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Mr. L Sums Up Barack Obama in One Word

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

On Tuesday, Mr. L had more than a few choice words for Barack “Mugabe” Obama. The nation is becoming understandably angry with Obama, and he’s more than tired  of the dirt-bag politicians who are interested in compromising with Obama and the rest of the statist left.  There’s no point to offering compromise only to be rebuffed by Obama and his henchmen.  Frankly, Rand Paul should know better.  Mr. L gets it right: No more compromise. Another excellent presentation from Mr. L:

You can check out Mr.L’s Tavern here.


Mr. L’s Post-Election Rant

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

If you missed this, I’d like to point it out to you because Mr. L of Mr. L’s Tavern makes some excellent points.  He’s a man after my own heart in many ways, and I was gratified to hear him say the same of me.  He completely disassembles the post-election media spin. I hope you’ll enjoy it:

Be sure to visit Mr. L’s site and youtube channel. His commentary is simply excellent, and his style is straightforward, but he wastes no time in slicing through the baloney.

Mr. L Cuts Through the Nonsense on Islamic Supremacists

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Telling You What the Media Won't

Take a little time and listen to Mr. L’s Tavern from Thursday, the 13th of September.  His commentary is on the money.  It’s disgusting that our lame-stream media won’t offer honest appraisals like this, but it’s the reason they’re slowly losing the last of their readers and viewers. Mr. L takes on the coddling of Islamic supremacists, as performed [again] by Barack Obama and his foreign policy.  It’s a disaster for this country, and whether you believe he is simply naive, or you believe that Barack Obama is actively engaged in undermining this nation, it’s impossible to dismiss what Mr. L explains in this installment of his show:


Be sure to check out Mr. L’s Tavern for more great commentaries!