenseDebate wasn’t racing to solve their problems, suspiciously much like the ones we were already experiencing here, led me to believe that if they can’t get satisfaction, then there’s no hope at all for me our the members of this site.  It was with that in mind, (along with 30 hours of importing and re-importing,) that I decided to throw the switch on IntenseFailure tonight, and instead went with the Disqus comment system.  My apologies to those of you who had gone through the trouble of getting the IntenseDebate accounts. As I said, I can only hope they will be of use on some other site, although at this point, certainly not Hillbuzz. Thanks to Kara for bringing this swiftly to my attention. She may have saved me and the readers here a good deal of pain. Thank you Kara!

I have dealt with Disqus before, and it seems very stable and reliable, so I am going to let that process complete, hopefully while I sleep.  Again, to get a Disqus account, get one here. I hope this will solve our problems.  I suppose you could call these “growing pains,” but I have another description in mind for the kinds of pains(and where) this has been.

Thank you for your patience!  You can click the logo below to go get that Disqus account:





Attention Subscribers and Followers!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Almost Finished

As the site migration completes, one of the things that doesn’t easily migrate are the subscribers via email, and all the followers via Twitter, Facebook, and Some have asked why this was necessary, and the answer is simple: The blog has outgrown its WordPress.Com home, and while the site will still use the same basic WordPress engine, it won’t suffer from some of the limitations we’ve experienced. I had intended to bring you a live stream of GrizzlyFest, along with a chat engine, but due to the limitations of, I was unable to do so. The same has been true of other live, streaming events I might have presented. In short, the new site will offer flexibility not present in the old one.

I’ve successfully migrated all of the comments, and I’ve actually converted them over to a comment system with that looks like it will do a better job, so by all means, go by there if you like and register for that comment service. It’s pretty nifty, and one of the things I will be able to do is reach out to some users of long-standing to help me moderate comments if they’re interested. (I can’t be everywhere 24×7 and still get sleep, and after the last few days, I need some.)

I invite you to come by the new site, and if you’re an email subscriber, please use the sidebar subscription field to join the new site. I apologize for the bother. If you’re a blog follower, you can also register for the new site, and in fact, this option is open to anybody:

Register for the new site Here! One of the benefits of registration is that I may be making certain “Extras” available to registered users that will not be available to the public.

Thank you all for being so patient. There are still a few small bugs being worked out, but I think I’ll have those fixed in short order.


Migration Complete…Tinkering: Not So Much

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Good evening to all!

I’ve successfully migrated the data from the site, and I am now going to begin to work out the bugs and so on. I thank you for your patience, and I hope you will join in again as I get back to posting content soon.

There will be other modifications coming, but this was an important first step I had to take in order to get the functions everybody wants.

Let’s see if this new home was worth the trouble…

Thanks to all!


A Note on Bogus Polling

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Which Polls To Trust?

I’ve heard from a few people really concerned about the polling in Florida, showing Gingrich down, and Romney up, which seems at least in part to be contradicted by the sense of things on the ground. I am going to show you how a poll can be twisted, and how you can’t trust them, and if you allow them to form your opinion, you can actually be manipulated.  Let’s start with a very popular poll, the PPP(Public Policy Polling) outfit that currenty shows Romney leading 40% to 32%.  

In this poll, when you read to the bottom of the page and examine the data, you discover the following:

“The PPP poll surveyed 387 likely Florida Republican primary voters on January 28th with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.”(emphasis mine)

Ladies and gentlemen, when you see ANY poll with such a small sample size, it’s GARBAGE.  When you see any poll with a margin of error of more than 3%, it’s likely garbage, particularly if it has a small sample size.  For a state as large and diverse as Florida, any poll that doesn’t survey at least 1500 people, with a margin of error well below 4% is a poll intended to generate a headline and drive you.

