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My Turn to Apologize

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Apologies for What?

Dear Readers:

It has become fashionable to apologize when no apologies are due. As we have seen, the President of the United States has apologized for the accidental burning of some number of copies of the Qur’an, and Rush Limbaugh has apologized for using seemingly accurate language in assessing the behavior of various people.  In keeping with the zeitgeist, I have decided to apologize to all of you.  You see, while I haven’t burned the Qur’an, or anything else of an offensive nature, (unless you happened to be a guest at a my home for a barbecue some years ago when the ribs…well anyway, if you were there, you know, and I’ve already apologized for that profusely,) what I have done is nearly as bad.

My focus is  a little different, because like all of the others out there apologizing, I truly mean it, but when I say I mean it, I really do.  I do. It’s a lengthy list of offenses, so please let me begin without further delay, and offer you another apology, because it’s a bit lengthy:

I would like to apologize to all my readers for the ineptitude of the Republican party.  I don’t run the Republican party, but if I did, I’d do something to correct it.  For too long, its alleged leaders have hid with tails tucked behind their betters, usually conservatives in good standing, who have the temerity to actually do combat, real or verbal, with the leftists arrayed against them.  I apologize that as a conservative activist, I have done an insufficient job of castigating the poor leadership offered by the party establishment, who believes there is no principle too great to surrender and no truth so important that it cannot be ignored for the sake of some perceived political expedience.

I would also like to apologize to you for the state of the country.  While all this senseless apologizing goes on, we’ve watched the country decline disastrously.  I apologize for all of the apologies of those who needn’t have apologized since in most cases, they were apologizing for assessing reality in real terms.  Of course, I apologize for the apologies of our dear leader who should not have been elected, because I should have done more to support his opponent in 2008.  I should have yelled more loudly when the McCain campaign effectively ceded the state of Michigan, and went on to lose in places it could have won.  I apologize for not having had a blog in those days to warn you about McCain and Romney, but I allowed the former to placate me somewhat by nominating a real conservative to his ticket.  If Romney gets the nomination, you can count on this same procedure being repeated. I apologize for not screaming more loudly about it in 2008 when I should have done so.

I apologize to you for insisting that words have meaning, specifically, and that we ought to hold to those definitions if we hope to communicate.  I apologize for not recognizing that the modern art of communications is about creating impressions rather than conveying any definitive information.  I apologize for not realizing how thoroughly that when our leaders speak to us, it is in garbled, indefinite platitudes that have no concrete meaning, and with no intention of being followed with corresponding actions.  I wish to apologize for not being more vigorous in my coverage of these candidates so that I could better report to you when they say something that makes sense.

I apologize to you for not using more descriptive language at time, and for not being blunt enough in my assessments.  I should be more blunt than I am in telling you what I think of the sorry piece of leftist trash now occupying the highest office in the land, and I will endeavor to do so.  I apologize for not hammering the left harder than I do. They deserve every instance of castigation I can muster.  I apologize for not bringing more focus on the circus the GOP establishment has created of this presidential campaign, and I apologize for not making it more plain how they are stiffing you.

Having covered all of these, I’d like to add a few things for which I will not apologize:

  • I will not apologize for speaking my mind even when we disagree
  • I will not apologize if somebody is offended because I’ve used descriptively accurate language
  • I will not apologize I sniff out a story others are missing
  • I will not apologize if I don’t think the “big story” is the same as others are covering
  • I will not apologize to lefties or RINOs for having identified them as such

Lastly, for all of those who think think this cultural of senseless apologies is part of the reason our culture is decaying, I’d like to offer one last:  But for the instance in which I may get a story completely wrong, I will be offering no more apologies.  We have a country to save and all of this apologizing is getting on my last darned nerve.  From here on out, my apologies will be for only those things I control, and only those things in which I had been wrong. People can play the apology game if they like, but I’m now all apologized-out.  Patton didn’t apologize to Rommel.  General Washington didn’t apologize to the British.  Conservatives shouldn’t apologize when they fight for conservatism, either.

Thank you!  Tell a leftist to go to Hell. You’ll soon find you’re done apologizing.