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Romney Campaign Admits 100,000 Net Jobs Created is False

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Does He Owe Any Explanations?

It should be obvious by now that Governor Sarah Palin’s point about the Romney claim to having created one-hundred thousand jobs while at Bain was on target.  Romney has made this claim, and it’s been a factor to which he points in explaining why you should vote for him.  As it turns out, Palin was smart to raise this, because you can bet the Obama flunkies would hammer him with this in a general election campaign. What is in question is whether Romney’s “100,000 net jobs created” claim is accurate, since it seems not counted in this are all the jobs lost through the activities of Bain.  That’s quite a difference, and the leftist press is already running with it because it shows the impossible claim of Romney to be a falsehood.  It certainly demonstrates Romney’s weakness, and it also shows why Republicans should be careful about the proposition of appointing the former Massachusetts governor who plays so fast and loose with the facts.

Also at stake is this, as the Washington Post article points out:

“Second, it has become increasingly hard to understand how Romney’s personal involvement played a role in creating these jobs, especially years later. He clearly is adding up all the jobs now at the companies that are thriving, arguing these numbers far outweigh the job losses at companies that failed. But as the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, the failure rate one can attribute to Bain Capital changes significantly if one counts five years from an investment or eight years from an investment. ” (emphasis mine.)

The other interesting thing of which Governor  Palin reminded viewers during her Wednesday interview with Hannity is that Romney has yet to release his tax returns, an ordinary practice for those seeking the presidency.  The leftist press is already beginning to gear up to attack Romney on this point, and I think it’s gaining traction as people begin to wonder what Romney might be hiding. There is no law requiring candidates release their tax returns, but the simple fact is that most do and have done so for many years.  The idea that Romney wouldn’t is a bit off-putting, given the way in which he is flinging cash around in the primary campaign season.

I think we need more disclosure on this sort of thing, and not less, and I believe Romney’s claim of 100,000 net jobs created is ultimately going to destroy him if his other flaws don’t.  This is why we have a primary after all: To do the vetting so that we can put up a strong candidate, and under close examination, Romney’s record really isn’t measuring up.  We mustn’t nominate him until he’s willing to fully respond to these questions, irrespective of who the media and the GOP establishment tells us is the “inevitable nominee.”


US Cranes Company Policy: No Hiring Until Obama Gone

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

No Work Means No Jobs - Thank Obama

You might think this is a joke, and it sounds outrageous, but imagine how poor Bill Looman feels:  It’s his company and his policy.  Looman began posting signs on his trucks and properties roughly six months ago, but now it’s gone viral.  Looman explained that it’s not that he’s actively choosing to refuse to hire but that he says it’s not possible to hire under the economic condition the Obama administration’s policies.  In short, this isn’t the course he would have chosen, but it’s simply not economically feasible to hire.  I’m certain thousands of other businesses share his sentiment, and the employment numbers reflect this reality.

The same philosophy that brought us the disaster of Obamanomics has put forth the notion that businesses ought to hire as a matter of some form of charity.  What such wizards don’t quite grasp is that this is what has gotten us into the trouble in the first place.  The housing market collapse was largely due to giving people loans and mortgages for which there was little chance they would repay based on credit history, as an act of charity.

This sort of policy-making is an attempt to short-circuit the free market, but it never works.  Those who argue Looman should hire even though it would be an economic detriment to his company simply haven’t grasped the fact that if companies implement that policy, it will destroy more companies, and once they’re destroyed, their current employees will be joining the proposed new employees in the unemployment line.  Hiring people for the sake of hiring them won’t fix the economy, either, because growth is fueled in part by increases in productivity which doesn’t improve with idle workers hired for the sake of “giving somebody a job.”

Companies aren’t charities.  They exist to make money, and create wealth, and when they are able to do so, jobs are created not as the cause of the company’s prosperity, but as an effect of its growth.  This is the fact Looman’s signs are intended to convey: You can’t hire workers when you have no work for them to do.  That seems obvious to those of us who confront reality daily, but those in the Obama administration who continue to push radical, job-killing policies simply don’t understand economics or free  markets, or worse don’t hold prosperity of the American economy as the goal for which they’re working.

Bill Looman, US Cranes LLC

11Alive, an NBC affiliate, sent a reporter to Waco, GA, to speak to employer Bill Looman.  Looman, a Marine Corps veteran explained “Can’t afford it,” Tuesday evening. “I’ve got people that I want to hire now, but I just can’t afford it. And I don’t foresee that I’ll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C.”