Now, here’s their insurance: With a margin of error of 5%, if you add that to Gingrich, and subtract it from Romney, this poll may actually tell you nothing, because Gingrich could in fact be leading.  This kind of poll is GARBAGE as any serious analyst will tell you, and worse, when you see so-called analysts on television referencing such polls, you know they are LYING to you because as trained professionals, THEY ABSOLUTELY KNOW BETTER.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to “shout” at you, but I am disgusted with the media manipulation, as they try to create some false momentum in Romney’s direction. You should let others know this too.  387 people? Really? A margin of error of 5%??? That’s a potential 10-point swing in either direction, which gives them cover if their pushing doesn’t work out, but also helps them create a theme.

Don’t believe such polls. They are intended to mislead you. I have rejected four such polls from publication on this site in the last month because they were this egregious.

Occupiers Threaten Shutdown

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

He Prefers Molotov Cocktails

Brace yourselves: Today is the day the Occupy Wall Street movement intends to shut down New York.  They plan to shut down Wall Street, and they plan to shut down the subways.   While they claim to be non-violent, yesterday an Occupier was arrested after threatening violence using Molotov cocktails against Macy’s, and saying that they would burn the city down. This man proclaimed: “We’re gonna burn New York City to the [expletive] ground.”  The video below actually led to the man’s arrest yesterday evening.  This gives some indication of what at least some of the protesters intend, but organizers still insist they are non-violent.  This video strongly suggests otherwise:

This isn’t a joke.  These misguided people are being used as a base for socialist agitation, and they’re putting up the anarchist front to carry out the violence.  New Yorkers should be prepared to seek refuge against violence, and find alternate means of transportation.  Also, with all of this chaos, it’s the perfect opportunity for terrorists of another sort to strike.  People really should remain vigilant in this environment, because there will be any number of participants who wish to incite a riot, and there will be any number of other elements who will wish to use such riots as cover.

All of this demonstrates clearly why Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be tossed by the electorate.  Anybody who has the reins of power in such a vast city, and yet fails to responsibly confront this sort of anarchical movement for most of two months really has no business in that position.  Of course, Bloomberg is a billionaire tool, so it’s really not surprising.  Let’s just hope that this doesn’t get out of hand, and the violence that some protesters are threatening never materializes.

One must wonder if their intention to block access to subways isn’t an attempt to incite violence.  I could easily understand how somebody blocking my path to my timely arrival at my job, particularly in these woeful economic conditions, could easily cause me to lose my composure if somebody were preventing me from access to transportation.  There will be those who see this as a threat to their jobs, and thus their families and their financial lives.  That’s the intention of the Occupiers with this move, and it’s almost certain to cause serious trouble.

As I said, they claim “non-violence,” but their actions are designed to provoke it.  It’s been clear what would happen when these poor fools outlived their usefulness to their masters as a mostly peaceful camp-in.  It’s that time.  Be careful out there.


Big Test of Emergency Alert System

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Don't Worry, They'll Warn Us

Four minutes.  That’s how long the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be taking down all broadcast television and radio signals at one time to be replaced by their emergency broadcast.  You can see the original public notice at the FCC’s website.  Conspiracy theorists are naturally running wild with speculation, since the government has never conducted this sort of widespread test before.  On Wednesday, the 9th of November, at 2pm Eastern time, the test will be conducted. It’s an odd coincidence that this is being done on the 9th day of the 11th month, isn’t it?  OR IS IT?  (Now you can get out your tin-foil hats, if you like.)

We’ve been living with these broadcast interruptions for my whole life, and the normal response is to change the channel.  The FCC wants to be sure you can’t ignore this one, and of course, there will doubtless be millions of people who won’t get the word, and who will panic and dial 9-1-1.  You may wish to pass the word along to friends, relatives, and neighbors, to help alleviate any undue fear or apprehension.  On the other hand, if your friends, relatives, and neighbors are “conspiracy kooks,” you may only agitate them unnecessarily for the next two weeks.  Whatever you decide, be sure to check in here.  If anything big does go down, I’ll let you know.  Unless the President uses that “Internet Off-Switch” they’ve given him. You never know…