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A Word on the Maddening Ignorance of too many Americans

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

I realize that our educational systems are filled with rot and torment, and I know many parents don’t do very much to help the situation, and I understand there are so many distractions for our young people that it’s amazing they have learned to tie their shoes…well, some of them have.  What I notice is the empty byproduct of a vacuous self-esteem that has taught them to value their opinions when it’s clear from listening to them that they don’t know a blessed thing of merit.  I don’t like to attack people in a general way, but for the love of Pete, can somebody tell these dead-heads to remember the quote variously attributed to Lincoln, Twain, and a few others, since we can predict they won’t have known it:

“It is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

My apologies. These dead-heads aren’t likely to know who Lincoln or Twain had been.

“Lincoln? The car?”

“Twain? Doesn’t that have something to do with scanners?”

Who am I kidding? I’d be surprised if they could manage that much. This is why I oppose early voting.  This is why I oppose motor-voter laws.  I don’t think our nation should be run by people who haven’t the willingness to learn the first damned thing about it.  Am I an “elitist” for suggesting that some people are too ignorant to vote? I don’t think so, but then, I know what I know. If you’re as blissfully, wretchedly ignorant as the people depicted in this video, you shouldn’t be permitted to vote, or even gain entry to a college, in the first instance because you clearly don’t care enough to be a responsible participant in our nation’s decisions, and in the second because there is probably nothing a university can do to help you, other than to alleviate you of the burden arising from those few funds you likely possess.  If you’re a parent paying for college, you’d better find out whether your money is being well-spent, and if you have children in public education, if you love them, get them the Hell out!

What am I going on about?  Was it the video our friend “The Unit” posted? No, it was another video a reader provided in response to the first.  I caution you that there is vulgar language in this one, but honestly, I want you to see what your trillions of dollars in education spending has produced as college students discuss the meaning of the 4th of July(from H/T F. Brown):


This isn’t merely “facepalm” material. It’s an indictment of a nation that has grown far too complacent.  I am thankful that we still have enough young people of sufficient character to populate our armed services, but for those who appeared in this video, may whatever god(s) they worship have mercy on their souls.

I’m betting on Dionysus.


The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

When Crazies Go Nuts

If you want to have a laugh, all you really need to do is cruise some of they hysterical blog sites frequented by leftists who have the most amazing ability to ignore reality while they pursue idiotic stories about all things conservative, but particularly Sarah Palin.  I received a tip about one site recently in which the author presented another conspiracy theory about Palin, and it was laughable and pathetic, but in reading the comments from what appears to be a string of idiotic but regular visitors to the site, I noticed something hilarious:

 Idiot #1(and Author):  “You know what my source said? My source says…[Conspiracy theory #1]”

 Idiot #2: “Oh, wow, that’s unreal.”

 Idiot #3: “Oh, wow, Idiot#2, that’s good information! Do you think it’s also true that [conspiracy theory extension #1]?”

 Idiot #2: “It’s definitely possible.  You know how Sarah Palin is…”

 Idiot #4: “Hey, Idiot #5, come look at this information Idiot #3 has dug up on Sarah Palin.”

 Idiot #5: “Oh yeah, definitely! You know it’s true. I also heard that[conspiracy theory extension #2]”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, that’s good information. Let me add that to my story.”

 Idiot #6: “Hey, I just heard that [Conspiracy theory #1][Conspiracy theory extension #1, and #2] plus [new conspiracy theory extension #3]

 Idiot #3: “Well, you know how those gomers are. HAHAHAHAHA!”

 Idiot #2: “Yeah, that’s how they are. They are so blind. I was over on C4p. Some organization called O4P is asking for money”

 Idiot #1: “hahahahahahaha”

 Idiot #2: “O4P? I mean, like what’s that? Something affiliated with Palin?”

 Idiot #7: “I penetrated their organization for a while, but now something happened. Maybe they caught on to me?”

 Idiot #8: “You Rock, #7, did you hear about [Conspiracy theory#1][Conspiracy theory extensions #1,#2, and #3] plus [new extension #4 and #5]?”

 Idiot #7: “No, I heard [Alternate conspiracy theory].”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, I hadn’t considered that, #7. I’ll do a whole new post on that one.”

 Idiot #9: “Did you see this idiot? He posted a story about a story he didn’t publish. What an idiot!”

 Idiot #10: “That’s nothing, now he’s posted a story called: The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom


 Idiot #2: “I think I read some of that somewhere before.”

 Idiot #3: “Typical Gomer.”

Idiot #4: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! What an idiot!”

 Idiot #1: “Maybe he was talking about my story!”

 Idiot #10: “Are we being watched?”

  Idiot #9: “The Gomers aren’t that smart. Only we do that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Now I promise you that none of these are exact quotes, but my intention here is to capture the spirit and mindset of the leftist opponents we face. In other words, they’re not real bright.  On the other hand, it should serve as a reminder that leftists really are a bunch of smear-spreading sneaks and liars.

They feed on one another, and in successive posts, they make up whole narratives about Palin, her family, and anybody else. Hauled into a courtroom, not one of these morons could substantiate any of their claims, but the funniest part of this is that at this very moment, they’re visiting this site, hoping I will reveal the story I refrained from publishing yesterday. It’s not like it was a state secret, but just as I didn’t wish to give that story coverage it doesn’t deserve, neither will I provide you a link to the site where this gaggle of morons assembles.

Editors Note: Yes idiots, we know you’re watching. Now who’s laughing?