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The Answer Is “NO”

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

I do not consent.

I’m going to be blunt. I want every little tyrannical cretin who loves the exercise of state power to understand me. I will not take your vaccine. I will never mask again.  If you want to try to coerce me, I will respond with force. If you think you can force me, send your best.  Send a lot of them.  I will not submit. Others are free to lay down their liberties like the sackless weanies so many in our culture have become. That’s freedom of choice. I don’t want to hear any whining later. You can cajole, and you can try to stigmatize me, but be careful. The moment you cross the line into attempted coercion or compulsion of any sort, I am likely to respond in kind. This is my life. You don’t get to walk all over it on the basis of your pretended “public health emergency,” or any other damnable excuse. You’re free to posit all the arguments you would like to make, but the moment you shift the conversation from persuasion to coercion, all bets are off.  In truth, I feel badly for all the poor fools who’ve already submitted and will submit yet again.  They’re scared, and that’s understandable to a degree, but at some point, if you are to be a sovereign human being, secure in your life, and liberties, there comes a moment when you must declare your unwillingness to submit. Joe Biden and his brigade of malevolent morons can advocate anything they like, but I will not be pushed. My answer is as sure as the sunrise, and I will defend it. The answer is “NO.”

No, I will not mask. I’m not wearing your face-diapers any longer. That’s over and done. I humored the nonsensical requirements for the first several months of this so-called “pandemic,” but I am not inclined to humor them further.  The evidence is in: Masks are ineffective. If you’re a terrified irrational, incapable of math, statistical analysis, or other form of investigatory inquiry, I no longer wish to salve your emotional incontinence.  Suck it up.  If you think you can compel me to mask, feel free to try.  I believe in the absolute right to self-defense against all trespasses against my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t send some poor government agent who will be inclined to follow orders to keep his or her job, but instead, have the guts to show up on your own behalf.  If you’re one of those government agents, you need to ask yourself if you think it’s worth it. You need to ask yourself whether following illegal, unconstitutional, immoral orders will later excuse you.  You need to ask yourself if these are the sorts of people for whom you’re willing to lay down your lives, needlessly.  These people aren’t defending anything.  I am.  If you wish to be the offensive strike-force of tyrants, just know that’s what you’ve chosen, and accept openly all that goes with it.

No, I will not be vaccinated with any of these fake vaccines.  They do not function like a standard vaccine, and their mechanism of operation has not been demonstrated to be safe or efficacious over the long run.  They haven’t been tested, and insufficient data exists to guarantee their safety.  More, the government has given the manufactures an exemption from liability.  This is why they’re covered by an Emergency Use Authorization.  There is nothing in the manner of their function that conveys actual immunity to COVID19 or anything else, at least over the long run.  Again, I refer you to the strong work of Dr. Richard Fleming. There are many possible adverse reactions and deaths associated with the vaccine, although they’re now scrambling to hide it.  I’m all about personal freedom, and adults are and should be free to pour as much poison into their bodies as they desire, but compulsion or coercion crosses the line.  In the case of minor children, parents are the “deciders” and I think any parent permitting their child to be injected with this garbage is a child-abuser.  It’s one thing to take a vaccine yourself, but it’s another to inject your child with it, having no knowledge of the long-run effects and potential death you might be inflicting.  Roll the dice with your own lives.  I will not accept a vaccine for myself.  I will defend myself vigorously against all attempts to compel or coerce me to take the vaccination.  I will not take a vaccine while I remain alive or until a satisfactory body of unadulterated, independent data convinces me otherwise, but no such body of data does or can exist for at least five to ten years. So long as I am capable of any form of resistance, I will defend myself against such aggression, and there is no form of resistance I will refrain from using should it become necessary to mount such a defense.

At this point, I want it plainly understood: Attempts to compel me to mask or vaccinate will be met with force in the name of self-defense.  I will not have violence enacted upon me or threatened against me in the name of your great reset, your depopulation schemes, your political power-plays, your profit-motives, or any other form of wet dream you might be contemplating, whomever you may be.  As Dan Bongino says, “Cutesy-time is over.”  You have a choice.  You can resist, submit, or try to lurk and watch from the sidelines.  You can join the tyrants who are trying to impose this.  The choice is yours, whatever you do, but the beginning of the end is at hand.  This will be resolved, one way or the other.  There will be no more hiding naked aggression behind a patronizing smile, and I am going to require you to the aggression into the daylight.  Your coercion requires my consent, but I do not give it.  If you wish to compel or force me, bring it.  Bring it all.  My answer remains a belligerent “NO!”

