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Two Sponsors Ditch Limbaugh – I Will Not Buy Cowards’ Products

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Does He Need to Worry?

In an irony one could scarcely script, two companies responding to complaints from Twitter users decided to pull commercial advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show due to his comments on Wednesday regarding Sandra Fluke.  Sleep Train Mattress Centers and Sleep Number Beds have pulled their support.  Perfect.  While Sandra Fluke demands that government be inserted into the bedroom, the bedroom is being pulled from under Rush Limbaugh.  At the same time, Politico is also reporting that Pro Flowers is reconsidering its ad campaign on Limbaugh’s show.  All we need now is the wine and dine advertisers, and it will be a complete set.  I think Rush ought to begin running his old parody ad for Bungee Condoms in their place in the rotation.

What all of this reveals is what happens when you’re stuck with what Tammy Bruce calls the “Gestapos” who will apply commercial pressure to silence a radio personality.  Well, in the case of these sponsors, at least the two bed manufacturers, they’re dead to me.  The irony is that I am shopping for a bed, so now I know with whom I won’t be doing business.  All of this is nonsense, because what Limbaugh said is only outrageous before you consider that Sandra Fluke is an activist for radical feminist objectives, and that those same feminists have been trying to reduce the impact of the word “slut” to carry a less negative connotation by organizing what they call “slut-walks.”

Still, these advertisers really annoy me.  I would never have heard of their products without Limbaugh, and now I’ll be obliged to buy my next bed from somebody else.  I’m actually glad they chickened-out now, because later, I might have been sleeping on one of their products and be forced to  dump it at substantial loss.   Nevertheless, it is not advertisers who are the biggest wimps in all of this, as Dana Loesch at BigJournalism reveals.   A number of high-ranking or well-known Republicans are running from this story, and it demonstrates what cowards they really are.  These people who so easily tuck tails and run are not going to win anything in 2012, and the fact that this includes Speaker John Boehner simply proves the point.

Kudos to Dana Loesch for carrying on despite the pain!

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