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Why Newt Won’t (and Shouldn’t) Get Out

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

The 'Cheerful One'

Jonathan Karl has an enlightening piece up on covering Newt Gingrich and his reasoning for staying in this Republican nomination fight.  It’s a reason that makes a great deal of sense once you understand the former House Speaker’s rationale:  He wants to prevent a Romney coronation, with the GOP establishment riding herd over the rank-and-file.  There’s good reason for conservatives to want this too, because if there is an brokered convention, we’re far more likely to have a more thoroughly prepared candidate once the general election season begins.  The GOP convention is our last chance as conservatives to hold any candidate’s feet to the fire, and if we’re smart, we’ll make full use of the opportunity it presents.   It is not only true that Newt Gingrich won’t get out, but also true that he shouldn’t.

The establishment line has been that “a brokered convention will hurt the party,” or that “Mitt Romney will win anyway,” or that “conservatives should shut up and get in line.”  None of these are true, and for now, Newt Gingrich is carrying that banner.  Also, as I observed last week, there is no guarantee that if Newt gets out, that it won’t bolster Romney rather than Santorum, as some have contended, notably GOP establishment operatives who would love to see Gingrich out so they can focus all of their venom and negative campaigning on a single target.  Gingrich seemed to confirm this, according to Karl:

1) His vote gets divided between Santorum and Romney. A larger percentage would go to Santorum, but at least some goes to Romney, allowing him to accumulate more delegates; and,

2) Romney is then able to aim all of his considerable firepower at Santorum, destroying him with negative ads the way he twice destroyed Gingrich (in Iowa and Florida).

This may sound familiar to my regular readers, although we should note that Gingrich has done the math too, and while his road to the nomination is formidable, the way to defeat Mitt Romney for either Gingrich or Santorum is in a floor fight at the convention.  Some establishment Republicans fear the spectacle, but they shouldn’t unless they’re selling a pig in a poke to conservative Republicans. On the anxiety in the party, carried forth and broadcast by the press, Gingrich told Karl:

“This thing is going to go on. You guys need to relax and cover the most interesting nominating process in your lifetime,” Gingrich told me. “Be not anxiety-ridden, this is going to be good for America. This is a good conversation to have.”

He’s absolutely right.  Nothing is supposed to be smooth or easy about this process.  This is where we’re supposed to settle the differences in the party.  This is the time for conservatives to find their voices in the battle with the party establishment.  The establishment would rather the grass-roots and conservative base of the GOP simply shut up and play along, but that’s not we’ll defeat Barack Obama. We’re conservatives, and we shouldn’t expect it to be easy, or even bloodless in a political sense. If we have the strength of our convictions, we must fight this battle too, and unflinchingly.  Newt Gingrich is right: It’s a battle worth fighting. As the Daily Caller further details, while messy, a brokered convention is an important part of the process.  We came within a whisker of getting Reagan in 1976, as the Daily Caller details, and it’s something to consider when we look at what’s going on in this primary season, and how the GOP establishment is pulling out all the stops to prevent a similar scene.



Daily Caller: Tea Party Coalescing Around Newt Gingrich

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Tea Party to Dump Mitt in Harbor?

The Daily Caller is reporting that in South Carolina, the Tea Party seems to have begun to coalesce around Newt Gingrich.  That’s an amazing change of things, and this further demonstrates why Mitt Romney is becoming desperate, and the leftist media that wants him to be the nominee for easier defeat by Obama in November is now conducting an all-out war on Newt Gingrich.  For Gingrich, this is great news, and for the forces of anti-Romney, it may be even better news, because as I reported late Wednesday night, one poll is now showing Gingrich in a clear lead in South Carolina, but until the votes are tallied, it may be too close to call.

What remains to be seen is what effect the bogus non-story story pushed by Drudge and ABC News on Wednesday evening will have on these numbers, or the Tea Party’s support, but I suspect there may well be a backlash against this garbage underway.  From the article:

“My sense is there is a growing coalition behind Newt Gingrich,” said Dugan, who organized a state tea party convention last weekend that both Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum attended.

Mitt’s in trouble in the Palmetto state, and this story explains it well.  The thing to remember in all of this is that it’s terribly fluid, with as many as 40% or more of South Carolina Republicans still undecided, even at this late date.  Hold onto your hats, because with all the shenanigans already ongoing, it’s likely to be a very wild ride.  If the Tea Party continues this trend through the remainder of the week, it may just tip things in Gingrich’s favor.  The probability of a backlash against media sleaze is increased, as I think voters are catching on and no longer seem willing to let the media choose their candidate any longer.