Your move.

The FBI’s Attack on the Capitol

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Fake Insurrections Need Fake Insurrectionists

On January the 6th, 2021, I published a post on the events in the Capitol. In my opinion, there was all the evidence in the world that the events of the day were being stage-managed by somebody as the means by which to set up MAGA/Conservatives.  To the extent that was the case, we now may conclude that among the people/institutions stage-managing the attack were the FBI.  The FBI had many confidential informants and probably agents who to varying degrees participated in the event, and may have helped to organize it.  Indeed, it’s increasingly clear that many of the so-called “insurrectionists” who fomented and incited the worst of the behavior at or in the Capitol were role-players.  All of this is being revealed by work being done by Darren Beattie at Revolver.News and reported on Tucker Carlson earlier this week. Here’s a clip from Carlson’s show:

The FBI was likely in on it. The FBI has been involved in other things too. We now know the FBI was in on the attack in Dallas in 2015.  As time goes on, we’re finding that this is the M.O. of the FBI more broadly.  Yesterday, Sundance over at TheConservativeTreehouse, rightly let loose with a criticism of the desire some have expressed for a “commission” to investigate all of this. The post is correct: We have lost our minds if we expect these people to police themselves.  A commission won’t do it. When has a commission ever revealed anything useful?  The Warren Commission?  The 9/11 Commission?  Even the Base Realignment and Closure Commission was intended to give politicians a measure of political cover.  The worst part in this case is, as Sundance points out:

“The Legislative Branch of the federal government is part of the Intelligence Community corruption.  The oversight “gang of eight” (pictured above), are enablers and participants in the corrupt endeavors that Carlson wants them to investigate.”

“The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) led by Chairman Adam Schiff, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) led by Chairman Mark Warner, are part of the institutional corruption.  This is the problem, the core issue in the background, that too few people are recognizing as they begin to see the corruption within the intelligence community.  The legislative branch and the executive branch are working together; there is NO functioning oversight.”

This is the correct understanding of the problem we face. There is no chance to reform any of this with the current crowd in power, or, I would argue, even with the current “opposition.” Most of these people, if not all of them, are in on the plot.  This gets to the real nub of the issue.  If you wonder why they hated Trump so much, and why at any cost, he needed to go, it’s this: He wasn’t on the team.  He wasn’t on the payroll of the DeepState.  He’s not a member of the UniParty. Virtually everything elected Republicans have done since he won the nomination in 2016 had been designed to undermine him and sabotage him.  Everything the Democrats and the media have done since has been calculated likewise to destroy him. The response to COVID-19? That too was part of the playbook.

If you get to the bottom of January 6th, you get to a set of people.  If you get to the bottom of the ElectionCoup of 2020, you get to the same core set of people.  If you get to the bottom of COVID-19/SARS-CoV2, you get to the same core of people. ObamaGate/SpyGate? Same people. ImpeachmentHoax? Same people. No matter how far down into the manure-pile you dig, you always get to the same core of people.  This isn’t coincidental.

We’re under attack by deeply anti-American elements operating inside the American government with the full knowledge/cooperation of people at the tops of all branches of government.  Sundance rightly pointed out the legislative and executive branches, but it’s pretty clear to me given all we’ve seen with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and the behaviors of Chief Justice John Roberts in mal-administering the FISC that the judiciary is also mostly compromised.  They don’t care about your civil liberties, any notion of constitutional legitimacy, or any mechanism of the law in general except when they can exploit it to their virulently despicable purposes.  To make all of it more clear to you, so that you might finally understand what they’re willing to do, consider the reporting of in which they explain that the Biden Administration is now urging Americans to report on supposedly “radicalized” friends and family.

The Patriot Act and FISA are being used primarily against the American people.  Just as civil libertarians warned at the time of their original enactments and subsequent reauthorizations, these have become the weapon of the vast machinery of state against the American people.

This is not a game, and there’s no avoiding it. The time for choosing is coming. For all of us.

