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Limbaugh Speaks the Truth About Palin

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

El Rushbo told a truth that makes the crowd in DC tremble, and not just the Democrats:

I really would have paid to see Tapper’s face when Sarah told him a heifer was going to get her attention first.

That’s how a conservative wins, ladies and gentlemen:  Ignore the media and go over their heads directly to the American people.  You set the terms.  Don’t accept theirs.

Sarah Palin knows it too.


Dana Perino: Party of Washington DC

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Which Party?

Watching Dana Perino take her well-deserved lumps on Hannity on Tuesday night was one of the few highlights of my day.  Dana Perino and the rest of the DC-insider crowd are approximately what the rest of us out here in “fly-over country” refer to as RINOs.  They serve the interests of a viewpoint that seeks to avoid conflict and confrontation with no boat-rocking while you [quietly]pay the bills.  In short, she serves the Washington DC crowd that isn’t defined by an official party, but instead the all-consuming grasping and groping for power that is the Beltway Axis.   Perino got caught by Hannity when he asked her about her earlier reaction to Iowa Tea Party organizer, Ryan Rhodes, who confronted Obama on Monday.

Perino didn’t like it, thinking it disrespectful to the office of the president that some little person(a.k.a. “Hobbit”) from out in Iowa would dare to challenge the President.  More, she actually defended Biden, who had called the Tea Party “terrorists” or at least agreed with that sentiment as expressed by Congressman Doyle.   While a Republican in name, only the party of Washington DC enjoys her loyalties.

Dana Perino, the Republican?  Yes, that one.   The former Bush Press Secretary took Obama and Biden’s side in this instance against an average guy who is an Iowa Tea Party organizer. Why would she do that?  Well, you tend to speak kindly of those who’ve appointed you to the Broadcasting Board of Governors.  You didn’t know that?  Most people don’t.  Yes, she’s a big government Republican.  Are you shocked yet?  She also works for a public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller, where she serves as a “Chief Issues Counselor,”  and she has acted as Karl Rove’s family spokesperson, informing the media about Rove’s divorce in 2009.

Knowing a bit more about Perino, it’s easier to understand how she’s part of the Washington Insider crowd.   It’s small wonder that she’s not a big fan of Tea Party folks.  The Tea Party stands opposed to the whole stinking system in which she is thoroughly entangled.  When some assert that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats, Dana Perino is of the sort whose behavior tends to substantiate their point.

The Republicans Dana Perino represents are the sort who think Lisa Murkowski is “a strong conservative,”  as she herself told Neil Cavuto.  She’s also the kind of Republican who doesn’t have any intention of addressing illegal immigration, and attacks those who take a strong stance against illegal immigration.    They don’t experience the problems, so it’s easy for them to sit inside their insular DC bubble and tell the rest of us how to live, and chastise us for what we ought to be willing to accept.

Then you hear Perino criticize Sarah Palin as being inauthentic?  The irony is amazing, and I’m fairly certain Perino knows it.

If you wonder why somebody like Perino could seem to change sides so easily, it’s because you’ve misunderstood on whose side they really stand.   They stand on the side of an establishment in Washington that loves only its own interests.  They’re accustomed to being king-makers, and finishing well out of the running simply isn’t their preferred cup of tea. These are people who trade on the power of their insider connections, and that’s all they have to offer.

If you ask me, this is the larger part of what’s wrong with the Republican party.  People like Perino don’t stand for much of anything unless it’s to advance their own agendas to the detriment and the expense of the American people.  It’s time for a serious reform in the party’s structure, during which Perino and others of her ilk must be unmasked.  Along the way, it will result in the restoration of the nation.

When we go to the polls in 2012, for the primaries and in the general election, I sincerely hope it is part of our goal to show people like Perino the door.  The problem is that when it comes to Washington DC, Perino and her crowd are the home-team, and we’re just visitors, so if we send in a candidate they did not want, you can expect them to treat that President like an occupying foreigner.  They would, in such a situation, act exactly like insurgents in Iraq, seeking to undermine and sabotage such a president every step of the way.  That’s part of why they wish to defeat Palin.  They’ve seen her clean up Alaska, and they don’t want a repeat in Washington.  That’s their turf, and they intend to keep it that way.

The Aliens Have Landed

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Praying for Aliens or War?

There was a time when a Nobel Prize meant something.  Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate in the field of economics, but he’s most well-known for his economic propaganda on behalf of leftist ideas. He appeared on Fareed Zakaria’s show to propose the preposterous, meanwhile making an admission that is not only damaging to his long-held Keynesian notion of “pump priming,” but also inadvertently destroys the leftists’ notion of how the U.S. finally clawed its way out of the Great Depression.  Krugman has argued that the United States was able to climb out of the pits of depression by the massive stimulus spending of FDR.  FDR’s many make-work programs and vote-buying schemes like the CCC and WPA jobs seem suspiciously like the ideas President Obama is now proposing.

Krugman explains that if we were invaded by aliens, the stimulative effect would get us out of the prevailing pathetic economic environment of the moment.  Unfortunately, what he’s also saying is that a war would be good for the US economy, and once again, he misses the mark entirely.  What lifted the US out of the Great Depression was when we began to supply England and Russia, among others, with the materials of war in 1939 under the Lend-Lease Act.  We would not actually enter the war ourselves until more than two years later, and so in effect, the US was growing its economy on the basis of war-time production without yet being in a war. This is what got the US out of the Great Depression, but the problem is that we needn’t have a World War erupting in order to bring us back from this brink.

All of this admits of something leftist stooges in the economic propagandists’ press like Mr. Krugman have long denied: The big government programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt did approximately nothing to recover the U.S. from the Great Depression.  As late as 1938, Roosevelt was concerned he might even lose Democrat Party control of Congress, because the number of unemployed in the country was then higher than it had been in 1933 when he had been inaugurated.  This is because, as I’ve detailed elsewhere, there is no way to create lasting demand with borrowed money.  At the time, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau complained bitterly that they had discovered the weakness of Keynesian notions in testifying to the House Ways and Means Committee:

“We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong…somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises…I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started…And an enormous debt to boot!” (Morgenthau Diary, May 9, 1939, Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Consider what this demonstrates:  In 1939, our government already knew Keynesian “pump-priming” was nonsense, and still, after all the years between, with all the evidence necessary to demonstrate the facts, commencing in early 2009, the Obama Administration decided to start again that practice which history had already condemned as a failure.  There was Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate, urging  his recently-minted fellow Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama to carry on where FDR and the New Dealers had stopped.  Among all the other things this may lead you to wonder, the value of a Nobel Prize may now rightly be questioned.

In his commentary, Krugman admits borrowing a plot in which scientists fake an impending alien threat to achieve world peace.  Let me assure you that you cannot fake prosperity, and of all the lessons of the last century, this idea ought finally to be discarded.  Mr. Krugman is another economic propagandist, because what he does not mention is that the reason the US was able to prosper on the sales of war materials prior to entering the war was precisely because we enjoyed a competitive advantage among the producers of war goods at the time.  We had vast, untapped resources of workers and raw materials that could quickly be turned into the equipment fighting men around the world needed to go into battle.  Unless we happen to have some  particular weapon more able to repel aliens, or are able to deliver it to customers more inexpensively and reliably than our competitors, and unless the aliens decide to leave the U.S. alone for a while as they plunder the remainder of the globe, it is not possible to understand how Mr. Krugman’s fanciful suggestion bears any relevance on the reality under which we now suffer.

Perhaps rather than accost Americans with fantastic ideas about how war can rescue us from ourselves, Mr. Krugman can instead try his hand at real economic ideas that have withstood the tests of time, because his own have not, and he knows it.  Mr. Krugman was among the number of Lame-Stream Media critics who last year pilloried Sarah Palin for her specific warnings about QE3, and we all know how that came out: As she predicted, food and energy prices have ratcheted up, and Americans are suffering from a rapidly devaluing dollar.

Now the left’s chief economic propagandist, apart from President Obama, is telling us that a World War of some sort would be good for the economy.  How many of you now wonder if this portends a grave future?  When your leaders consider advice that offers aliens or World Wars as the solution to your economic woes, you have every reason to be concerned.  These people are not interested in right or wrong, but only in victory at all costs.  I would urge my fellow Americans to observe with a shrewd eye the foreign policy machinations and manipulations of the Obama Administration, looking for any evidence that they would seek to use a foreign policy crisis to their domestic political ends.  Given the history of this administration, it’s virtually certain that presented such an opportunity, and given their poor standing with the public at present, there may be no limit as to what they will permit themselves to do.

Making One Nation From Two Americas

Monday, August 15th, 2011

It's Not Over!

The sad truth is that we’ve become two distinct Americas.  One is still the land of opportunity, with a strong constitution to restrain its central government, and preserve the liberties of its people, and the other is a nation in which the Constitution means nothing, and the Federal government grows ever-larger and increasingly uncontrollable.  Whether we re-elect Barack Obama, or instead place into that office a person of substantially different character is now the matter at hand.   Looking over the field of officially-entered Republican candidates, it’s difficult to imagine how any of these will make any substantial difference.

We need the sort of leader who understands that  to erase the chasm between the two vastly disparate countries, and to re-unify this country, it is going to require a consistent, driving effort by an honest and trustworthy servant as well as the people of that nation.  At present, we are embarked on a collision course with some sort of civil unrest.  The differences between the two Americas has triggered the acceleration of collapse for one, and ascendancy of the other.  To set this country on its proper course, and to repair the America we had known, it’s going to take a person of courage to say to the American people that the right must be done at the expense of the easy.  At present, there is only one potential candidate for president who has experience in managing such reform, and turning a government away from corruption.  Sarah Palin may represent this country’s last real chance at restorative rather than transformative change for at least a generation.

Barack Obama was elected president in a time when Americans were disgusted with his predecessor, George W. Bush, who gave lip service to our America while servicing the other.  Obama arrived after two years of his own party’s control of Congress, and the usual big spending had become colossal spending in a very short time.  His party’s vision of America is one of a nation in decline, with government waiting to catch everybody who falls, or prop up those who had never stood on their own at all.  History assures us that if government grows in this way, it eventually squeezes dry the heart of the private sector, leaving that engine of our prosperity to feed from an ever-shrinking lifeblood of wealth(formerly born of production,) since they are prevented from creating any anew.  Between Federal, State and local governments, nearly 50% of the amount of the private sector’s annual production is devoured.  Worse, if you consider how much the Federal government spends, that number grows to something near 60% of the GDP.

