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Is There Any Case Some Trial Lawyer Won’t Take?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Slumming for Dollars? FORMER Congressman Steve Driehaus

We all enjoy our lawyer jokes.  My apologies to readers who may take offense (“Don’t sue me, Bro!”) but I find this case laughable on a number of bases.  In Ohio, a Democrat who lost his seat is suing the Susan B. Anthony List for contributing to his defeat.  I kid you not. One would think this sort of lawsuit would be tossed summarily, but no, not if you bring the case in the court of an Obama appointee(and probably some Bush appointees, as we’ve seen recently.)  Steve Driehaus, D-OH, apparently thought he had a lifetime gig until voters pitched him out the door in the landmark elections of 201o.  Not content to take his lumps and move on, Driehaus has now filed a lawsuit aimed at the Susan B. Anthony List for its criticisms, which he says cost him the election.

This is pathetic. Not only is he a sore loser.  He’s a whining LOOOOOZER. Uppercase “L”, all the way.  As a side-note, I went out and found dozens of critical articles about Mr. Driehaus.  Can they all be expecting lawsuits?  Uh-oh…