The Truth About SARS-CoV2

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Dr. Richard Fleming

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a medical doctor. I can’t tell you anything that would constitute medical advice, and I won’t offer any here. On the other hand, I’m fairly good at evaluating raw information presented by competent people in a suitable manner. Over the last fifteen months, the narrative about the origin of SARS-CoV2 has changed repeatedly. Now, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this virus was released or escaped from the laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology(hereafter, WIV,) in Wuhan, China.  It is likewise obvious why the Communist Chinese government was in a hurry to throw us off the trail, and to pay media shills to misdirect our attention to a wet-market that is less than one kilometer from the WIV. It has also become increasingly apparent that this is not a naturally occurring virus. As Dr. Li-Meng Yan has discovered through her work, this virus was manufactured. Now, it seems we have evidence of who created it. We also know who funded it. You did, at least in part. More specifically, the US Department of Defense appears to have funded it, in part. Worse, early preventatives and therapeutics were denied due to a now infamously-falsified Lancet paper that was subsequently withdrawn. All of this is quite frightening, particularly if we are to take Dr. Richard Fleming seriously. Worst of all, he seems to have the evidence of his thesis in hand.  I am still trying to process what this means to us. Who? All of us. This is a long video, and understandably, you may want to take it in pieces. You may want to take breaks. Do as you must, but you really should watch all of this. There is a great deal of information in this video, and again, I would be remiss if I did not urge you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions, but the critical thing is that you should have and know this information. Here’s the video, originally posted on youtube, but since moved to, since the #YoutubeNazis have taken it down. Please watch this video. The most critical information is all through the video, but some of the most astonishing and frightening information is presented between the 45 minute and 1:05:00 mark. I’m telling you: WATCH THIS VIDEO. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the online Nazis will throttle or ban it. After you watch this, ask yourself: “Why?

One of the parties involved in the Gain-of-Function research with Coronavirus is Peter Daszak, who is the head of the EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak led the WHO(World Health Organization) Team to Wuhan to investigate their lab after the fact to investigate if the virus was leaked from there. Daszak, without revealing his involvement, (and thus a serious conflict of interest,) but naturally, Daszak’s team found no evidence it came from the lab. In truth, they never got full access to the lab, and in the end, took the word of the Chinese, who assured them it came from the so-called wet-market and a bat from one-thousand miles away.

He was interviewed here, and this video is referenced by Dr. Fleming in the presentation above, after being reported here:

Let’s put a timeline together.

We now know that in 2014, Dr. Fauci wanted to fund these Gain of Function experiments through his office, at least in part, but the Obama administration stopped it because it was seen as far too dangerous.

We also know that in 2017, Fauci managed to sneak this back in through his office at NIH. That’s right, Saint Fauci helped start this ball rolling.

Some time in late 2019, perhaps as early as early October, the virus was either released or escaped from the WIV.

The Lancet published a now discredited paper smearing Hydroxychloroquine that was later withdrawn.

Last year, Dr. Li-Meng Yan was able to demonstrate that the virus is not a natural mutation. It was created.

Let’s think about all of this carefully. We have powerful people in the medical establishment in two(and now three) successive administrations, or in the orbit of those administrations and associated NGOs trying to carry out, and eventually carrying out Gain of Function experiments at the WIV. The virus was released/escaped from the lab. The full health consequences of the virus are not yet known. With the evidence that this virus can create BSE-like consequences, we may be at just the start of the pandemic, and it may be much more deadly than we suspect. Before this is all over, the current death-toll could turn out to be just a drop in the eventual bucket.

Now we’re distributing and injecting vaccines that are of questionable efficacy. About that issue, watch this:

The more I study all of this, the more diabolical it looks. Could it all be human ineptitude and hubris that has led us to this? Possibly. Still, what explains the fraudulent paper submitted to suppress the use of Hydroxychloroquine? What was that effort about? Was it simply a desire to deny a treatment in order to drive disease death counts for political purposes, or if SARS-CoV2 turns out to have more serious consequences over the long run, as is now suspected, was it done with even more insidious motives? Whatever the case, this information needs to be widely shared and widely understood. SARS-CoV2 could turn out to be much worse than any of us had imagined. We know there exist maniacs who want to kill off most of humanity. Let us hope and pray they have not succeeded. Up until now, I had thought Andrew Cuomo to be the biggest mass-murderer of 2020. As it turns out, he may be only a bit player in this story.