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GBTV: The Smear Lives Here?

Friday, September 16th, 2011

You know, as a conservative, if you wish to be demeaned, you can go to almost any media outlet and find yourself denigrated, defamed, debased, and demoralized, but you’d think an outlet like Glenn Beck’s new wouldn’t be in that crowd.

You’d think Beck would understand, as an ostensibly conservative guy, that some things just go too far, and while laughing at ourselves is one thing, piling-on with muck-rakers like Joe McGinniss should be something a conservative must not do.  Having debuted his new network on Monday, you’d think that he’d be careful not to offend so many in his audience, but his little bit of comic relief in the person of Brian Sack simply wasn’t funny, and isn’t up to the standards Beck’s previous work has generally achieved.  I am deeply disappointed in this, and while the credit card subscription is still freshly minted, I am now demanding a refund.  The lesson is simple to those who wish to succeed in new media: You can’t simply dump on the people who have supported you and expect there to be no blow-back.

Beck will likely offer that he didn’t know what Brian Sack would say, but during the un-funny comic’s routine, he employed a graphic depicting the Palin family with a whole new member in answer to McGinniss’ smear-filled book.  It wasn’t funny, and many in the audience weren’t amused either.  If you must, you can watch a clip from the show on the GodandCountryFirst blog, but I won’t be re-posting it here.

This is your ground-breaking network, Mr. Beck? I’ve tuned in either live, or in replayed on demand, and this was shocking to me.  It’s not that I don’t expect your show to be fun, but Brian Sack channeling SNL’s weekend update while heaping smears on the Palin family isn’t exactly that for which I subscribed.  I am certain there are others who feel the same, and I think you can reasonably expect them to say something about it.  This was crass, inaccurate, vulgar, and worst of all, a move in collaboration with the popular culture you said you’re trying to defeat or transform with your new network.   If this is the “transformation of media” you offer, I must say that I don’t like it any better than Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of our country.

I simply don’t understand what the point could have been.  I don’t understand how Glenn could permit his new platform to be used this way.  In truth, I don’t think anything that goes out on GBTV can do so without his endorsement or approval, so let’s not pretend he’s off the hook because the words came out of Brian Sack’s mouth.

It wasn’t informative, entertaining, or even funny.  In short, in seeking to be like Bill Maher or John Stewart, Glenn Beck became Bill Maher or John Stewart.  Glenn has said he wants to appeal to a younger audience.  Does he believe this is to be accomplished by smearing conservatives in the name of comedy?  Does he think Brian Sack will appeal to youth?  If this is Beck’s vision for his new network, I can tell you unreservedly that there is at least one Texan who will have no part of it.