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Christie Tells Oprah He’ll Be More Ready for Presidency in 2016

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Christie Sits Down With Winfrey

Those of you who are Romney supporters, like Governor Chris Christie, will need to explain this to me: Why would Chris Christie say he’d be more ready for the Presidency in 2016 if he thinks Mitt Romney will win in 2012?  To me, that’s a kind of admission that he doesn’t have much confidence in the man for whom he has been a constant campaign companion over the last two months.  If Chris Christie’s whole heart and mind is all-in for Mitt, why this talk of his own readiness for 2016?  Let me suggest an answer:  Chris Christie knows what I know, and what the GOP establishment knows.  It’s clear Mitt Romney cannot win in 2012.

Gov. Chris Christie told Oprah Winfrey in an interview broadcast tonight on OWN that a lot depends on whether he’ll run for president in 2016, but one thing’s for sure: “In terms of me, I’ll be much more ready four years from now,” he said.

Really?  I would think Chris Christie could stand down until at least 2020, since Mitt is going to win, right?  What this really constitutes an admission that Romney will fare no better than McCain, and while I’m certain Christie would deny this had been a confession of his truest thinking on the matter, most of us are already aware that the GOP establishment would rather yield 2012 to Obama than let any conservative win.

Christie went on to say that Barack Obama is one of the “best politicians [he’s] ever seen,” and that Republicans take this election for granted “at their own peril.”  At the same time, he had another description for Romney:

On GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Christie conceded “he doesn’t really communicate it all that well,” but called him the most qualified candidate for the job.

John McCain was most qualified, too.  So was Bob Dole.  Hell, George HW Bush was holding the job, for goodness’ sake.  Barack Obama wasn’t qualified to walk my garbage can out to the street.  Since when does “qualifications” win an election?  That’s what Romney offers us?  A resumé?  If this is the pig in a poke the establishment wants us to buy, I will have none of it.