That’s an unconscionable amount of spending, but the borrowing also has negative effects on the private sector, which is you.  Every dollar borrowed by the Federal government is unavailable for businesses and individuals to finance their own growth.  Worse, since the borrowed dollars are printed into existence, each one created from nothing diminishes the value of all those already in circulation.  This sickening spiral of spending can have only one ultimate result: The complete bankruptcy of the nation.  First, they will cut defense, leaving you open to attack from foreign enemies.  Next, they’ll begin to cut the administration of justice at and the prosecution and incarceration of criminals here at home, leaving you subject to an increasing crime rate that will savage you further.  Eventually, they will have no choice but to begin cutting expenditures to their various constituencies and special interest groups, and this will cause mayhem and rioting as people unaccustomed to being told “No, get a job!” will begin to revolt at the notion that after all these years on some dole or other, they will finally have no choice but join the rest of us at work. When we hit this stage, and make no mistake, we’re nearing it, there will be virtually nothing and no one who will revive the nation’s too-cold corpse.  That is where one of the two Americas exists, and it’s the one on the rise.  The problem is that in destroying the other America, the one we’ve loved, their version also destroys itself.  This is Barack Obama’s America, in vision, and as is becoming all too apparent, quite sadly also in fact.

The other America, the one you had known(and the older you are, the more fully you had known it,) is on a steep decline.  The land of opportunity and production is rapidly being replaced by an all-encompassing welfare state.  You had once known the ability to start a new business, or set out on a new venture, or go for broke and return to the land and try your hand at farming.  There were inventors and innovators in every direction you looked, producing marvelous new things, and more importantly, new ideas on how to improve the lives of not only Americans, but people in all nations.  Some of you may remember the first televised “Superman” and the “Truth, Justice and the American way” for which he nobly stood.  50 years of big government’s Kryptonitic bombardment have reduced that former hero and the country for which he once stood, to a devolving, dilapidated remnant.  It was once said that “In America, anything is possible.”  Now it may be properly stated that anything government permits may be possible, provided one has submitted the proper forms, and greased the right governmental palms.

Now comes an opportunity for restoration under the leadership of a person who has endured the attempts of big government’s minions to destroy her.  Sarah Palin is unlike other politicians precisely because she possesses the strength of character not only to identify these problems, but also to begin doing something about them.  Much of what you’ve come to know about her, that could lead you to doubt her, has been created by the campaign against her.  How is it, you may ask, that one woman from a distant state, remote in nearly all ways, could come to be such a threat that she must be destroyed at any and all costs?  The answer is really quite simple:  It’s a matter of ethics.

Sarah Palin rose to preside over the government of the State of Alaska.  The state’s greatest resource, apart from its people, has been the natural wealth of energy trapped beneath its vast, frozen expanses.  That wealth of resources didn’t attract only those who wished to earn a living, and were willing to do without luxuries to do so, but also a class of people who made their wealth in managing these resources on behalf of well-heeled interests.  The resources of the state were largely at the mercy of these interests until the lady from Wasilla arrived to begin asking some tough questions.  Sarah Palin realized that the state was being stolen from its people, who were suffering at the hands of those who had no real interest in the state or its people, but were instead creatures of Washington DC, and of corporate lobbyists who haunt the corridors of Alaska’s capital, and our Capitol.

She went to war against what had been termed the “Corrupt Bastards Club,” and set out to ruin them.  Her ascendancy as Governor was a victory for Alaskans over those who had come to dominate the state, at one point, prior to her involvement in the McCain campaign, garnering her an almost incomprehensible 88% approval among Alaskans.  Not Republicans. Not Democrats… Alaskans. Period.

After the rough-and-tumble of a national campaign in which she was endlessly restrained by Senator McCain’s campaign team, she went home to Alaska, to return to governing, but she was in for a surprise.  The Washington version of the “CBC” had decided she couldn’t be left to continue her work, and to this very day, they continue to rail against her.  She represents the greatest living threat to the big government paradigm that pervades all of Washington DC, and its slick media packaging.  I believe she saw the hand-writing on the wall, when in July of 2009, she resigned her post, as a matter of tactical retreat, but not surrender, not to leave the field of battle, but to turn and attack in another direction.

One thing I’ve observed about Governor Palin is that she’s always been the sort to run toward danger, and confront it once she sees it.  She’s a natural leader and a disciplined politician, and what guides her is a sense of ethics not normally associated with politicians.  She does things because, well, simply, they’re right.  Most politicians like to tell you that’s how they will behave, but they quickly reveal another side once you’ve rewarded them with high office.  Suddenly, none of their promises to be ‘different’ or to ‘change’ things seem so important.  Instead, they quickly become what you’ve so recently replaced.  Sarah Palin isn’t that kind of politician, and while that’s something that’s been said a thousand times before, in this case, all the evidence demonstrates that it’s true.

Every politician promises that he or she will be different.  It’s almost as certain to be claimed in any campaign as the usual promises to ‘shake up the status quo’ right before adopting it. Very few of them ever mean it.  In stark contrast, none who have known Sarah Palin, in government or out, would tell you that she’s the sort to abandon her principles.  Chief among these is the idea, seemingly lost in American politics, that a leader must serve.  More, she’s an optimist who sees the woes now heaped high upon our nation by big government and its rapidly-building  oppressive burdens on its people, and knows this must be stopped, and it can be stopped. She knows that the two Americas can be one nation, again.  What she also knows is that if the people who see their America fading don’t step up and stay committed to restoration, neither politician nor super hero will be able to mend all that which has been devastated.  She knows that it starts with us.  All of us.

Why do you suppose she loves the Tea Party?  While some call it her natural constituency, it’s more that she’s one of their number.  She doesn’t seek to lead the Tea Party so much as she exhorts them to continue and grow and restore the nation.  She tells them to lead, but also reminds them to serve.   Tea Party patriots are accustomed to serving.  Many of them are veterans, or their spouses, and many of them have simply done what has become almost unnatural in contemporary Obama-America:  Lead clean and ordinary lives, providing for themselves, and their families, without government assistance or intrusion, while contributing time and effort to their communities. It wasn’t so long ago that this was the norm in America.

Governor Palin’s message is one of freedom.  Liberty is under perpetual assault by big government and its flacks in the media, but it’s a salable message now, just as it has been since the first Tea Party.  You may have read recently that the Obama administration wants to require a commercial driver’s license to operate a tractor on your own farm.  How long before they demand a degree in agricultural sciences before you can mow your own lawn or obtain an ASE certification before you can change the wiper blades on your own car?  Hell, how long before they tell you “No cars?”  No.  I’m thoroughly disgusted by big government, and I believe Sarah Palin is too.  It’s clear that she looks at its encroachments on our lives as a source of misery, and for those of us in her America, it most certainly is, and it’s worsening daily.

The coming election will be a competition between two distinct visions of America.  Obama’s version is a land of diminishing wealth and innovation, with constant unemployment in the double digits.  Sarah Palin’s vision is something else entirely, and it’s an America most of us have known, If you want to see it again, you’re going to need to fight for it, and that starts with the task of selecting your champion, to lead the charge, not from the rear, as is now the norm in politics, but at the front, where the battle turns, not around weaponry, but ideas and principles.  After all, both of the Americas I’ve addressed are really only ideas, brought into existence by the efforts of those people committed to them.  Sarah Palin is committed to our America, because it is her America too, but if it’s to prevail, and to become again the “one nation” it had been before, it’s going to take your commitment, and your leadership.  Don’t yield.  Don’t surrender.  She’s not finished, and neither are we.

It’s not over.

Sarah Palin Mystifies Media

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

What's She Thinking?

In a continual state of panic over the fact that they can’t seem to nail down what Sarah Palin is doing, they’ve taken to creating their own narratives and odd explanations for what she’s doing.  The explanations range from the purely silly to the outright nefarious and conspiratorial, but none of the media’s grand minds seem to be able to figure out what Governor Palin is doing.  It’s ridiculous to think that after all this time, they still seem to feel the need to make up stories, or impute motives, but in no way rely upon what she’s saying or doing as evidence of what she might do.  No, the journalists enjoy making it up, but most of us out here in flyover country liked the press a good deal better when they were known simply as reporters.

Among the theories are:

She’s just stringing along her poor, deluded supporters, milking them of their money in book sales and so on, but has no intention of running.

She’s really after the VP slot.  She knows she can’t be elected on her own, and this is her best shot at making it inside the halls of DC power. 

She’s just a tawdry attention hound.

If you find these amusing, there are many more, and you can find them on news and political sites all over the web.  One writer at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze actually argues that she’s out. Period.  When you see these kinds of ‘news’ stories, you and I must wonder: “What’s going on inside their heads?”

Well, as I’ve told you before, I have no special insights.  Like you, I am just an observer of these events, watching from afar, and forming my own conclusions.  That said, I’d like to address some of the more ridiculous of these various assertions:

She isn’t of the character to needlessly string people along.  If she says she’s still thinking about it, you can believe it, and given the nature of her own beliefs as expressed all over the media, it is impossible to conclude that she’s playing people for some crass profit motive.  She wouldn’t spend money on a bus and all that accompanies her bus tours if some sort of nefarious money-making scheme was her aim.  It’s not as though the bus is covered in corporate sponsor logos and she’s somehow being paid in advertising dollars.

Other than 2008, she’s never really been satisfied to play second fiddle to anybody.  Truth be told, I think she would have liked a more aggressive campaign, even then. Earlier in her political career  in Alaska, there were those who urged her to run for Lieutenant Governor, but in her own way, as always, she determined it would be better to just go for it all.  This sort of daring has been the staple of Palin’s political career that makes journalists crazy.  She simply won’t accept the premises they lay out, and one by one, she demolishes them, time after time.  She’s unconventional in most every way, and when she criticizes “politics as usual,” she may be one of the very few who can say it and actually mean it.  More, it’s unlikely that Mrs. Palin is enamored of Washington Beltway politics. If she went there at all, it would be as the driver so as to change all of that. I simply can’t imagine her along for the ride as some lesser figure’s VP.

If Sarah Palin were an attention addict, one could think of a thousand ways in which she could better fulfill her need.  She’s essentially a ‘rock-star’ wherever she goes, and it smashes the limits of credulity to think that Mrs. Palin is just doing this all for her own personal kicks.