He went on to say: “I just spent 10 years in the Marine Corps protecting the rights of people… the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment and the [rest of the] Bill of Rights,” he said. “Lord knows they’re calling me at 2 in the morning, all night long, and voicing their opinion. And I respect their right to do that. I’m getting a reaction, a lot of it’s negative, now. But a lot of people are waking up.”

Looman is now being harassed by some who are unhappy with his signs, but he seems undeterred.  See a video at 11Alive Here.

Barack Obama’s “Hail Mary” Pass

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Head-Fake Right, Ball Goes Left

It’s a close game, and with time ticking off the clock, the home team is on defense.  The other team has possession of the ball, and they run it out of bounds to stop the clock.  They have one more chance to run a play, but with 80 yards of the field between them and the end-zone, the quarterback steps into the huddle with instructions from the coach for one last “Hail Mary” play.  Unfortunately, the ball is mishandled on the snap, and the while the quarterback picks it right back up, he’s already killed the initiative.  His receivers are trying to get open with every head-fake known to man, but the defense is on it, and the ball is in the air, and just shy of the 20 yard-line, the ball is picked-off by a quick corner-back.

Off to the races, and down the sideline he goes, unopposed for a stand-up touchdown.  He could have ducked out of bounds at any time and ended the game, but he wanted to deliver a message:  “I’ve seen this play before, and it will never work again.” The losing quarterback looks on in horror, knowing he’s lost the game, but the corner-back isn’t finished, and in an act of celebratory sportsmanship, Mark America spikes the ball.  Mr. Obama, you’re a terrible quarterback and only the ineptitude of our own offense has kept you in this game this long.

Does he really believe we will fall for this, or is this simply aimed at the unthinking folks who get their news in three-second sound-bites from MSNBC?  President Obama presented a number of fine-sounding capitalistic ideals, intermixed with the pure statism, but the truth is that he squandered all his initiative when he mentioned the manner in which it would be paid.  Take all the fine head-fakes out of this speech, and what you are left with is really just more of the same. The new stimulus, which they won’t call stimulus, is to be paid for by adding to the deficit-deficit Congress is already likely unable to address later this year.  As I said, it was a head-fake to fiscal responsibility, but that of which it really consists is more smoke and mirrors, and more can-kicking that doesn’t advance the ball down the field, and will ultimately only add to our disaster.

There were a number of relative novelties in the speech, also part of the head-fake, referencing the pledge of allegiance as he did without dropping “under God.”  What wasn’t novel was his continued reliance on the hand-outs to the education establishment and the unions.  This is the most thinly disguised program of alleged economic stimulus on record.  One might ask why he keeps going back to the same play-book, and the answer is simple: He’s got nothing else.  Ideologically, he’s simply incapable of rejecting more statism, although this time he wrapped it all up in red, white and blue bunting.

There can be no escape from reality, and yet what Barack Obama offered today was a farce.  He threw in a few temporary measures such as tax credits for business, and more short-run tax cuts for individual tax-payers, but he insists on raising taxes on the wealthy.  He insists on paying for this with imaginary cuts added to other imaginary cuts, but there’s no honest proposal here.  What Mr. Obama has accomplished would be everything he set out to do, if it weren’t for that one corner-back who intercepted his big lie.  Now truth be told, if you watched his speech, you noticed the same things, but many of your friends and family won’t have been watching since this President is a ratings disaster almost equal to the economic one that he represents.

This speech was pure political theater, which is why Boehner should have refused it when first proposed, or he should have offered the President the 2am pacific time slot for this load of continually stinking refuse.  Sadly, the Republican leadership hasn’t been good at office, and is much happier when on defense since others like you and me will carry their water.

It’s a farce to suggest that we can stimulate the economy with temporary tax cuts and more spending programs all paid for by increased taxes on the rich and more magical, imaginary cuts we all know we will never, ever see.  This was propaganda for the sound-bite news gatherers, in order to help ratchet up his own base.  If Speaker Boehner had any kind of fortitude, he’d stand up and tell the President:  Not good enough.  DOA.  We will see how the Republicans react to this nonsense, but I have fears about their willingness to stand once the “killing babies, killing seniors, and killing jobs” rant begins.

They’ve been timid and terrified at every turn.  The only good news to come out of this is that it was likely seen in not many more households than watches MSNBC.  We’ve had enough of this propaganda, and at this late hour, we need to send in a back-up. We need to fire the coach.  I can see November 2012 from my house.  Can you?