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Stealth Attempt to Ban Your Guns In Progress

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

2nd_amendment_ftIn Washington DC, as law-abiding Americans go about their days, minding their business, the machinery of state has found a new approach to attack their right to defend themselves with modern firearms.  No longer content to accept the fact that the Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to keep and bear arms, and no longer willing to accept venerable definitions even of inanimate objects, the administrative state will now redefine terms in order to further restrict your liberties, and ultimately, to strip you of them entirely.  It will be incremental, and as usual, the method will be to attack at those points where the defenders are less certain, or less committed.  The immediate object will be items like “bump-fire” stocks and “echo triggers,” but the ultimate aim is the banning of all “semi-automatic” or “auto-loading” weapons.  Those of you who think your shotguns or pistols are safe had better think again.  Those of you who think even your revolvers will be exempt had ought to reconsider.  Naturally, the military, police, and other official entities will be exempt, and you will be left defenseless, ultimately, because you will not be permitted the means to resist.  You might think you can live without bump-stocks or echo triggers, and you might be right if that’s where it would stop, but it won’t.  It never does. For that reason, I wish to arm you with the knowledge you need to make a choice, and commit to it in the face of this lunacy, and to provide you the information you need to stop this now.  The BATFE has drafted new rules, and you need to comment and oppose them.  To make your argument, you’ll need to understand how they’re attacking your liberties.

Let us begin by understanding what they want to ban.  In the end, they are intent on depriving you even of lever actions and even more primitive weapons. They will reduce you to blunderbusses used only in ceremonies and re-enactments.  To do this, they took the first step by regulating machine guns, so-called “fully automatic” weapons under the National Firearms Act of 1934. In 1986, the Hughes Amendment prohibited the production of new “automatic weapons” for the civilian market.  Now, they’re prepared to take the next step.  The “problem” they wish to “solve” is that you would be able to fire one round immediately after the previous with an additional squeeze of the trigger.  That’s what an auto-loader or “semi-automatic” does.  Discharging the round currently loaded in the chamber causes the firearm to load the next round into the chamber, ready to be discharged when the trigger is again depressed. This is accomplished by some combination of spent gas and mechanical operation, the former powering the latter. The long-held definition of a semi-automatic has been that some additional human interaction is required to cause the next cycle, ordinarily another trigger squeeze. A device like a bump-stock merely helps the operator speed up this process.  The human operator still depresses the trigger to initiate each additional discharge.  What’s different is that the human is merely taking advantage of the natural recoil of the firearm at higher speed.  The cost is that the accuracy is sacrificed.  The method is to use the slop of the added mechanism to create a circumstance whereby the weapon’s natural recoil and a sloppy hold on the weapon create a moment when the weapon is recoiling, and then quickly returns to it’s firing position, meeting the finger which is positioned to again depress the trigger.  The weapon is still a semi-automatic, but human guile has made it approximate the rate of fire of an automatic.

The truth the BATFE’s rule will not now address is that no device beyond the firearm itself is actually needed to accomplish this.  Human guile, a bit of practice, and a little time accomplish the same thing.  This truth will be “discovered” at some future date, and when it is, the BATFE will move to ban semi-automatics on the exact same basis: That they can be manipulated in such a way as to behave, to the uneducated observer, like an automatic.  At present, they are basing it on the idea of “rate increasing devices,” but that’s a hoax.  None of these devices increase the rate of fire, but the human inducing it to operate are the instrument of the increase.  Since they can’t very well ban humans, at least not yet, or ban fingers, or ban loose or sloppy holds on weapons, they will instead ban the weapons.

I encourage each reader to go view a few videos on youtube.  These videos each show a person operating a semi-automatic in such a way as to approximate the rate of fire of an automatic.  Here’s an AR-15:


Here’s a Glock pistol:

Here’s a shotgun: Bump-firing a Mossberg 930.  I think you get the point. There is no form of semi-automatic that can’t be “bump-fired,” and to be perfectly blunt about it, the fact that owners of any semi-automatic weapons of any description would support a ban on “bump-stocks” or any other alleged “rate-limiting device” is merely an act of ignorance or cowardice.

The only “rate-increasing device” is a human.  The only salient fact is that your rights are under attack by the BATFE, perhaps at the direction, or at least under control of President Trump.  Congress is certainly complicit, as Republicans in Congress wish to simply make the issue go away, and making BATFE the heavy in an election year is the most expedient way.  Republicans can get their ban of bump-stocks without being seen by their pro-gun voters to participate in a vote to ban them.  This nifty abrogation of their responsibility is also an shirking of their constitutional role.  Permitting them to ban “bump-stocks” or “echo triggers” will next lead to the banning of any trigger modification, including reduced trigger pull weight.  Do you enjoy that improved trigger on your Glock?  Is that trigger on your custom AR-15 really smooth and light? What about the trigger on your Benelli shotgun?  Making them lighter or smoother also makes them easier to bump-fire.  Before long, anything that can be bump-fired by any methodology will be banned, factory-standard or not.  This will be the end of your semi-automatics.  Then it will be double-action revolvers, which in principle, could also be bump-fired.  Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that permitting the BATFE to redefine the terms will permit them to ultimately ban all semi-automatic firearms, and a few more besides.