Part of the problem with the journalists who cover her is that they’re all trying to guess at the secret mystery they assert constitutes the mind of Sarah Palin.  Very few of them seem inclined to simply take her at her word.  They inevitably describe her as “unpredictable” or otherwise imply that she’s flighty and this is the reason for their incapacity to guess her next move.  Of course, none of this squares with what you and I know about Governor Palin.

What are we to conclude?  If you’re like me, you will take the lady at her word.  When has Sarah Palin ever mislead us?  Ignore what the press tries so hard to intimate in shaded words and craftily constructed smears.  Skip that, and focus on what you know.  There’s absolutely no reason on earth to conclude that she’s doing anything other than she has said she will do, which is to continue to evaluate the situation and make her decision when she’s ready.

She’s stated repeatedly that the end of September would probably be as late as she would go without coming to a conclusion on the matter.  She hasn’t been shy about taking on President Obama, and even the Republicans in Congress, and she’s been very kind to most of her fellow Republicans who are already officially seeking the nomination, but on occasion, she has chastised them when she thought they weren’t doing all they could, including famously, Mitt Romney’s tepid and tardy remarks on the Debt Ceiling.

On the 3rd of September, she will deliver the keynote address to a large audience at a Tea Party event in Waukee, Iowa.  She must know, of course, that there are people coming from all over Iowa, and indeed all over the country, just to hear her speak.  Every place she goes, she is mobbed by adoring crowds, or the media, but usually both.  What should be increasingly clear to all who watch is that she has a very large following that looks a good deal like a ready-made grassroots operation at the first indication it will be needed.

Considering all this, I can’t imagine that Mr. Santarelli at The Blaze is correct.  After a moment’s contemplation, one begins to wonder who the real attention hounds may be.  Still, it’s entertaining to watch them all flail in typical journalistic fashion. No story? No news?  No matter. Just make it up. Add one opinion; shaken but not stirred, et voila: Journalism!

Sarah Palin: Naturally Effective Leader

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Leading by Example

Leadership is one thing about which I can speak with some authority, though I’ve neither headed vast corporations, nor large governmental bodies.  I served in the Army, and I was a leader.  My duties demanded it of me before it was my official mandate, and like millions of other before me, and since, I faced the challenges to carry out my missions as best I could under difficult conditions.  The United States military has spent many billions of dollars in the effort to build and nurture leaders.  Some people are born with it, some have it thrust upon them, and others must be trained in the core principles of what it means, and what it demands.  For various reasons, some people never quite grasp it, or reject it because they don’t wish to carry its attendant burdens.  One of the things I have learned, both in my years in the Army, and ever since, is that some people are natural leaders who have the nearly instinctual ability to motivate people to accomplish a mission, or push through obstacles and overcome daunting odds against them.  I’ve become adept at spotting leaders, and among all those who are prospectively seeking the office of President in 2012, none of them more thoroughly exhibits the traits of great leadership than Governor Sarah Palin.

One of the most important traits of effective leaders is to rise to confront challenges before them.  Any odd bump on a log can wait for events to come as they will, but great leaders start by surveying their situation, inventorying their resources, and gathering intelligence about how best to proceed.  Being a leader doesn’t mean charging into any battle without preparation or forethought, but instead demands considering one’s option in light of the facts, and then pursuing the course that will be most likely to attain one’s goals.  Sometimes, this does induce urgency, but sometimes it begs the wisdom of patience.  Good leaders will know how to spot the difference, and this is what creates a clear distinction between successful leaders and brash but often unsuccessful ones.  Like so many other facets of leadership, this can be developed, but some people simply have a better natural grasp of and talent for timing. Once the pieces fall into place, the leader then acts, and this unhesitating initiation of actions when the time is ripe for them is the hallmark of greatness.  Sarah Palin may well soon deliver a demonstration on this part of leadership that will be memorable.  She’s already demonstrated this in her active role in advocating for necessary reforms in Washington in light of recent debates, and while other shirked the role of leader, she alone stepped up and repeatedly insisted that those in power carry out their responsibilities.  While they ultimately failed to heed her warnings, the greater failure may have come in the form of the other would-be Presidents who remained quiet, stayed out of the spotlight, and were suddenly timid in the face of controversy.  Real leaders don’t fear controversy, because they know nothing of any substance is ever accomplished without it.

Great leaders communicate, but it isn’t merely to issue commands.  Effective leaders are great listeners, with an eye and ear for details and nuance that can spell the difference between victory and defeat.  It is this observational skill that has led many battlefield commanders to initiate just the right maneuver at just the right time to stave off an otherwise certain defeat, or frequently snatch victory from its toothy jaws.  It’s also the lack of listening that has permitted all too many commanders to lead their troops to senseless deaths.  Real leaders are always vigilant for signs of their own weakness, and they listen for it in the words of others, and watch for it in their eyes.  There is no substitute for leading from the front, or very near it, where one can see the adversary, the obstacles, and all the factors that will affect those one sets out to lead.  Feedback is accepted with a diligent attitude toward self-improvement in the name of the mission.  This is one of the most difficult things to teach young leaders who don’t already grasp it.  It’s very common to become consumed by one’s ego or one’s position and forget the objective in favor of one’s sense of self-importance.   Governor Palin shows this ability to listen in the way she interacts with people, studies, their faces, notices the inflection of their voices when speaking, and narrows down the issues about which they’re speaking with laser-like acuity.  People respond so well to her in almost every setting because they perceive that she’s listening, and that she is concerned, not because she’s play-acting, but because it’s genuine, and because she really is listening.

The best of them always lead by example. They know that just as they must be ever-watchful, so too are they being watched, not merely by those they lead, but others who may also be willing.  Nothing brings a leader down more quickly than hypocrisy or dishonesty with  those whom one leads.  Those who are willing to follow do so in part because of a shared interest in accomplishing a goal, and also because they believe their leader is pursuing it with even more diligence and passion.  This is a matter of self-discipline, and it speaks volumes to those who would be led.  Governor Palin demonstrated this during her recent appearance on Hannity at the Iowa State Fair.  Rather than criticize her would-be opponents, she praised their efforts and their words whenever they had been right.  Focusing on the positive aspects permit leaders to stay on message about the goal in pursuit of which they’re leading. Mrs. Palin made clear that her focus is defeating Obama in 2012, whomever may ultimately stand forth to do so.

The trait of the best leaders the world has ever known may be easily understood in this way:  Leaders are confident, and they draw other leaders to them.  They nurture younger leaders, and they surround themselves with people who are also able to lead and motivate others.  While a leader must always maintain some form of control, it’s also true to say that the best leaders know it is far better to describe a mission objective and the resources at one’s disposal, and turn that over to another leader, leaving the minute details of execution to other leaders. Delegation, in this respect, is a sort of tool at a leader’s disposal, and the best leaders learn to give their junior leaders their heads.  It’s the most effective way to develop a team of committed people who will ultimately see the objective to a successful conclusion.  This synergy of talents among diverse people, all turned to the attainment of a single overriding goal, acts as a line of demarcation between merely able leaders and the greatest leaders.  Without having overtly or even intentionally intending to have done so, Sarah Palin’s strong example has created a vast network of able leaders who rally to her without rewards or compensation, and most frequently without mention.  So many fine young leaders are appearing now every day to carry her banner, one she’s not officially raised on her own as yet, and still all of them ignore petty differences among their number precisely because they’re committed to a singular goal.  It’s not the sort of thing one can fake, and it’s certainly not something that can be ginned-up in astro-turf fashion.  When you observe this many able leaders coalescing around another, you can bet it’s because they’re responding to a true giant.

One more important thing an effective leader knows is that the whole of their leadership is vested in the mission for which they’ve set out to lead.  They know that the goal or objective is at the heart of their power as a leader, and they look first to serving that end, whatever it may be.  That’s right, the best leaders know that they are first and foremost the servant of all those who they would lead.  This distinction is that which escapes so many would-be leaders.  It cannot be stated often enough, or with enough emphasis, that the ablest guides see in their own actions a sense of service to the ideas and the people who are following them.  When Sarah Palin speaks to the idea of a servant’s heart, it is this critical foundation of leadership she is establishing in the full glare of daylight.  She’s always been a leader, but it isn’t those who would follow her that define her as such.  It’s in the way she carries herself, as the means to the end of carrying an idea, and in so doing, she carries the hopes of a nation with her, whether they all realize it now, or not.

Some people have accused me of being “hopelessly in the tank for Palin.”  Those who know anything about me also know I’ve never been the sort to be “in the tank” for anyone.  The reason I support Sarah Palin is because at the heart of it all, she supports me.  She may not know my name, or recognize my face, but the principles for which she’s chosen to stand are my principles too.  Some of you have offered that I am a leader, but if that is true, it’s because the truth exists in the same subject.  Most of you come to this site to read my posts, not to be insulted as you may be in the pages of other publications, but because you’ve come to understand what it is that I believe, and many of you have found my notions to be in general accord with your own.  Am I not serving you in some small way as Sarah Palin serves us all?  This doesn’t make me unique, or in any way different from the thousands of you who, in your own ways, do precisely the same.  In truth, I mention this at all only to further my case to you: If you wish for a particular kind of leader, you must recognize that true leadership is service.  As I have urged you before, I again repeat what must be said: You are leaders too, in your communities, in your families, your churches, and in your workplaces.  People look to you, just as you and I look to Governor Palin.  Lead them.  Lead them by first serving them and they will lead others in their turn.  The best leaders know this.  You know this.

Whatever Sarah Palin chooses to do, it’s now coming to be your time to lead.

It’s your moment.  It’s time.  Lead!


Palin to Washington DC: Cut the Crap!

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Telling the Truth

Speaking to Sean Hannity Friday night, on the grounds of the Iowa State Fair, Governor Palin made quite clear the dissatisfaction of voters with Washington’s politics-as-usual.  At one point, she explained that the American people had been very clear in their support of Cut, Cap and Balance, but now “We’re telling Congress: Cut the crap, and balance, please!”

Governor Palin also made it clear that’s she’s still considering a run for the White House, and as I explained earlier today, this strategy leaves her sitting in the cat-bird’s seat, and she knows it.

Apart from that, the news out of the interview may have been the adoring crowd gathered for the time she was on-stage.  It’s fairly clear that there is a hunger for a candidate who will speak the plain truth about the problems confronting the country.  Asked about Thursday night’s GOP debate, she mentioned Newt Gingrich and his rebuke to the press and their “gotcha questions.”  The crowd responded enthusiastically, sensing that Mrs. Palin isn’t the ordinary politician.  Rather than slam some of the other republican candidates, she actually took the opportunity to praise one specifically, and all of them generally. At one point, she even explained she’d be willing to vote for anybody except Obama.

