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State Department: The Audacity of Dopes

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Audacity of Dopes

This should make your skin crawl and veins bulge in your forehead.  It turns out that the US Department of State spent more than $70K on copies of Barack Obama’s decade-old book, Dreams from My Father for global distribution.  As has also been revealed the embassy in Indonesia spent $3800 on copies of The Audacity of Hope for similar purposes.  This is an astonishing waste of tax-payer dollars, and honestly, I believe that if the government of the United States needed so many copies of these worthless books for the State Department’s global friendship tour for Barack Obama, they should have asked the wealthy author to provide them as a gift.  After all, this is the jerk who thinks we should pay more taxes.  Well, Mr. Obama, here was your chance to put your money where your mouth was.  He could say: “I gave at the office,” and mean it. I wonder how much he makes from the sale of $70K in retail sales of his books.  Minus the cost of publishing them, and the publisher’s cut, if it’s even seven dollars, it’s too damned much.

Honestly, I cannot imagine what goes through the heads of the worthless bureaucrats at the State Department. I’d vote for a candidate who promised to fire 90% of the State Department’s employees.  I am tired of this, but this case is astonishing.  The sad part is that Obama himself may not have known it, or at least he will have had plausible deniability, but in any case, this must be considered some sort of illegal campaign contribution, mustn’t it?  Who knows?  The laws are so mangled, nobody could make any sense of it anyway. Predictably, there is then this to accentuate the point in the Washington Time Article:

A review of the expenditures in a federal database did not reveal any examples of State Department purchases of books by former Presidents George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. The purchases of Mr. Obama’s literary work mostly, but not always, took place in the months after Mr. Obama captured the White House.

Shocker! This is another absurd example of what happens when liberals have any power in government.  The cronyism and favor-making begins immediately.  I’m not suggesting there have been no crooked conservatives, but to be honest, if they are crooked, they’re not really conservatives anyway.  I simply detest the statist mindset.  I find this sort of thing to be the evidence of how bankrupt these people really are.