There isn’t any question about it:  This rule must be stopped, and the NRA is doing nothing about it, at least to date, but they’re not likely to do so, because they want the issue to go away too.  To my knowledge, only the Gun Owners of America is taking any action, at least to date.  You can help, and you should, even if you don’t own any of these types of weapons, because things may change and the day may come when you decide you want or need one.  Banning these items on the basis that they “increase the rate of fire” is astonishingly dishonest, since the only true “rate-increasing device” is human ingenuity.  Please visit GOA’s website for more details, and to help by making official comments with the BATFE during the current comment period.

There is one more reason to stop this rule, and it’s a constitutional problem unrelated to the Second Amendment. People have spent millions and millions of dollars on their bump-fire stocks and their echo triggers and so on.  A rule that would now effectively make the possession or use of these items constitutes a “taking.”  In effect, the rule proposes to steal the value of these items without compensation.  Now it is true that I would oppose this even if the government promised to make the owners whole, but the simple fact is that as many as a million of these various devices, perhaps more, are in circulation, and most of them cost hundreds of dollars.  It’s hard to say with an exact number, but the amount of value this would steal from the aggregate of their owners is probably in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This violates the Fifth Amendment’s prohibition of uncompensated takings:

…private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.

That seems pretty straight-forward, and it’s an objection we should all raise.

People with an anti-American point of view favor these gun bans, and bans on “rate-increasing devices.”  The problem is that they’re frauds, using each unfortunate attack or mass shooting as an opportunity to steal our liberties.  Note that these same devious liars did not call for the ban of Home Depot rentals after one of those trucks was used by a terrorist.  Why not?  Because too many Americans would reject it.  That’s why your voice is needed now: The government, even under President Trump, needs to know that a large number of the American people reject it.  Don’t fail to speak out in defense of your liberties, and in the name of reason and fact.

For a video discussion of this regulation, including a former BATFE employee explaining how this is being done, see the Military Arms Channel video on youtube.


Fast and Furious: “Smoking Gun” Indeed(Updated)

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

BATFE: Facilitating Crime To Regulate You

Wednesday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted a note on her Facebook page highlighting a story about Fast and Furious from CBS News.  In her note, she quotes the most critical part of the story and told readers: “Scour this article and let me know if you too think this might be a “smoking gun” in the Fast & Furious case.”  If you read the article, what we now know to be true becomes painfully clear: The BATFE(The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) was intent upon using sales they essentially provoked or facilitated in order to create the case justifying the further regulation of firearms.  At stake is the question of the BATFE’s policy in operation “Fast and Furious,” and communications between officials who wanted to use their instigated instances of multiple long-gun sales as the pretext under which to require gun dealers to report multiple long-gun sales to the same individual within five days.  This was one of their intended targets, but I suspect they had other motives we’ll learn about in due course.  What they really want is to attack your rights, and your ability to defend yourselves.

You might wonder who would want to buy multiple long guns within five days.  I can think of several very simple examples, including sportsmen, hunters, or simple gun enthusiasts, but the real point is that it doesn’t matter.  Long-guns aren’t used in crimes very frequently, because most murderous thugs don’t want to drag around a shoulder-fired, nearly impossible to conceal weapon.  Overwhelmingly, criminals use handguns.  This cannot be the issue.  Instead, this is about disarming the American people.  You see, the truth of the matter is that anybody who knows the first thing about firearms knows that handguns are of limited range and limited use.  Long-guns, particularly rifles, have extensive potential uses in defending one’s home and property, or more commonly, in military maneuvers.  Why is this important?   After all, we’re not in the military, most of us.  Some of us hunt, but many of the rifles targeted by these regulations are actually sporting rifles, with detachable magazine, which means quite bluntly that they can be used to repel large numbers of attackers because they can be reloaded quickly.  I ask you to look at the world around you, and ask with the state of our planet at present, why would anybody wish to reduce the ability of Americans to defend themselves, and against what?  I’ll leave the conclusions to you as to the ultimate purpose of this regulation, but it’s clear to me that this is about Americans retaining the ability to defend themselves en masse.

What this story makes clear is the sinister sort of people who have now taken up residence in our government.  They were willing to ask gun sellers to make mass sales of weapons, to buyers they knew would transport them to Mexico, knowing those weapons would be used by criminal drug gangs in terrible crimes.  They knew this, and they did it so they would be able to point to multiple sales that they had instigated in order to say you, the American people, ought to be reported to government if you buy multiple long-guns.  Think about that:  They knew these weapons would be used in crimes.  Hell, let’s just be honest about it: They hoped they would be used by the narco-thugs in crimes, and that this would give them the excuse they needed to regulate you.

Consider for yourself the sort of government you now have, that is so interested in disarming you that it is willing to engineer circumstances in which gun crimes are facilitated by multi-rifle sales in a foreign country, and along our own border, so that they can keep watch on you more closely.  Do you honestly trust such a government?  Do you really believe such a government is acting in your interests?  No.  This is a sick and twisted plot by government thugs to attack your liberties.

It’s beyond diabolical.  This is classic Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals thinking: Create a crisis and then propose new laws and regulations to combat the problem thereby created, in order to attack your target.  Your government is a monster.  You are its target.  It’s time to realize that we are being governed by people who are essentially hostile to the American people.  Thank goodness we have concerned Americans like Sarah Palin to highlight this story.

Update: As this goes to press, Mark Levin is discussing the issue on his show.