This is a decidedly different tone from the ordinary politics to which we’ve all become accustomed.  While there’s no doubt that she is more than able and decidedly willing to mix it up with wayward Republicans, when she sees grounds upon which to praise them, she lavishes it on them graciously.  This makes one remember Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, and it should serve Mrs.Palin well in the future.

Earlier in the day, arriving at the Fairgrounds, she was mobbed by admirers who clearly couldn’t wait to be in her presence.  It’s another sign of the Governor’s enduring popularity in the American heartland.  Her peculiar ability to interact with people has always served her well in politics, but also in general.

All of this still leaves in question the matter of her own immediate plans, and as she pointed out, she still has that “Fire in the belly.” As Americans look on in hope and admiration, many of them have that growing fire too, and it’s aimed at restoring a nation that’s been led astray by an insincere shepherd who many now believe has turned out to be nothing more than another wolf.  The next thirty days and more promise to be exciting as Governor Palin continues her One Nation tour. What’s next, or when an announcement might come is anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain: Sarah Palin is going to keep the press guessing as her would-be opponents for the nomination continue to hope she’ll just go away.  The view from here is clear: She’s here to stay.

What the ‘Lame-Stream’ Media Won’t Tell You

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Perry Joins 'Savior-of-the-Month' Club

It’s time for some frank discussion of the coming election and how the media is attempting to influence the outcome.  The media has no particular love of the country, because they serve corporate and political masters who don’t share the average American’s interests or visions.  You may think some network is telling you the entire truth, but all of them are compromised in one way or another.  Many center-right folks trust Fox News, but it cannot be said that this organization remains untouched by the political bias of the DC culture, particularly given the enlarging legal problems the network’s parent company, News Corp, is facing abroad, and more recently here at home.  What none of them seem interested in telling you is the identity of the real GOP front-runner.

For their dismissive attitude toward her on-camera, or in print, the media is overwhelmingly focused on the possibility of Sarah Palin’s entry into the GOP field.  Happy to leave them guessing, Governor Palin’s One Nation bus tour is back on the road, while the Lame-Stream Media pursues her, all the while feigning an indifference to her potential candidacy.  This duplicitous approach to covering the former Alaska Governor is intended to extinguish her popularity in the face of a string of flavors of the month.  Ignoring what they say instead of how they behave, their pursuit of her goes on without pause in the manner of the Paparazzi pursuing royalty.  Fortunately for the American people, this approach seems to be failing, because after each successive introduction of the next “GOP Savior” of the moment, what commences is a long trail of diminution in the eyes of the public.   Trump was going to save us.  Huntsman was going to be the ‘real deal’.  Anybody remember the name “Mitch Daniels” any longer? Then it was Bachmann. Now we’re being offered another “No, really, trust us, we’re right this time.”

The latest alleged savior of America is Rick Perry, but once again, this is largely a manufactured sentiment of the LSM.   As I’ve detailed elsewhere, for a variety of reasons related in part to eight years of a George Bush presidency, combined with Perry’s own shoddy record that wilts under the sunlight of intense examination, it’s clear that soon the bloom will be off the rose from Texas, as well.  Perry can’t win a national election.  His Texas mannerisms and speech simply aren’t salable in the immediate future, not because Americans dislike Texans, but because so many are soured on Texas by Bush.  Perry’s abandonment of conservatism when it has suited political expediency almost certainly dooms his candidacy from the outset.  After all, Barack Obama would love nothing better than to be able to launch a campaign against George Bush’s lieutenant governor.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is in Iowa, and is scheduled to be on Hannity tonight from the Iowa State Fair.  At almost any moment, she threatens to swoop in and suck the thin political oxygen out of the GOP primary race, with the Iowa straw poll set to take place on Saturday.  This approach certainly leaves the field in turmoil, left to wonder when Palin will drop the hammer and crush some of the less popular candidates.  It’s an open secret among many now loosely in the Michele Bachmann camp that in some sense, while well-liked among Tea Party Republicans, she’s become a sort of place-holder for people who would prefer to support Governor Palin.

This suggests that a high-stakes, well-placed announcement by Sarah Palin could very well overwhelm the latest “savior,” whomever that may be.  Sarah Palin’s in the cat-bird seat, and she knows it.  She’ll likely jump in when she sees the best moment, likely surprising everybody, and this possibility has the remainder of the field sweating, leaving the savior of the moment wondering when his halo will evaporate too.

Another Texas Group is Heading to Iowa

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Texas is Palin Country!

I used the group’s banner because it’s becoming apparent that contrary to the notion being pushed by the media, Rick Perry may not be the Texas favorite to capture the GOP presidential nomination after all.  (I’ve heard rumors there’s at least one group supporting him on the basis that at least we’d get a new governor out of the deal.)  Today, I spoke will Del Parker, and Jelayne Sessler, organizers forTexasO4Palin in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.  The two are putting together quite a big production in order to carry as many Texans as they can accommodate to Iowa for the September 3rd Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America Rally” where Governor Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker.

Mr. Parker provided me some important details, including a letter they mailed out to all the people already interested in participating.  It’s a stunningly large affair for such a small grass-roots organization, but apparently few are better able or more thoroughly motivated than Sarah Palin’s supporters in the Lone Star State.

The US Coachways charter bus will depart from Dallas, Texas at approximately 8pm on Thursday, September 1st and return late evening on Sunday, September 4th.  The bus will be adorned with the signage at the top of this post. Seats are $175 per person which includes round trip bus travel and transfers to and from the event site.  Lodging is not included but an applicable group discount is offered.

If you are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex or can carpool/ fly into the area and are looking for a fun and economical way to attend this event, click here to contact a coordinator.  Small group pickups in Oklahoma City or Kansas City are also offered.

That’s right, Sarah Palin’s getting back on the bus, and these industrious supporters are chartering a bus of their own.  $175.00 for the trip!  That’s a fantastic value, because by my own calculations, if my schedule would allow me to travel with them, I’d save myself at least $50.oo in gasoline for my efforts, and I wouldn’t be driving the whole way!

Mr. Parker’s letter:

Good afternoon Patriots,

Jelayne Sessler of Organize 4 Palin of Fort Worth and I are extending our invitation to all Tea Party groups in Texas, offering return coach bus rides out of Dallas to the Iowa “Restoring America” Tea Party event over Labor Day Weekend.

We offer return deluxe bus service with two professional drivers to the Iowa Tea Party meet for $175 per person, with free parking in Dallas. This trip includes shuttles from our hotel 15 miles from the site at Hawkeye Antique Acres in Waukee, Iowa. We hope to take at least 4 buses x 55 passengers each. If you have friends that are affiliated with various Tea Parties in Texas, or nearby Oklahoma or Louisiana, please forward this invitation to join us in Dallas for our 7:00 PM departure Thursday September 1st.

It will be a 14 hour overnight journey with breaks, which will put us at an approximate arrival at our discounted hotel in Clive, Iowa, at about 11 AM Friday. The drivers need 8 hours to rest, during which you are free to rest, or lounge at the pool, or to go over and help set up at the site about 15 miles from our hotel. From the hotel, the drivers will bus us to a 7 PM Friday evening meet and greet informal dinner with other Organize 4 Palin and Conservatives 4 Palin volunteers from all parts of the U.S. From there we need to be back at the hotel by 10 PM, so we can be in line at 6 AM the next morning, as the road into the event is long and single file, and will be jammed by 8 or 9 AM. I know folks that have told me they will be camping out at the site, rather than fighting traffic.

Several of the Tea Party leaders I have spoken with these last few days have yet to learn of the Iowa Tea Party Meet in Waukee. Governor Sarah Palin will give the keynote address on Saturday, Sept 3. This is the 3 year anniversary of Gov. Palin’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in 2008. I and many others were excited to hear Governor Palin 3 years ago, and are eager to hear what the Governor has to say 3 years later. It should prove to be an event we will always remember, and I am especially glad to be able to enjoy it with fellow Texans, and with friends throughout the country. Jelayne and I have done everything we can to make this a very special trip that you will always remember.

For details of the trip please visit, e-mail: or phone Jelayne Sessler direct at 817-456-2130.

Join us. We look forward to your company!

Del Parker and Jelayne Sessler
Organize 4 Palin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

All of Texas is Palin Country

Back on the Bus!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Restoring One Nation!

Speaking of road-trips for the sake of restoring America as One Nation, Wednesday, Governor Sarah Palin sent out an email to let folks know that the One Nation Tour is starting again, and will enjoy a stop at the Iowa State Fair.  If you want to know more about the One Nation tour, you can check out this video to get an idea of what it’s all about.

About this stop on the tour’s itinerary, Governor Palin tells readers she’s delighted to be going to Iowa, part of America’s rich heritage of values:

“State fairs hold a special place in our nation’s history and heritage, so my family is honored to highlight one of them on one stop along the One Nation Tour route – America’s historic Iowa State Fair! (I’m also excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried twinkies, etc. I’ll enjoy them in honor of those who’d rather make us just “eat our peas”!)”

You can bet she’ll have no shortage of company when she arrives, but as always, Governor Palin spares no opportunity to point out the differences between she and others who will be touring the midwest by bus:

“Unlike next week’s Obama Bus Tour, taxpayers aren’t funding our tour, which is why we so appreciate your support in allowing us to be out there on the open road to visit with you to highlight small towns, big-hearted people, and the important role they play in our most exceptional nation.”

This seems to put to rest the Lamestream Media lies that the tour was finished.  You can participate in supporting the tour by visiting this page at SarahPac.  For those who support Governor Palin, this is sure to be a wonderful opportunity to show that support.  You’ll be able to follow the tour by bookmarking the site.  The next month is looking increasingly exciting for Governor Palin’s supporters as expectation begins to grow to a fevered pitch.  I’m looking forward to my own little road-trip early next month. I hope to see you there!

Blazing a Trail to Restoration: Texas Group to Travel to Iowa

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Follow This!

On the 1st of September, if you see this logo (at left) going past on the back of a van,  you may wish to follow it.  It will be on it’s way from Southeast Texas to a special event in Iowa.  Of the all of good reasons to set out for Waukee, Iowa, few could be better than to see Governor Sarah Palin deliver the keynote address at the “Restoring America Rally” hosted by the Tea Party of America, set for September 3rd.   It’s likely to be a very large event, but so far from home, you might not think Texans would bother  to make the long trip.  Of course,  if you’re not a Texan you might not know our gritty determination.  One group from the Southeast  Region of TexasO4Palin is determined to get there on time, and is putting together a caravan.

