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Ryan Whines About Future Labor Shortages; Gohmert and King Call BS (Video)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Paul Ryan talked with Laura Ingraham about a possible, future labor shortage if the amnesty bill is not passed.  Right this moment, millions of American citizens are un/under-employed, and this guy is worried about a future labor shortage?  I guess after being portrayed by Democrats as throwing Granny off the cliff, he’s take up the real work of pitching US citizens and legal residents over the cliff in earnest.  This ridiculous man, who had been the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate only seven months ago actually believes this is the answer.  What he’s not willing to say, at least not directly, is that he wants illegals legalized so they can be new slaves and beneficiaries in the growing government welfare-state. Listen to this pandering RINO disgorge his platitudes and clichés:

Ladies and gentlemen, we must kill the bill, and we must kill it in the Senate.  Rep. Steve King(R-IA) along with Louie Gohmert(R-TX) appeared on Hannity Thursday to explain why we must kill the immigration reform bill in the Senate:  If this makes it to the House, Boehner will take up the bill, and it may be extensively amended before passage, but the bill will need to go to conference first because the two bills will be substantially different.  After the conference bill is finalized, there will be a vote for final passage, and it is at that time that Boehner and the GOP leadership in the House will screw us with a vast majority of Democrats and a few hands-full of RINOs voting for the conference version.  Then we’ll have our amnesty, and Boehner will appear as though his hands are clean. Here’s Gohmert and King on Hannity:

The two Congressmen reiterated my point of yesterday: There should be no discussion of amnesty/legalization of any kind until the border is secured and enforcement has been significant and effective for a number of years.

We must prevent this scam from going through. I have my own doubts about whether the Senate version of the bill if amended with security-oriented provisions will stand up, because the amendments being added introduce new appropriations, but the Constitution requires that any new appropriations or taxation must originate in the House.  We  already know that these weasels pay attention to the constitution if and when it suits them, so I would not be surprised to see some game-playing on technical grounds if that’s what is needed to stop enforcement of security provisions.

Keep the pressure on them!  I checked by a few of the Republican “Gang-of-Eight” Facebook pages, and noted that they are getting hammered by patriotic Americans everywhere. Let’s remind them whose country this is, and what their duty to the American people is supposed to entail.

Don’t forget to go by and sign the border security petition from Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) Petition Here



Stripping Them Bare: Coulter and Ingraham Represent the Party of DC

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Two Ladies Who Love Their Polls(Poles?)

What you learn from watching the Republican party establishment flacks in the media is that they really don’t understand their own hypocrisy.  On Tuesday evening, sitting in for Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham had Ann Coulter on the show to talk politics.  What they did was hammer Sarah Palin.  I knew it was coming, because O’Reilly is himself no Sarah Palin fan, and these two continued the establishment’s meme of “I like Sarah Palin, but…”  Bad as that might have been, Coulter took a crack at Sarah Palin’s supporters leveled at our passionate and faithful support.

In her view, we’re becoming tiresome because we continue to support a candidate, who in Coulter’s view, clearly isn’t running. The irony of a woman criticizing a politician’s supporters because the politician hasn’t as yet announced a campaign, who herself continues to agitate on behalf of a politician who has flatly stated he won’t run is a laughable demonstration of the exhausting lack of self-awareness on the part of Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter also enjoyed pointing out polls that suggest Palin can’t win.  Apart from the fact that polls are mostly irrelevant so far from the election, I am reminded of Sarah Palin’s own view of polls, expressed at Saturday’s Tea Party rally saying:

“…usually I say polls, eh, they’re for strippers and cross country skiers .”

Ann looks neither athletic nor study enough to be a cross-country skier.

The two also got into a discussion of Sarah Palin’s voice.  Really?  Mentioning they have low voices, Ingraham went on to share a laugh with Coulter, but I’ve heard Ingraham herself attain higher octaves on the radio than she might care to admit. Once again, this is a completely superficial issue.  Mean girl syndrome? Perhaps, but these two continue to take slaps at Governor Palin, in shrill language if not voice, mainly because they are the GOP establishment’s representatives in the Lamestream Media. Fortunately for Ingraham, most are willing to overlook the nasal tone of her voice.

What I find stunning is this, and it reveals how thoroughly part of the establishment Coulter has become:  She acknowledges how the media has unfairly tried to destroy Sarah Palin in the  media.  Rather than fighting against lies and mis-characterizations of which she herself  has been a frequent object, she essentially concedes the point and suggests that Palin should simply accept this and return quietly to Alaska for a life in exile.

If all of this seems strange to you, it shouldn’t, because these two have a long record of being part of the establishment when it comes down to it.  Where the rubber meets the road, these two aren’t conservatives.  Given their recent behavior, I don’t trust them, because their judgments seem clouded by hypocrisy.  I can’t know their motives, but I know they’re not earnest because nobody can be so thoroughly wrong about an issue or a candidate accidentally.


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