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Andrea Mitchell and Mark Halperin Discuss Palin, McCain, and Brokered Convention

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Exciting Time For All?

This should provide some interesting discussion, as there are really a few things to note here. One is John McCain seemed to have vigorously defended Sarah Palin in his recent interview with the BBC.  To his credit, Halperin points out that McCain’s defense is justified, and that his conclusions about Palin’s effectiveness as a candidate are right on.  More, Halperin discusses the question of  Sarah Palin’s overwhelming reception by the crowd at CPAC, and how this is effective evidence of Governor Palin’s understanding of the conservative base of the party.  The other tidbit to be examined is the very brief discussion of another video clip of Sarah Palin discussing brokered conventions at CPAC, different from the other I provided Saturday.

Here’s the video:

The important quote about which the entire buzz is circling is this:

“If it ended up in a brokered convention, at the end of the day, well that would be a really exciting time for all.”

Of course, notable is how Andrea Mitchell tries to minimize her statement as a “tease,” and suggesting that McCain defended Palin only because he was “dancing with the one who you brung,” or some nonsense, but as Halperin points out aptly, this is certainly a case supported by the facts:  She energized the party more than any other McCain could have added to his ticket, and I daresay, more than McCain himself.

As I said, I’m reporting this to you because it is news, and I am personally fascinated by it, but as one commenter opined, we shouldn’t get our hopes up over this.  A brokered convention has all sorts of dangers as another comment suggested, and to go off down that trail may not serve us at all.  There’s no telling how such a thing could come out in the end, but I’ll admit this much:  It certainly does put a little more of an unknown into this whole race.