I talked with the Region’s coordinator, Donna Galloway, and she told me they intend to have a great time.  They’re calling it the Restoration Roadtrip, and they mean business, but like almost every Texan, they know how to make anything fun.

If  you’re interested in getting in on their little roadtrip, contact them here:

It seems as though more and more Texans are getting involved in supporting Sarah Palin every day. If you’re from the Southeast Region of Texas, and you’re as frustrated as most at what’s been happening in our country, this is your chance to get in there and make a difference in the direction of our nation.  The title of the event says it all.  Come out and help your fellow Texans makes this event a rousing success.  For more details, please see this site.  I’ve been told that other groups in support of Sarah Palin are planning similar things, so check back for updates. I’ll post new information as it becomes available.

Pick Your Poison: Bad or Worse?

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Where It Stops, Nobody Knows

Today’s news seems only to offer a choice between the bad and the worse.  Little hope was readily apparent with the market in free-fall, and at this point, we dare only admit that it might have been worse.   The bad news is:  Tomorrow may be even worse.  A 635 point plunge on the Dow  punctuated the end of the day’s trading, but there were other events today that bear closer examination.   Among them, one can find a brief statement to the press by President Obama, delayed by nearly an hour.  His statement was typical of this President, which is to say it was an outrageous display of both his growing hubris and his intransigent indifference in the face of a disaster largely of his own creation.

There was something else made all the more plain by the market’s performance, when juxtaposed with Obama’s simultaneously indifferent and smarmy statement:  There can be only one of two possible explanations for both things.  Either Barack Obama and his entire economic staff are the world’s most precocious imbeciles, incompetent beyond all attempts at rehabilitation, or, now more likely in my view, the lot of them have undertaken a course purposefully designed to accomplish all you have witnessed on the day.  In short, I now believe Barack Obama is sabotaging this nation intentionally. Thankfully, I also know that his presidency will come to an end.

The President said many things, while the market paused in its plunge to listen just long enough to confirm its fears of him, but notable among all of the things this imperious president said, was his continued insistence that this was all the result of the rancor and harsh politics during the debt ceiling debate.  As with all things he says, there was a nugget of truth, but the part about which he lied is clear:  The harsh politics and rancor that prevented the enactment of a bill that would have prevented all of this emanated almost entirely from his side of the political aisle.  There can be no doubt that he knew this as he variously blamed anybody but himself, however, the most telling evidence of his intentions lied in what he did not mention:  The bill that died in the Senate, famously known as Cut, Cap, and Balance, which he himself had pledged to veto, was the only plan offered that satisfied the S&P with respect to preserving our AAA credit rating.  Every other plan was judged by S&P to be insufficient, but in the end, we enacted one of those tepid plans.  Whatever else they may say or do in the days and weeks ahead, if the President or any of his henchmen tell you otherwise, they are simply lying.  Lying is not unusual for politicians. It seems to be the favorite hobby of many, yet in this instance, the lie is being told with other than the usual motive of preserving their power.  It’s told with the intention of deceiving you so he can justify even greater assaults upon your wealth.

As usual in Washington, there’s always more than one villain.  It’s now being reported that today’s market calamity may have made somebody a good deal of money, betting against the US.  Meanwhile, always in need of new scapegoats to go along with the usual ones, S&P itself became the target of Obama’s false accusations.  Some on the left are now openly calling for Standard & Poor’s downgrade to be investigated, and not surprisingly, most of them are Obama’s former colleagues in the Senate.  This is roughly equivalent to calling for the investigation of the radiology technician who finds the tumor in your brain.  “Now I must endure life-altering surgery, and chemotherapy, all because of you!”  It would be laughable if they weren’t serious.

One of the noteworthy features of Washington DC is that you can almost always identify the lying dog by which barks the loudest, and with the most ludicrous explanations.  Barack Obama’s statement today was an act in defiance of reality.  Whatever his motives, and most of us can now guess them, President Obama can’t do much damage that cannot be reversed.  This evening, Sarah Palin published an article on Facebook repeating some of the points she’s made before, and further expanding upon them with a properly scathing assessment of Obama’s failure to lead.

In all that Mrs. Palin says, there may only be one factual error, and it’s due entirely to her generosity:  When her critics last November crucified her for her stance on QE2, (including her predictions on a possible QE3 – now seemingly set in motion,) this writer does not believe it was due merely to their incompetence that they smeared her as unsophisticated.  Instead, it was precisely because they knew her to be correct, and wished to verbally bully her into silence, that they carried out their ridiculous campaign of personal attacks against her.   Nobody is laughing much today.  As has become her habit, Sarah Palin managed not merely to be right on the facts, but right in predicting where they would lead, in abject rebellion against the many and varied smears with which she’s been painted.   Governor Palin also pointed out the fashion in which the Tea Party was being scapegoated, referencing Nero’s use of the Christians as the object of his own nefarious schemes.  This back-handed comparison to Barack Obama is more apt than most might wish to acknowledge, and yet it’s also further evidence of Sarah Palin’s depth of understanding of the issues at hand.

In all the years of my life, I have heard it repeated, on too numerous an occasion to recount, that the “good intentions” of liberals offered an excuse for their wrong-headed policy initiatives.  In my youth, I would have readily believed that, not then willing to consider that there could be Americans who wished harm upon America, but in all the years since, I’ve abandoned that naive assumption, in favor of what my own eyes and intellect reveal:  Nobody could have witnessed any of the last century’s miseries under the iron boot of statism and continue to believe that this was in the public interest, or the common good, whatever you may believe those to be.  It’s abundantly clear that this has not been an accident, and it’s patently obvious that the intentions are not nearly so good as we had once dared to hope.  Barack Obama is not suited to be President.  While that’s bad news indeed, it’s not particularly new to many of us, but what’s worse is that we’re stuck with him for nearly another year-and-a-half.

The only good news in any of this can be found in the encouraging words with which Governor Palin closed today’s article:

“Our destiny is still in our own hands if we pick ourselves up and act responsibly and quickly. We must all get involved. Concerned Americans must seek truth, work harder than ever, and be willing to sacrifice today to ensure freedom tomorrow. Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.”

Indeed.  We must find exactly that sort of conservative leader.  I have found mine.

And you?

Downgraded America: We Warned Them

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Not All Vultures made it into Frame

None of the events of Friday night are the slightest bit surprising to economically-aware Americans.  Economists warned you. For my part, I warned my own readers repeatedly, and Governor Palin warned you too.  On the Thursday before the debt ceiling surrender, Sarah Palin tried to cajole members of Congress to a firm stand.  A simple respect for logic screamed a warning in your minds from which there was no means of escape.  We all knew this was coming and we all knew it would be humbling.  Responsible Americans heard the warning loud and clear, but when they relayed the stark warning to Washington, the DC-Axis pretended not to hear the din, or castigated their critics and defamed them as terrorists.

None of this is news to you, who’ve been reading this blog.  If you’ve tuned to Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, or Levin, among lesser lights, you cannot possibly have missed this.  Governor Palin warned against the irresponsibility of inaction, on her own Facebook page and during Fox News appearances.  Millions of thoughtful Americans made it clear that the Budget Control Act didn’t go far enough.  Washington sneered at them, and Speaker Boehner told Republicans to “get your ass in line.”   President Obama, for his part, continues to mouth aimless, meandering platitudes.  His Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, promised repeatedly that this would not happen.  Happen, it has, and now America can count on even worse economic news. It’s going to take real, solid, unwavering leadership to restore all that has been broken in the last three years, and more.

America is not dead, but the policies of Barack Obama, combined with the moral diminution of our nation, have taken her down to her knees.  Appropriately, many Americans have noted our position and prayed.  I know faithful conservatives who prayed daily for the President and the Congress to find the courage to do what was necessary and proper to safeguard the fiscal and financial state of our Union.  As in all things, such prayers may not be answered on a schedule most convenient to mankind, but this doesn’t mean Americans should despair and surrender their country.  At least three years of mostly Keynesian solutions combined with innumerable reflexive statist proposals have brought us to this.  The shocking truth is this: Barack Obama is not fit for the presidency, and neither are any who timidly sided with the Budget Control Act and its additional blank checks for Obama.

On Thursday, when the Dow slid over 500 points, the chattering class told you this was about Italy, and Europe generally.  While there is no denying that these had an effect on the markets, what’s inescapable now is the conclusion I offered you on Friday morning:  The market is revolting against three years of an impossible policy of borrow-and-spend and its immediate implications for our own economic future.  It also signifies the bankruptcy of a philosophy rooted in early 20th century progressivism. Last night, as the S&P downgraded our credit rating, the truth became apparent.  What we witnessed on Thursday was the movement of smart money in response to an impending threat.  All day Friday, the White House worked to stave off this downgrade until the markets had closed, hoping to take advantage of the cooling of passions weekends often provide to nervous markets.  They succeeded in large measure, and it was not until after the last echos of the closing bell had faded into memory when the first tremors from Washington began to move the earth beneath our feet.

This isn’t an ordinary event, yet in the hours leading up to its final exclamation point, the narrative from Washington had already begun to work its way into the media at large: “This is no big deal. There’s no crisis. There’s no reason for panic. It won’t mean higher interest rates.”  Any who have been deceived by past admonitions to abstain from worries should now carefully consider the sources of those remarks.  All needn’t be lost, but we, the American people, must resolve and plan to repair this, and it will take a coalition-building servant of tremendous dedication to lead us in bringing this economy hard-about.

We shall see up and downs; rises and falls, but we must measure the course ahead with care, and not turn to panic or despair.  We will have a chance to begin setting this right when the elections come mercifully upon us in November of 2012.  It is for this coming political season that you must preserve your devotion, energy, and passion.  Any silly liberal can(and will) run screaming into the night in fear and trepidation.  We must be what we are:  The solid foundation upon which this nation still rests.  We must have steel spines and strong constitutions.  Each of us.

To restore what has been wrecked by the ultimate drunken-drivers, we’ll be faced with challenges as few of us will have known.  That doesn’t mean certain failure, but instead only that we must give it our all.  Given the character of my audience, as I have been so fortunate to come to know it, I am well-versed in their capacity to do what is right, rather than what is easy.  We’re coming to that crossroad at which we will now be compelled to choose what sort of nation we will be.  Will we accept endlessly-mounting debt, at each increment yielding a bit more liberty and a good deal more of the futures of our children?