Daily Caller: What Inspires Mark Levin (and what doesn’t)

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Mark Levin

Radio phenomenon and conservative freedom fighter Mark Levin sat down with The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein for an interview. Levin’s radio audience is the largest in his time-slot, drawing nearly ten million people to his audience weekly.  Whatever his ratings, he’s one of only two hosts I try not to miss. Weinstein asked Levin about a number of subjects, including whether Levin would consider running for public office.  He was asked to explain the origins of the nickname “The Great One,” and he has a good sense of humor about it.  Levin also explained why he’s inspired to do what he does, and also what would not interest him. As usual, Levin shoots straight. Here’s the video:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1010344&w=425&h=350&fv=%26embedCode%3DBjbGlhMzrrpXBCnzT8nKP-gYLLKRFQG6]

I think Levin is one of the most sincere and passionate hosts on nationwide radio, and for those of you who aren’t regular listeners, you can check him out at his website, where he has extensive, free downloads of audio archives of his show.  He has a new book forthcoming this week, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, and I will do a review of the book here as soon as I’ve read it.

“There They Go Again…”

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Newt's Turn

It seems as though this is the new method for destroying Republican front-runners this year. Once again, we have an The Daily Caller leveling accusations of adulterous conduct, this time against Newt Gingrich.  Once again, it is another “he-said, she-said,” and it’s not even a new allegation.  This is the same website that couldn’t wait to tell us about the ridiculous statements of Mike Tyson on the subject of Sarah Palin earlier this year.  Once again, we are faced with a story that provides no substantiation apart from the fact that the woman first made the allegations nearly two decades ago, a decade-and-one-half after the alleged conduct.  This accuser, Anne Manning, provides that she performed oral sex on Newt Gingrich, then still married to his first wife.  That’s it then!  It’s time for Newt to lose his lead, right?  That’s the formula, isn’t it?  Well, isn’t it?

As my readers know, I have chosen no candidate thus far, since the one I favored has chosen not to run.  To me, this isn’t merely about the election any longer, but about who is going to dominate the choosing.  Will it be the media?  Will it be voters?  This is another instance in which I will suggest to readers that until you have some substantiation, you may wish to discount the woman’s story. Another thing is that this woman’s story resurfaces, when it would be most damaging, to repeat her claims, but through the entirety of the article, nowhere do they seem to question Ms. Manning’s motives or veracity.  More, I have a question, and it’s probably going to get me in a little trouble with some, but let’s imagine this story is true.  Let’s imagine every word Ms. Manning is alleging is the absolute truth.  As we stand in judgment of Gingrich for this alleged transgression, what are we to make of Ms. Manning? She said:

“He always talks about being big on family values but he doesn’t practice what he preaches,” Manning said, according to London’s Daily Mail newspaper. “I wasn’t planning to say a word about him, but voters need to know what sort of man they’re being asked to support.”

Does Ms. Manning believe this will gain her some credibility or celebrity?  If this were true, what does it tell us about her?  She is purported to have been married at the time, as well.  You must forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, as I don’t understand what possible value this woman could offer other than to permit herself to be used to destroy Gingrich.  Maybe she’s lying, and maybe she’s not, but I don’t understand what her motive could be other than a few more moments of fame.

I also don’t understand the Daily Caller or the Daily Mail bringing this story up again.  It’s not new, and it’s not news, but since Gingrich is now the front-runner, I suspect that’s all the reason they needed.  The Daily Caller has certainly done more on less in the past. It’s time to consider not merely the accusations, but the people who are leveling them, or more properly in this case, who are bringing them up[again.]  Gingrich has already spoken to his earlier failings, and this simply looks timed to hit Newt and hit him hard.  I’m certainly not excusing Gingrich’s behavior in any case, but this all seems even more contrived than usual. The Daily Caller article also uses the occasion to take several other slaps at Gingrich, so I suspect this is more a matter of opportunism on their part.

The media is now so thoroughly bankrupt, so biased, and so determined to drive the process that I’ve lost patience for the lot of them.  Sure, I want to know about candidates’ moral failings, but I really don’t need the salacious details, and I particularly don’t understand the necessity of re-introducing a story that’s been floating around the Internet for more than a decade, except for the timing.  I suppose when all else fails to clobber a candidate, what you do is drag out some story of sex and sleaze and hope that it sticks.  I’ve seen this one.  It’s a re-run, same as it ever was.  Can we talk about tax reform?  Sex.  Can we talk about entitlement reform?  Sex.  Can we talk about the weather?  Sex. It’s obviously the answer to every question. It’s not that I don’t want to examine the candidates. It’s not that I don’t want to know their records or their past troubles, because they can tell us things about their future troubles, but let’s be honest: This isn’t about telling us the truth about Newt Gingrich.  Everybody who had any interest in knowing about Ms. Manning’s allegations has had decades to discover them.  If this was about anything other than the politics of personal destruction, this would have been brought out [again] before he was a front-runner.

I’m still considering all of the candidates.  Feel free to watch the latest media circus while Barack Obama continues his campaign to destroy the country.  I’m going to keep track of that.  I just want my country back.  When will the Daily Caller cover that?