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CBS Giving Barack Obama Cover?

Sunday, December 18th, 2011


In an interview for 60 Minutes, Barack Obama compared his administration favorably with other administrations, stating that they had done more than any but Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.  CBS had posted that video on their site, but it’s now being reported that this snippet will not be included in the airing of the show.  One must begin to wonder how far the media will go in giving cover to this President, but I think it’s more important to consider the mindset behind the statement itself, and what sort of wretched narcissist believes the accomplishments of the Obama administration are on par with our country’s greatest presidents, most of whom he excluded from his list.  It also tells us a bit about what he thinks makes a president great, and from that point of view, this video may be more troubling. Below is the clip:

So, just in terms of modern history?  Including Reagan? And Lincoln  is “modern history”?  It’s no secret to my readers that I believe Barack Obama may be the most disturbed man to occupy the White House in history, including Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Richard Nixon, and those are saying a bit, with their sexual aggression, antisemitism, and enemies lists, respectively.  This president is an absurd figure, and any President who wishes to place himself in the company of Ronald Reagan will have to do better than Obama has done.

This historical obsession of his is telling, but what you learn about most is the sort of president with whom his feeble mind permits himself to be compared.  All of them grew the power of the federal government to an outrageous extent, and while some will excuse Lincoln, or even FDR, for the wars in which they engaged, still others recognize that both men presided over substantial growth of government, and there are those who would argue these three in particular would be among the worst of our past presidents.  LBJ was put out to pasture in large part for the war into which he took the nation.  One wonders why Obama chose these three, and in looking for that common thread, all I can see that Obama has in common with them is a notion that is best described by his view of himself as an emancipator and provider for “the underprivileged.”

I believe this is the linkage in Obama’s mind, although I’ve had it suggested to me by a cynic that there’s an even more sinister reason for Obama’s consideration of those three presidents: LBJ sent Americans to die in what many considered a useless war; FDR imprisoned American citizens in camps; Abe Lincoln made open war upon Americans and burned the South to the ground.  As angry as Obama seems to be with America at times, I suppose it’s not surprising that somebody would draw that conclusion.

Barack Obama’s claims aside, I can’t imagine how CBS will edit out this portion of the interview and not reveal how thoroughly they are all-in for Obama.  Maybe they don’t care?  Increasingly, I’m finding that media outlets make not even the pretense of objectivity in their reporting.  After all, this is the same news outfit that gave us Dan Rather and the phony letter about George W. Bush.  It’s not really surprising that CBS would be openly aiding Obama, in light of that disgusting bit of fraud.

At this point, I think most Americans would be satisfied if Obama were able to do only so well as Herbert Hoover.  Whatever you think of his claims, it certainly is disturbing to see a president continually compare his administration to those of the past.  It makes one wonder what his priorities are, if all he seems to think about is how history will report on him.  Left to the appraisals of today’s mainstream media, I’m certain it will be a glowing report.