I am reminded of Patrick Henry’s famous speech, and encouragement may yet be found in the fact that our situation is not yet nearly so dire as the one he described.  We are not imminently at the point of arms, and there’s no reason we need ever be if only we will make full use of our power in the political battles before us.  Substituting political decisions in place of that context, let us remind ourselves of his staggering admonition:

“They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations; and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.”

We needn’t go further than to admit that our situation is not nearly so desperate.  We have no need of arms, but instead we have a desperate need of people to rise and challenge our adversaries in politics.  Our adversaries names are not only Obama and Reid and Boehner, but also John Doe and Joe Sixpack. We must look to our own homes and hearths and know what is in and amongst us.  We must mend the fences between neighbors. Go out this day and find one honest person, and tell them what you propose.  For my part, I will do so also, and this is what I shall say:

There is no avoiding the truth any longer.  We must reform all that is broken with the people in Washington, and if it means replacing them all, every one, then we must do so, as many as we can, in the coming elections.  We must find diligent and honest servants, and we must advocate their cause in our own names.  We must seek out such leaders as we’ll need, starting most immediately amongst ourselves.  We can choose leaders to help guide us at the top, but no leader can carry on her back the combined weight of the world’s problems.  A leader must find equally firm character in those who will be led, or their purpose is in vain. Where shall we start?  Where have we Americans always started?  In our families, among our neighbors, in our churches, and in the town square are the first steps Americans have always taken toward reform, because we know that for reformation and restoration, this healing tide must flow from within us.

Be of good cheer, despite the screaming headlines. Be solid for those who will need your resolve. Be mindful that when you advocate on behalf of a candidate, or an issue, those who are truly undecided will be watching not only for the logic of your argument, but also for the manner in which you make it.  They who have sat too long straddling the fence, half in terror and half in comfort at the prospect of dismounting their perch will need to know they’re stepping onto solid ground. We must be that solid ground.

What must be recognized is that this downgrade isn’t a cause, but an effect.  We must see even the debt that has brought us to this debacle also as an effect.  The cause at the root of our troubles doesn’t lie with the various issues we see emerging in our time, but with something fundamentally broken in what we’ve allowed our country to become.  There are great dangers ahead, but none of them need destroy us.  None of them ought to be the cause of our demise.  They will mostly be mere effects of what actually threatens our republic.

Glenn Beck had it right in his 8-28 project of 2010, when he said that we must restore our honor.  The “fundamental transformation” we must find cannot originate in Washington.  I’ve been interested to watch, as the new campaign season approaches, who is and who isn’t taking firm and public stands on these arguments in Washington, or elsewhere.  I’ve been watching for signals that an honorable and courageous candidate for President will emerge, and while there have been some hopeful signs from a few of those who have announced, I believe the best is yet to come.  Who shall lead us?  You’ve already had a hint.  On the 28th of August, 2010, before a multitude assembled, she spoke not of politics but on the real meaning of American honor:

Who Shall Lead?

“We will always come through. We will never give up, and we shall endure because we live by that moral strength that we call grace. Because though we’ve often skirted a precipice, a providential hand has always guided us to a better future.

And I know that many of us today, we are worried about what we face. Sometimes our challenges, they just seem insurmountable.

But, here, together, at the crossroads of our history, may this day be the change point!

Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!

You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them.

So with pride in the red, white, and blue; with gratitude to our men and women in uniform; let’s stand together! Let’s stand with honor! Let’s restore America!”

Many will have failed to notice that Governor Palin had been telling us this all along.  Some will pretend not to have heard it, not wishing to confront that which they know lies within them.  The Obama disaster isn’t the cause of our troubles, but instead has merely exposed the source of our disease.  Ridding ourselves of his disastrous economic and social policies will not, by itself, repair what is broken.  As Sarah Palin pointed out to the assembled hearing of a multitude, “It is in [us].”  We must repair ourselves from the inside, first, and that means honor and integrity in all we do; in our families, among our neighbors, in our churches and our workplaces we must become as honorable as the names of our cherished beliefs demand.  At every junction, at every intersection in which one must choose between what is comfortable and easy, or that which is more difficult but right, we must be the people who will choose the latter.

It’s your country.  You choose.  I’ve asked what sort of freedom it is that you seek.  Did others think that by avoiding the choice, they would avoid the consequences of not choosing?  Surely not.  What your comments and emails reveal is that my readers and millions more have chosen, and I thank you, but there is much work to be done.  Let each of us go to it.

Blow-Back: How Obamanomics Is Wrecking the Country

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Obamanomics on the March

After the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other indexes tumbled sharply on Wednesday, it has become clear that while the markets had been worried about the outcome of the debt ceiling negotiations, rather than fearing sharp cuts or a protracted crisis, we now know with more certainty that the market feared most was that President Obama and Congress would do little more than to make cosmetic changes to the federal fiscal situation.  The worst fears of the market have now been realized, and what you need you to know is that from the executive end of Pennsylvania Avenue, this is precisely what they have been seeking.  “Let me be clear”:  President Obama is committed, on principle, to destroying private wealth wherever he finds it.

If you wonder about the nature of the market, and why he would seek to destroy it, understand that one of the largest and most widely-diversified classes of investors are retirement funds and similar, that seek to place savers’ wealth in multiple baskets. Over the last two decades, the number of average citizens who have placed their money at risk in the markets has sky-rocketed, seeking higher returns for their futures. This represents, along with their homes, the bulk of private wealth held by average citizens.  With the housing market in free-fall, and the value of their largest investment falling daily, the simple fact is that Barack Obama, and the policies he and his fellow Democrats support have been key to relieving the American people of more wealth than at any other time in the history of the country. The losses in the markets on Wednesday represent $800 billion in destroyed wealth.

With each additional dollar borrowed by our government, to be expended on some program or project, there are at least two dollars’ worth of negative economic consequences to be witnessed in the economy.  Firstly, that is a dollar you can no longer borrow to invest, build, create, or otherwise seek to create new wealth, because there are only so many dollars in existence, and you are competing with government to borrow them.  Secondly, that dollar is then added to the total indebtedness of the government, and this can only result in a degrading of our credit rating and a spiraling cost of borrowing, or financing existing debt, not merely for government, but for all of us.  Worst of all, two of three dollars expended by government now are paid directly into some person’s pocket, not including employees or politicians.  Many of the people in receipt of such payments produced little or no new wealth, or paid little or nothing into the government’s coffers.  This has a corrupting influence on the people who we’re told this bounty is intended to help, creating a permanent and largely idle underclass that happily accepts these payments and thinks it’s ‘free.’

This realization is what has the market spooked.  When you combine this with their realization that the only thing that’s been supporting the market over the last two years has been an infusion of cash printed by the Federal Reserve, the die is cast, and you are now witnessing the result.  QE3, anyone?  That and some other outrageous stimulus package are almost certainly being considered, as the socialists and Keynesians in the Obama administration scramble for ways to prop this all up ahead of any elections, next year.  The real problem, at present, is that the general economy is now fully in free-fall, pushed over the edge by Obama’s endless “spreading around” of wealth just as he told Joe the Plumber he would.  The meme of the day has been that much of the slide was due to outlooks in Europe, but the truth is that we’re the biggest player, and as we go, so the Europeans will go, and our slide will merely serve to accelerate theirs.  Whatever they may claim, all you need know is that the Budget Control Act signed by Obama is the catalyst to this slide, and the broader slide we’re witnessing globally.

Now you can see the first results. As I explained in an earlier article, this is all constructed in a manner so as to redistribute your wealth.  Even the willful destruction of your currency is being undertaken for this reason.  The market now sees the first glimpse of what is coming, and Wednesday’s dramatic market events are likely just the beginning.  The GDP reports are terrible.  The unemployment numbers are horrendous.  The dollar remains weak, and is getting weaker, as real inflation is already knocking around 10%.  The market’s been propped up by the Federal Reserve, and now our government has essentially prescribed a course of fiscal suicide from which the nation may never recover.  What possible reason could anybody have for a positive outlook, in the market, or anywhere else?

I don’t think you should panic, either in your immediate investments, or in anything else, but I would suggest you begin to prepare for worse possibilities as the economic tides begin to comply with the coercing, redistributive hand of Obamanomics.   This is the time to think.  This is the time to consider not merely what you are doing with your hard-earned wealth, while Obama considers how to steal it, but also please consider what you will do when the opportunity comes to replace him and his stubborn associates in the Congress, and throughout the extensive bureaucracy of the Federal government.  Consider the same question on the State and local levels.  Do not accept lies and half-measures from your local politicians and bureaucrats, either.  It’s time to call them all to account, and while business as usual may be the order of the day in Washington, DC, there’s no reason you need to accept that.

It’s clear that we’re running out of time to address these problems.  Contrary to the promises of most politicians, there are no easy or pain-free solutions.  No Utopia is possible on Earth.  The problem is, when they talk about pain, it’s yours they have in mind.  Barack Obama is a different character, however, in that whereas many other politicians feel no angst about your pain, his administration happily engages in creating it.  Many will lend him the cover of alleged ‘good intentions,’ but the problem is that to believe that, you also must believe that he and his czars and secretaries and policy advisers are all equally ignorant, and all equally negligent.  It is impossible to examine the history of the last century and suggest that any of this is accidental.  The reason the road to hell is paved with [allegedly] good intentions is because they weren’t so good after all.

Any economist, and I mean any, who tells you the path we’re on or the policies this government is undertaking are the correct ones, by any combination or rationalizations, reformulations, or other tinkering with economic theory are liars.  Let me stress this: Any economist who professes to you that the Obama economic policy is anything other than destructive of you, your lives, and your wealth is not an economist but a propagandist.  No supposedly learned person could make an error of such size or perfect incompetence.  To believe this is to believe that workers on a GM assembly line could accidentally produce a car turned inside-out.  This is to believe that a surgeon scheduled to repair your left knee could instead accidentally lop off your head.  To be as completely wrong on so many things as has been the Obama economic crew, (and to a nearly equal degree, Bernanke at the Federal Reserve,) it would require a monstrous gift for the extraordinary roughly on par with with picking the winning numbers in consecutive lotteries.  While not strictly impossible, the chances are infinitesimally small.

