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Despite Establishment Talking Points, The GOP Fight is Far From Over

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Math is Hard

The talking points suggesting that this race is all but over have really begun to get on my nerves, because there’s really no evidence this is true.  As long as Gingrich and Santorum remain in this race, the race continues until somebody obtains 1144 delegates, or we wind up at the convention.  The question is whether it is numerically possible for anybody but Romney to get enough delegates, and as Drudge couldn’t wait to point out to the world Sunday, it’s going to be tough for Santorum or Gingrich, in second and third in the delegate count respectively.  The truth this conceals is that Romney isn’t in much better shape at this juncture.

Demonstrating my point about Romney, and the reason the Drudge page pointing out Santorum will need 74% of delegates to win was a bit dishonest, what is missed in all of this is that it omits the fact that Romney’s path isn’t exceptionally better. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele makes this clear in the following video of a March 16th appearance on MSNBC:


From my point of view, the thing that must happen throughout the remainder of this primary season is that Gingrich and Santorum must arrive at the convention having prevented Romney from obtaining 1144 delegates.  If they do this, anything is possible, and it could be that between them, they are able to forge some sort of strategic alliance to overcome Mitt Romney in a brokered convention.  This is why Romney and all his surrogates in media continue to press the theme that either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum should get out: If either one does, it will make Romney’s job of obtaining 1144 delegates that much easier.

I don’t think most conservatives are interested in seeing that happen, whomever they support, because the fact is that we are still in the position where roughly 60% of the party wants somebody other than Mitt Romney.  Of course, Romney’s defenders are quick to point out that the others are in worse shape, but that ignores something critical:  Romney is the apparent front-runner, and as yet, he has shown no ability to put the contest to an end by defeating all of his competitors, at once and finally.

Romney’s Lies and His Continuing Vulnerability on Romneycare

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

What We'll Be Facing

It has been my contention throughout this primary season that Mitt Romney will not be able to defeat Barack Obama because he will be unable to differentiate between himself and Barack Obama on the matter of Obamacare. It is nearly impossible to believe Mitt Romney on this issue, because when he claims that on the basis of federalism and the Tenth Amendment, he would never prescribe for the nation the same sort of mandate he imposed on the people of his own state of Massachusetts, the evidence contradicts his own words on the matter. I have shown you videos that demonstrate the point, but here is one more from none other than leftist Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, who was offering a ‘warning’ to Romney.  Before the election is over, if Mitt Romney is the nominee of the Republican party, the left and their lap-dog media intend to make we conservatives rue the day, and it will be with Mitt Romney’s assistance.

I think it’s going to be worse than O’Donnell admits. I doubt whether the Obama campaign or Barack Obama himself will wait for Romney to make this into an issue. It’s my bet that he’ll do his best to avoid the issue altogether, because the left-wing media will not permit him to get away with the lies in the general that they have forgiven in the primary season. When Romney lies to other Republicans, the mainstream media won’t object, but you can bet that if Romney tries to pass off this same lie in the general campaign against Obama, he will never be permitted to get away with it.

Romney is vulnerable to defeat for this reason, and because his pronouncements on the campaign trail have to date promised repealing Obamacare, it’s going to be raised whether he likes it or not. The way it will be raised is by labeling Romney both as a liar and a hypocrite, two charges he surely seems to deserve in the matter. It will be done in the weeks leading up to the election, probably after the middle of October, and it will be used to massacre the Republicans.

More, I suspect that if he secures the nomination, Romney will try to walk back all of this “repeal Obamacare” talk almost immediately. He’ll talk about fixing it instead, and as I reported some time ago, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has let that cat out of the bag. What this means for Republicans is that once the party nominates Mitt Romney, they’re going to find themselves stuck with a clunker who probably will go down to defeat in November, not merely because of Romneycare, but because of Mitt Romney’s ongoing attempt to conceal it.

Occupiers Get Tossed From Des Moines Coffee Shop

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Occupier Told to Leave

YahooNews is reporting that Friday morning in Des Moines, at a coffee shop named Java Joe’s, from which MSNBC has been broadcasting, a group of Occupiers decided to create a ruckus, with Newt Gingrich expected to arrive, the owner of the establishment decided to give them the boot.  Occupiers have gotten themselves in a good deal of trouble because so many of them don’t seem to understand the difference between private property and public spaces.  This businesswoman had no problem noting the difference, informing them that they were trespassing, and tossing them out.  The Occupiers don’t seem to respect private property, but that’s to be expected from a group of leftist-driven protesters.   You can watch the video here:


From the YahooNews article:

“I just had to shut it down, I couldn’t stand it,” Amy Brehm, who owns the store, told Yahoo News after police escorted the last demonstrators out. “We all have our rights, but not in my place.”

Amen! This is an important principle on which our nation was founded. You can have your free speech, but only on your expense. There’s no room for this sort of hijacking of private property for the “free speech” usages that these dimwits employ.  The owner had it right:  She informed them that they were trespassing, and that they were not welcome to return, ever.  The policeman, termed a “big bully” by the occu-pest, informed them that they were now indeed trespassing, and with that, escorted them out.

The Occupiers have more clearly morphed into the more open form of what they have been all along:  The agitprop front for the Obama Campaign.  If the Occupiers were even remotely sincere about their stated complaints, they’d show up wherever Obama’s schedule takes him, first, last and always. Instead, they show up at Republican candidates’ events and interviews to raise hell and this is one more example of their mischief on Obama’s behalf.