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Sarah Palin Slams Obama Crony-Capitalism

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Only twenty-four hours ago, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tweeted a link to an ABC story about a electric car manufacturer from Finland receiving US government loan guarantees that decided to take its loan and its plant home.  As the details have begun to  emerge from the swamp that is the Obama administration, it’s becoming crystal-clear that we have a giant problem in Washington DC.  In a follow-up to here tweet on the issue, Palin has posted a note on Facebook entitled American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland.

Her posting begins by explaining some of the linkage that has been revealed to Obama cronies like Al Gore, whose investment capital firm is a partner in the venture.  That’s simply another stunning revelation about how deep the corruption goes.  I’m certain there was probably nothing illegal, since those who right the laws permit these sorts of things, but it’s not merely a matter of law.  It should be a simple matter of right and wrong, and it wasn’t so long ago that decent Americans, including many politicians, didn’t think the law was the only limit on their conduct.  I don’t need a law to tell me some things are simply wrong, and even if they figured out a way to stay within the strict wording of law, they certainly have shredded its spirit.

She hammered away at the obvious corruption and said this:

“It’s bad enough that we borrow money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries. Now we borrow from foreign countries to finance jobs in foreign countries. (This kind of reminds me of the $2 billion assistance President Obama provided Brazil for their off-shore energy developments, while shutting down or blocking much of our own off-shore domestic drilling. He’s in favor of energy jobs in Brazil. But in America? Not so much.)”

Yes indeed, I remember the story quite well.  The main Brazilian company involved is Petrobras, the Brazilian oil monopoly(I thought liberals hate monopolies?) and as an interesting side-note, George Soros has been an investor in the venture, and his timing seems to have been impeccable. Interestingly, it’s a deep drilling operation off the coast of Brazil, much deeper than the Deep Water Horizon that gave Obama the excuse to band off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Isn’t this also a case of the ultimate in crony-capitalism?

This is the game being played in Washington, using your dollars on boondoggles to enrich politicians and their well-heeled friends and family members.  This ought to be stopped.  Sarah Palin goes on to further support her case, before she  concludes:

“Wake up, America, before it’s too late.”

Indeed, America, wake up!

Sarah Palin Tweets Outrage (Updated)

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Wake Up America!

Shortly after an appearance on Hannity on Thursday evening, Sarah Palin sent out a tweet via the Twitter social network that reads simply: “This is outrageous. Wake up, America…”   This link is to a story that should indeed be an outrage among Americans.  With the approval of the Obama administration, the US Government gave a $529 million loan guarantee to a Finnish car company, Fisker, that produces electric “plug-in” cars.  The problem is that they decided that rather than spend the money on a plant here in the US, they’ve gone back to Finland with the dough.  EARTH TO OBAMA:  What in the world were you leftist dolts thinking when you decided to go along with this idea?  Let’s export some more jobs.  Let’s put more US capital at risk. Talk about WTF moments!

The company’s founder and namesake, Henrik Fisker said the cars simply couldn’t be built here in the US, and added insult to injury saying:

“We’re not in the business of failing; we’re in the business of winning. So we make the right decision for the business. That’s why we went to Finland.”

So, to stay here in America is to fail?  In addition to being at least mildly insulting, it’s also an unintended assessment of Obama, if you consider it carefully.  After all, if the company cannot succeed in the environment Obama has created, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of Obamanomics, is it?

Nevertheless, this is another of the “Green Jobs” scams and it is typical of how this administration has operated.  How much would you guess company executives have contributed to Obama? There’s no information available on that at present, but you can bet it will be coming.

Irrespective of the outcome of that investigation, I wonder if anybody else is outraged by the fact that the US government and taxpayers are potentially on the hook for the loans if this boondoggle also fails, like Tesla seems to be doing.  Out economy is in free-fall, and the Obama administration is giving loans to electric car companies from Finland that have never produced a single car, and is now going to produce them back home in Finland?  This is disgusting.  Barack Obama needs to go home next November, and I agree with Sarah Palin when she famously said: “November [2012] can’t come soon enough.”


Update:  It turns out that Al Gore is a partner in the company receiving the loan.  With this administration, you had to know there was some crony-capitalism going on in this deal somewhere.