It is possible, I suppose, that Obama isn’t listening to his economic team, and it’s possible they’re giving him slightly less awful advice than his policies suggest.  Admittedly, this could account for some of the departures from that team, but if so, what does it say about our President and his allegedly ‘good intentions?’  I think you know.  He has an abiding and thorough sense that he exists to exact some form of revenge on America.  Whether it originates with the radical anti-colonialism of his communist father, or whether he’s merely the product of the Marxist slant of our educational institutions, it really doesn’t matter in the abstract.  What matters is that you know that this isn’t a game for him, and that when he spouts about “fundamental transformation” to a crowd of his useful idiots, he means every rotten word.  To defeat him, it’s going to require you to select and advocate a candidate who is equally committed, but in precisely the opposite direction.  Your time for compromises is past.  The country is now at stake.

Today’s market news is a reflection of the poor political leadership under which Americans have labored for a generation.  In the weeks and months ahead, I hope to bring you ideas to consider as you weigh the course you must take, politically and otherwise, but for now I leave you with a thought that should be as broad in its application as it is simple in its meaning:

“…When a society establishes criminals-by-right and looters-by-law, men who use force to seize the wealth of disarmed victims, then money becomes its creators’ avenger. Such looters believe it safe to rob defenseless men, once they’ve passed a law to disarm them. But their loot becomes the magnet for other looters, who get it from them as they got it. Then the race goes, not to the ablest at production, but to those most ruthless at brutality. When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket. And then that society vanishes, in a spread of ruins and slaughter.” (Source)

Whether the market rebounds a bit today, or continue their downward plunge, the simple truth is that you have had a glimpse of our future if we remain on this course.  It’s entirely up to you to change that course, and we must begin now.  We’re nearly out of time.

Abandoned on the Field as the ‘Nobles’ Surrender

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

The Betrayal of False Compromise

The talking points prevailing in the wake of the debt ceiling debacle would have you believe that this deal had been a compromise, and the best for which conservatives and Tea Party ought to have hoped possible.  At the end of the debates lies a truth concealed by all the fluff:  There was no compromise in this debate; one side prevailed, but it wasn’t the Tea Party.  In a betrayal reminiscent of the movie Braveheart, when the Scottish nobility deserted the field, abandoning William Wallace to defeat, Republican leaders likewise abandoned the Tea Party, not for compromise, but in infamy by betrayal and surrender for the sake of their own hides.

Willing to risk nothing, the Republican establishment has become an increasingly intractable part of the Beltway Axis.  Like the nobles in the movie, they’re taking their special privileges and carve-outs in exchange for their complicity and silence.  For an outcome to be considered a compromise implies that both parties to the exchange ought to have obtained an equal measure of consideration for their parts, in trade for a yielding of approximately equal value.  There can be no compromise where one’s position isn’t ultimately advanced, and any examination of the much-ballyhooed Budget Control Act reveals that for their part, the Republicans accepted complete capitulation with a few face-saving bones thrown their way.  None should be so foolish as to accept these bones for anything other than an insult, and the injury done by this act will exceed by many times the few strings of rancid gristle left to the Tea Party are more cause for anger and despair than for celebration.

Let’s consider what this bill has wrought:

  • A new ‘Super-Congress’ that ultimately answers only to the establishment
  • A total of $917 billion in ‘cut’s the vast bulk of which occur some time in the future
  • A failure to sufficiently reduce deficit spending – credit rating downgrades now seem inevitable
  • A failure to first pass a Balanced Budget Amendment out of both houses
  • A failure to make anything other than token cuts to FY 2012 or 2013
  • A virtual guarantee on the expiration of the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts” in January 2013(after the election)
  • A complex process of ‘triggers’ that allows politicians to shrug their shoulders and disclaim responsibility
  • A guarantee that for at least two years, Barack Obama will continue to spend your money and your future

Now, I’d like to contrast this with what was gained, in exchange, as the nobles quickly scurry from the field of battle, trumpeting “victory” as the advancing tide of Longshanks‘ Army descends upon us to put an end to our ‘uprising’:

  • A vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment with too many loopholes and no guarantee of passage
  • More than $7 Trillion in additional debt
  • A greater proportion of the budget going to service that debt, and at higher rates
  • A brief respite from the harangue that Republicans hate people

This is what the Republican ‘nobles’ quit the fight to achieve by way of so-called  ‘compromise’?  Why bother? Why not simply slap the shackles and chains upon us themselves?  For all intents and purposes, that is precisely what they have done, because this new law does nothing to immediately begin the process of changing our course to something closer to sustainability.  This bill does nothing to preserve the value of the dollar or the credit-worthiness of our government.  This bill is a disaster unmitigated by the bare bones we’re being fed as scrap from the establishment’s table.  Those in the Republican leadership in DC,  who call this bill a ‘compromise,’ are simply concealing what it really is:  Complete betrayal, and unconditional surrender.

Now, there are those conservatives who are still looking for some scrap upon which to rest the premise that this ‘compromise’ has been anything but a disaster, but the proof will be in the final tally of its effects, and from any angle I view it, the alleged benefits are more smoke and mirrors, and the detriments are vast and self-defeating.

There can be no compromise on first principles without an effective surrender.  In this case, what the Republican leadership has accomplished is to deliver the Tea Party and conservatives to the adversary.  For this monstrous betrayal, what have establishment Republicans received?  For all intents and purposes, even they have received nothing, except some temporary restraints in the vile language ordinarily hurled against them.  The target of that defamation is now almost solely the Tea Party, or Sarah Palin.

Compromise offers a potential good, when that’s what it is, but when it’s mere surrender dressed up as ‘pragmatism,’ you had better stand opposed to it.   In this entire miserable battle, only one politician of national prominence continued to rail against these so-called ‘compromises’, and she was berated by Republican operatives and leftists in the media for her trouble.  She warned and cajoled and prompted and yet, at the end of the day, they ignored her, and youSarah Palin stood in as William Wallace in this debate, and the turncoats in the GOP did their level best to deliver her to Edward the Longshanks.  The good news is that we and she survived the engagement, but a new battle is looming.  Don’t leave her on the field as she’s the only prospective presidential candidate who’s stepped onto the field without reservation.  She’s defended your honor and your good name.  It’s time to return the favor.  It’s time to begin to rally to those who dare to put their names at risk, because such people are few, and we know who they are, so if we believe in all that we claim, it’s long past time that we at least stand up to say so.

The Fire In Her Belly

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

I'm Going to Stand

Tuesday night on Hannity, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin exhibited some of that fire.  It’s sure to give the existing Republican presidential field no shortage of heartburn.  She was strongly combative in the face of ridiculous slurs, and not merely those leveled at her, but also those aimed at Tea Party patriots and even talk radio hosts.  Her message was clear and concise:  “Enough is enough!”  Indeed, her words reverberated with with passion for this fight.  Sarah Palin seems intent upon taking up the fight against the entrenched establishment with a vigor that no other prospect of national political prominence is willing to do.

This facet of Governor Palin’s attitude is what Americans have been hoping to see from any of the other presidential prospects in the GOP.  Instead, what they’ve seen is an increasingly invisible and tepid lot of weakly-mumbled remarks in lukewarm defense of the Tea Party, and conservatism.  This is the most significant distinction between Sarah Palin’s electability and that of the other Republican candidates:  Governor Palin has the unique capability to energize crowds, move people to rally with her, and focus their combined strength on virtually any cultural and political issue.  Combined with her commitment to firmly held principles, what the fire in her belly provides is the one thing the GOP needs in a candidate, perhaps more desperately than any other trait:  Sarah Palin has the unrepentant will to stand up and join in  the fight.

It isn’t about simple sloganeering.  Governor Palin seems willing to leave slogans to others, but what her passion indicates is a sincere commitment to the restoration of the republic.  Why wouldn’t she be passionate?  In most every respect, she has much more in common with the average American than any of the other republicans in a position to seek the presidency.   She has every bit as much to lose from the continuation of the current establishment paradigm as any of us.  She’s an entrepreneur who sees the effects of the growing government sector at the expense of the private sector.  Like so many of us, as a parent, and nowadays, a grandparent, she has a deep personal investment in the future of the country, and it resounds in the tone of her voice as she tells her audience that we can’t afford any more of Obama’s disastrous economic policies.  She isn’t just spouting talking points.  She means it.

More importantly, perhaps, it seems many Americans recognize her commitment, her passion, and her sincerity in confronting the crises with which the country is faced.  One fairly reliable gauge I’ve found for evaluating candidates is in the person of my wife.  She’s had an uncanny ability to pick who will win or lose, and she is consistently adept at sizing up candidates.  In 1992, she took one look at Bill Clinton and said: “Oh, wonderful, we’re going to have a used-car salesman for President.”  In 1996, she took one look at the newly-minted Republican nominee, and said: “Just get yourself ready for four more years of Bubba-talk and used cars.”  She’s successfully picked the winner in each subsequent election, mostly on the basis of her relative appraisals of the candidates.  Somehow, she just knows, and while she may not like what her judgments tell her, she’s been remarkably straightforward in stating them.  In 2008, she looked at John McCain, shook her head, and asked: “Why did they nominate him?” Adding more, she nodded her head at the speaker, Sarah Palin, and said: “They could have saved a lot of time and trouble, and four years of pain if they would have just nominated her, instead.”   After a moment more of the governor speaking she looked at me and said: “Don’t worry, she’ll be back.”  I’ve asked her to explain it to me, but she says it’s a ‘woman thing.’  Perplexed as ever when that is offered as the sole explanation, I shrug hopelessly and go on to the things I can measure.

It’s against this back-drop that on Tuesday night, I watched the Hannity interview alone, but I was curious to be able to watch the reaction of a true political skeptic.  Mrs. America walked into the room, and I rewound the DVR to replay it for her, as I settled into a position from which I could watch my wife without making it obvious, and thereby biasing my ‘study.’  Having spent more than two decades as the perpetual cause of most of her more severe facial expressions, I knew that by watching Mrs. America’s face for every raised eyebrow, every tiny widening of eyes, and every re-forming of the shape of her mouth, I would be able to gauge her reaction as a sort of study in the effects Governor Palin might have on an agreeable but not altogether ‘sold‘ viewers.  After forty-six years, I may not know the first thing about ‘women,’ but I know how to read the nuances of the mood of exactly one woman.  When she started to speak, Hannity having posed the question about Biden and the others calling Tea Party Americans ‘terrorists,’ I watched a growing look of inquiring expectancy.  She was waiting for something.  When Governor Palin came out swinging, taking the leftists to task for this latest vile nonsense, I saw the set of a jaw tightening and the barely perceptible nod, and as Mrs. Palin went on, Mrs. America followed.

