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Putting Us Over a Barrel…of Oil

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

America to Capitulate?

In a story that will in one manner or another have a terrible potential cost to the US, President Obama’s naive foreign policy is leading us to another potential disaster.  We are being offered a choice in not-so-veiled terms by our Saudi allies in the Middle East: Veto the Palestinean State in support of Israel, and potentially lose an ally, or withhold that veto and promote our alliance with Saudi Arabia while effectively abandoning Israel.  What all of this is doing is to set the stage to excuse Obama for withholding the veto in the name of our oil purchases from the Kingdom.  This gives the “blood-for-oil” narrative of the left a whole new meaning.  The question is this, since Obama is no friend either to Israel or to the American people:  Which does he care about less? The security of the people of Israel, or the energy consumers in this country?

There are two important things to be taken from this story, and they are that the dependence of the United States on so much foreign oil subjects us to this sort of economic blackmail, and that we have an administration which has led us to this position either by design or through wretched incompetence.

The Obama administration has done a great deal of long-term damage to the ability of oil producers in the US to develop new oil resources here.  Its reliance on “green energy” programs has left us in a condition in which we have put far too much good money in pursuit of an ineffective technology, seemingly for the sake of crony-capitalist motives, while acting to destroy our ability to power our own nation.  Coal-fired power plants are being shut down on the basis of almost entirely phony environmental concerns, no nuclear plants are being built due to the catastrophe at Fukashima, Japan, and our own oil and gas resources are being left untapped in the Earth, once again due to environmental regulations that make it impossible or nearly so to reclaim those assets from our own ground.  Meanwhile, foolish ventures like wind-farms, where people like T. Boone Pickens has lost billions thus far, are subsidized by tax-payers.  Solar energy companies like Solyndra are bankrolled, and what we have at the end of it all is a more indebted, less secure, less energy-independent nation. This makes us ripe for whatever the thugs and tyrants in the Middle East or Central America may wish to do to us with respect to the oil supply.

At the same time, Barack Obama and his team of foreign policy amateurs continue to place us in a dangerous position with respect to the Middle Eastern nations that supply a healthy proportion of the oil we consume daily.  Israel is now the trunnion around which all of our concerns must turn, because they are now the only ally we have in the region, and we’ve been put into a devil of a position.  The Obama administration’s role in fomenting the “Arab Spring” is still being documented, but it seems certain there was a role, and it was not insignificant.  This alleged democracy movement seems now destined to further radicalize a region already volatile.  Now, we have the Saudi Ambassador, Prince Turki al-Faisal, warning us that we must choose between a Saudi ally and Israeli security.  In an article titled: “Veto a State, Lose an Ally,” he writes, in part:

“The ‘special relationship’ between Saudi Arabia and the United States would increasingly be seen as toxic by the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims, who demand justice for the Palestinian people…”

This is the nature of our predicament.  Too many years of ignoring our reliance on oil from OPEC members in the Middle East has left us in the position that we must now seemingly choose between a threat of having the energy rug pulled from beneath our feet, or abandoning Israeli security.  This amounts to a threat of war, and we are now being left to choose between supporting Israel or paying higher oil prices.  It is small wonder that OPEC has spent lobbying dollars in Washington to purchase the opposition to production of our own resources.  Dependent upon them as we now are, they can effectively force our hand in this matter.  At this late date, even if the Obama administration would be willing to cast aside all regulations, there is no way in which we can increase our available resources sufficiently to be independent of Middle Eastern oil.  In short, we’re now over a barrel in a way that seems to have been designed to ruin us.

We can all hope this is somehow delayed until we’ve had a chance for another election, to get a President and Congress willing to address our critical position, but the rapid advance of these events seems designed to make this choice too late.  We stand upon a precipice, and Barack Obama and his crew of “intellects” at the State Department are clearly making things worse.  They are intentionally offering us the choice between a crippling economic collapse and deprivation of energy that will spawn it, and the existence of our good friend and ally Israel.  What you are being offered is little different from the deal brokered by Neville Chamberlain with Hitler in his day, except that rather than abandoning the Sudetenland, this time, we’ll be abandoning the cradle of Western civilization.  The other difference is only that whereas Chamberlain’s proposition seemed to have been born of a rigid naivete, what we’re now facing from Obama’s foreign policy seems to have been designed to achieve this crippling end. While all of this goes on overseas, we now see the rise of the “Days of Rage” here at home by forces of the left.  Our nation’s over a barrel, and our enemies at home and abroad are savoring it.