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A Conservative Calls for a Third Party Palin Run

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Would it work?

Over at, Kriz Zane has written an interesting piece suggesting that the way for conservatives to get out of the Romney predicament is for Sarah Palin to run as an independent.  Zane seems to have gone through a genesis on this campaign not unlike my own, in that originally, Sarah Palin was Zane’s chosen candidate, but when that campaign didn’t materialize, the switch ultimately went to Newt Gingrich. What Zane argues, and I’m not entirely certain I agree, is that it seems for some reason that Gingrich is simply not acceptable to too many people, and of course, much like me, Zane finds Romney deplorable at best, and certain to get Obama re-elected.  What is a conservative to do?  Zane has decided to ask that Sarah Palin seek the presidency as a Tea Party candidate.

Zane sets aside the conventional wisdom that a third-party candidacy would merely split conservatives making it easier for Obama to defeat them.  The idea is that Palin would be a transformational figure who would attract support from the Tea Party folks, and effectively make the GOP candidate moot.  While it’s an interesting idea, the problem is that I don’t know the mechanics of how one would put such a candidate on the ballots in all fifty states even if the candidate were inclined to run at all, never mind as an independent.  Of course, it can be rightly said that Sarah Palin surely has an independent streak, but I think the first step would be to see if the candidate has any such interest, and there’s no word from Zane on that question.

The other point made is one that I’ve repeated often, inasmuch as Mitt Romney simply doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done.  Conservatives are unhappy with the prospect, and Zane focuses on a letter read aloud by Rush Limbaugh from a friend on the subject.  You can see Rush read the letter below, H/T Rightscoop:

This is a perfect example of the things that most conservatives are saying about a Romney nomination.  They simply don’t want him, and the truth is they’d rather go down fighting with a conservative nominee than to simply have another establishment candidate.  This angst is not unfounded, as we have seen what happens when the GOP establishment puts up their kind of candidate.  Most of the time, they lose.

The reason is simple, and it’s the same justification Zane relies upon for the theoretical Palin independent campaign: Conservatives simply won’t turn out with sufficient fervor to push Romney(or anybody like him) over the top.  Of course, the GOP establishment has its own view, which would roughly equate to “their way or the highway.”  Let’s face facts: The Republican establishment largely consists of people who expect to be immune from much of what Obama may do in a second term, so they may be more inclined to lose than to support an actual conservative, and I think that they have done so before.

For these reasons, I understand the horns of the dilemma on which Zane and so many other conservatives now sit, and I am surely among their number.  While Zane presents an intriguing idea, I don’t know how we get from here to there.  Of course, if there’s any politician in America who could pull off succh a move, it would almost certainly be Governor Palin.  As of Saturday, the story had bbroken that she would be co-hosting the Today Show on NBC, Tuesday, going head-to-head against Katie Couric on Good Morning America, and when asked about that aspect of the scheduled appearance by, she reportedly answered simply: “Game on!”  With an attitude like that, it’s small wonder that so many conservatives have such high hopes for Governor Palin, and after all, who knows?


NBC Demands Romney Campaign Take Down Ad

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Brokaw Unhappy

HotAir is reporting that NBC’s legal division has demanded that the Romney Campaign suspend use of some video of Tom Brokaw in another twisted, out-of-context campaign ad that attempts to paint Gingrich as some kind of monster.  Of course, as HotAir points out, this may be a tactic on the part of the Romney Campaign to bring more attention and more free plays of their anti-Gingrich ad all over media.  NBC’s demand will make the ad a big story, thus giving other media outlets an excuse to run it for free in order to “show our audience the root of the controversy,” no doubt.  Sure. As the HotAir article reminds us, this isn’t the first time the Romney campaign used such a tactic to get greater coverage of one of their ads.  Simply place somebody in it you know will object strenuously, and you have a blockbuster – free.

Nevertheless, it is another scathing denunciation of the sort of campaign Mitt Romney has been running, with its distortions and fact-twisting multi-million dollar campaign of television and radio advertisements. Brokaw commented:

“I am extremely uncomfortable with the extended use of my personal image in this political ad. I do not want my role as a journalist compromised for political gain by any campaign…”

I’m sure his indignation is heartfelt. Either way, I’m not falling for it.