When Mrs. Palin said “I’m going to stand up…” I saw a brightening of the eyes, and a slight smile begin to take shape from the previously indifferent pose of Mrs. America’s lips.  Every time and in every way she addressed the propensity of Obama to recklessly spend more money, I watched a growing resolve in the set of my wife’s jaw.  When Hannity prepared to go to commercials, he had to make the obligatory inquiry about her plans for 2012, but pressed for time, he tried to suggest one, and Sarah Palin beamed and laughed and that’s when I saw it:  My wife, the hardened cynic, with resolute indifference to most frivolous remarks, had leaned back slightly in her seat, and she had begun to smile with Sarah Palin.

The beauty of DVR technology is that we didn’t need to wait through those commercials.  Advancing  it to the resumption of the interview, Mrs. America, at first sitting forward again, now leaned back against the sofa as if settling in.  When Hannity asked about the notion of ‘compromise,’ here too, my wife leaned forward a bit, as if waiting to hear the answer that would tell the tale of the tape.  As Governor Palin described the need to stand firm, citing Ronald Reagan’s example, I watched something interesting develop on the face of Mrs. America, and it was an expression with which I’m naturally less familiar:  Approval.  Nodding in agreement, I watched my wife’s hand tighten on the remote, and lightly pound it into the top of her thigh.  It was an exclamation point in time with the Governor’s remarks on Cut, Cap, and Balance.  The drumbeat of those words were matched in time by Mrs. America’s.   When Governor Palin analogized her position to that of Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh, Sean asked if she really thought any of the three could be elected to office.  Sarah Palin’s answer was a laugh, and as she said “Well, I do, but I’m one of those ‘terrorists’…”  My wife had begun to smile again, and now laughed openly, again with Mrs. Palin.  When I saw that, what it told me is that the remainder of the Republican field had better prepare themselves for a serious primary battle.  If Mrs. America’s reactions to Governor Palin are any yardstick by which to measure her presidential prospects, my wife’s little statement to me as she passed back the remote may be the indication: “She’ll do just fine.”   After twenty-three years of marriage and five presidential campaign seasons together, that sort of matter-of-fact appraisal is as much as I will get, and what it tells me is only: She knows.

Stealing America Blind – How to Steal Money by Printing It (or: Sarah Palin Warned Us)

Friday, June 24th, 2011

You may remember candidate Obama telling Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around. President Obama, in concert with the Democrats and Ben Bernanke have been quite busy.

To understand what’s been done, and how, we need to first understand a bit about how money is created. In a simplified model, the Federal Reserve loans money into existence. The Federal Reserve loans the US Government money and the bonds thereby created are sold on the open market to buyers. These bonds are traded globally, and this is why and how the Japanese and more recently, the Chinese, have come to hold so much US debt. Of course, you can buy bonds too. So can banks. It’s seen as an investment, but with interest rates maintained artificially low, the desirability of the bonds on the market slips dramatically.

We no longer base our money on an objective store of value. Many people reference the end of the Bretton Woods agreement under Nixon, but the truth is that we really came off any reliable, meaningful gold standard under Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt arbitrarily set the value of the dollar vs. gold by picking random numbers from within a range, pulling numbers out of a hat, drawing cards, or whatever else he dreamed up at the time. (See: “The Roosevelt Myth” by John T. Flynn)

The Bretton Woods agreement merely formalized the process in 1946, but it continued the basic FDR policy: You, as a person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, could not redeem your dollars for gold. A foreign bank or government could. By1971, your treasury was emptied and Nixon was forced to announce that we could no longer even redeem dollars held by foreigners with gold. For the period between 1933 and 1971, we functioned on a fake gold standard that was propped up by functioning like a gold standard internationally, but domestically, as pure fiat currency. In short, here at home, what we had was monopoly money, but it looked and spent normally because in the international markets and exchanges, where somebody would quickly notice and complain, the money was backed by gold, until the gold ran out. Most of the gold formerly held by the United States was long gone, to pay foreigners when they presented dollars obtained in trade for redemption. It is literally gone. Only a relative token of that gold survives.

So what gives your money value, if not gold? The answer is simple: It is the confidence of the bond-holders in the debtor’s promise to pay. Imagine you purchase a home. If you were borrowing the money, you would of necessity need to find a bank willing to lend it to you. If they saw you had no job, no business, and no assets, you were a poor credit risk, and you’d not get the mortgage. Mortgage companies trade mortgages, just like bond-traders trade bonds. Debts are basically investments based on the value of the interest due. The investor is betting that inflation will not surpass his earned interest on the mortgage, and therefore, will profit slightly as the mortgage is paid in full. Mortgages with higher interest rates can be better investments, but traditionally, they implied more risk because people tend to get mortgage rates based at least in part on their credit-worthiness.

The value of the US dollar is determined in much the same way. The currency is backed in part by the assets of the people who owe money, and in part by the confidence bond markets have in the probability that as the bonds mature, they will be paid in full, with the expected interest.

Now that we know all of this, and with my apologies to all who already did, let’s get on to the meat of this. Barack Obama, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve have been stealing you blind. Over the last three years, the Fed has lent more money into existence than in all the time since WWII. The Federal Government has been the borrower of record, with the total debt incurred by the Congress and President Obama in that period exceeding four-and-a-half trillion dollars. That’s $4,500,000,000,000.00. It’s a lot of cash. The problem is, the economy in no way produced nearly that amount of additional wealth in that period. The effect is simple: Each and every dollar, the new ones and all the ones that existed beforehand, fell in value. This is engineered inflation, or what the Federal Reserve has taken to calling “Quantitative Easing,” which is a fancy way of saying that they’re digitizing or printing more monopoly-money dollars that will go into circulation with the rest of the dollars, and thereby devalue them all.

Last November, Governor Sarah Palin warned about this practice, telling all who would listen that this would drive inflation, and that it would cause food and energy prices to rise dramatically, and thus stifle the economic recovery until it would be stillborn. We are now reaping that harvest, just as she suggested, and while President Obama releases three days worth of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to try to hide it, the fact is that the economy is in free-fall. Obama and his crowd planned all of this, because they wanted to commit the largest theft in history. Barack Obama is, himself, an economic buffoon. The man doesn’t know a demand curve from an equilibrium price. His advisors, all of them, are following a script laid out for them by a man who knows how to destroy currency and steal the wealth of nations. He is considered an ‘economic terrorist’ in much of the Pacific rim. I speak of none other than George Soros.

Now, we could delve into the why and how, but it’s much more important, I think, to show you a simplified illustration of how this is being done. I’ve created a few charts here to help illustrate how this works. I’ve simplified it so as to promote understanding, but I am going to explain what you’re looking at, and when you’re done, you can draw your own rational conclusions.

In the first chart, we are starting at day zero. On this day, a dollar is worth a dollar. There are a total of 400 in circulation, and they are distributed as shown. I assume that on day zero, a gallon of gasoline costs $2, and a loaf of ordinary bread costs $1. This is the baseline. You may wonder who is Person 1 , Person 2, Person 3, and Person 4. For the sake of argument, however, we’ll get back to that. Also notice the purchasing power. Notice how many loaves and gallons each person can buy. Take a look at day zero(You can click the image for a slightly larger version:)

Now remembering that there are $400 in total, let’s imagine the Government borrows another $200 from the Federal Reserve, and the Fed must borrow it by issuing bonds. Now there’s a total of $600 in the economy. The Government takes the newly printed/digitized dollars and distributes them, $50 each, to all four persons. There is no new value in the economy. The money’s value has dropped by 50%. Expressed another way, the money is now worth only 2/3s of what it was worth on day zero. Let’s call this day one, and take a look:

As you look at the chart above, you immediately notice that the distribution of wealth has changed. Person 1 and Person 2 have both picked up their share of the wealth. Person 3 has lost a little, and Person 4 has gotten clobbered. Notice that we didn’t ‘tax’ a soul. We merely printed more money into existence, and distributed it differently. Now notice what has happened to the purchasing power of our four persons. Also note that the cost of the gallon and the loaf has risen accordingly. We’re not finished, however. We’re going to come back around and do it again:

Now look at the results. We’ll call this day two, or if your prefer, we can use Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s term, “Quantitative Easing 2.” Notice what has happened. We’ve shifted a good deal of wealth to Person 1, a little bit to Person 2, stolen just a bit from Person 3, and taken Person 4 to the cleaners.

Notice that the price of a loaf and a gallon have doubled. This is because you now have twice as much money in circulation, and no additional material value. Here’s what you need to know, however. Person 1 can be a welfare or other entitlement recipient, or a foreign citizen in a foreign land to whom we’ve gifted money. Person 2 can be a low-skilled, low-wage worker, just below the median income for a family. He’s struggling, and barely getting by. Person 3 is solidly middle class. He either works in a higher-skilled field, or is even self-employed, like Joe the Plumber. He probably barely notices the effect, at first. Person 4 is everybody above that. This is the person that creates almost all the jobs in a free market economy. How do you now expect him to do that?

As Tammy Bruce reminds us, Sarah Palin warned us that this would be the result. Those of us who actually know anything about economics(as opposed to the LameStreamMedia) knew that she was right when she said it. Time has born her thesis. Where was Mitt Romney? He said it was ‘necessary.’ Where were the rest of the Republicans? They were all joining Paul Krugman and Barack Obama in laughing up their sleeves at Mrs. Palin. Most importantly, however, where were you, and what did you believe? Or were you making Thanksgiving plans while they carried out another round of theft?

This is the policy of “spreading the wealth around” that Barack Hussein Obama promised. He’s delivered, but he’s not finished quite yet. Now that he’s thoroughly clobbered the wealth creators by devaluing the dollar, he’s next going to take the rest via taxes, if the Republicans fail to stop him and his cronies in the Senate. If they do, it won’t matter, because he’ll soon announce, through his stooge, Ben Bernanke, perhaps yet another round of Quantitative Easing. They’ll call it “QE3,” and all you will need to know is that another round of theft is underway. It may have worked too well already. Remember when Rush Limbaugh was criticized for saying he hoped Obama would fail? This is what he hoped would fail. It hasn’t. Your wealth and your life are under assault. There is only one answer to this, and it is to send Barack Obama back to Chicago, with the rest of the thugs, and I know just the lady to do it!